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Platinum Preppy: Possibly The Best New Fp In The World Right Now?

platinum preppy

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#21 TheDutchGuy


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Posted 22 July 2019 - 17:42

The other thing I do with a Preppy is to put the most monstrous of inks in them and let them sit for months of occasional use. No damage to any parts, no drying out, no worries.

Exactly! They’re great for that.

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#22 dkreider


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Posted 22 July 2019 - 20:24

I like the Preppy, I have used both fine and medium nibs on them. Personally, I think Platinum makes a very nice little nib; a couple of friends have been turned on to fountain pens since they tried my Platinum Cool, and I think the nib on the Preppy is just as good. I used the Preppy a lot, back when I was still scared of Baystate Blue lol. I do like using them with a converter, although it is weird to pay more for the converter than for the pen. My favorite by Platinum is the new Procyon, but I have never tried any of their gold nibs. If you want to give fountain pens to your friends/students/colleagues, I think the "cheap feel" of the Preppy can be off-putting. I did use a fine Preppy with Noodler's Lexington Grey for a year or so as an undergrad; it looked like I had written with a pencil, which was fun for some reason. If the zombie virus destroys the world tomorrow, I think I would be fine with a couple of Preppys :)

#23 DaveBj


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Posted 22 July 2019 - 23:51

Did Platinum ever fix the problem of the cracking caps?  I had three of them, and the caps cracked on all of them.

Until you ink a pen, it is merely a pretty stick.  --UK Mike


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#24 TSherbs


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Posted 23 July 2019 - 00:34

Did Platinum ever fix the problem of the cracking caps?  I had three of them, and the caps cracked on all of them.

Maybe. My first three all cracked. My next three have not, after three years now.

#25 langere



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Posted 23 July 2019 - 01:19

The Preppy is the Model T of the current fountain pen world. (The Esterbrook once held this lofty position, in my opinion; did we go up, or down?)

It is the pen of Everyman/Everywoman; Walt Whitman's pen, it can be found in a workingperson's hand as likely as that of the student, the grocer, or the lawyer, if they are unpretentious and value simple, raw capability in pens and people. Inside, the Preppy contains words in their liquid, naked fecundity, red as blood or blue as sea, before the fluid words are cast into specifics forever on the page to ignite a conversation or cool an argument. A Preppy takes on and serves all comers. It welcomes the hand of the poor as readily as it welcomes the grip of the rich, that of young and the old, the happy and the despondent, the free and the incarcerated, those falling into and those tumbling hard out of, love. The Preppy will not discriminate for or against you based on your wealth or status.

Polish off the advertising, remove the maker's writing off the pen. Surely it deserves this much of a sign of respect. Fear not: It will retain it's utilitarian badge nonetheless, and like all sow's ears resist transformation into that which it is not, and will never be.

Fountain pens and good pencils are the tools of proletarian craftsmen who care to feel the words enter and engage the fibers of each page; in a time when every desktop is a printing press that is also a radio and telegraph-telephone, only handwriting suggests these words might actually bear precious freight. Only the pen make sense of payment "by the word." The pc isn't even mightier than the letter opener, no less the sword.

The Preppy mocks the superior airs of all fantastically expensive brethren. It challenges those words written by tools of the aristocrats of technology which claim to be worth more, and which seldom are. All, all are mere ink splotches on paper, unless, like Yeats' old man, ". . . Soul clap it's hands and louder sing, for every tatter in it's mortal dress." In Byzantium, I suspect, fountain pens are the rule and Preppies the common kind.

There is no irony, and nothing unintentional, in the Preppy's excellence. It was necessary to keep balance in a world that was too easily made into an uneven, unequal, playing field. The rich ride, when the common people walk; but at least both write freely.

The barrels of my older Preppies have yet to show even little cracks; none have failed outright. They are durable and thus endure. The utilitarian nibs, tauntingly, are often better adjusted than those on very expensive pens. Preppies rarely show distain and then only for few types of paper; more than can be said for their pedigreed, tempermental, ever-aloof inky cousins. Preppy nibs never forget their purpose, which is to write, and not to impress by style or any sort or manner, except in execution of their duty to get the job done.

We own Preppies, I submit, out of pure love for fountain pens. How could one possibly adulterate such love? The other pens we buy in fits of lust to satisfy portions of our nature best left behind (or at least left unexamined). It seems romantic, the idea of penning a poem, a play, a polemic, a story about lost love or first kisses, with a fine Visconti or an elegant Montblanc. It is not an impossible task, nor even an improbability; but it denotes, not connotes, well-washed, sweet-smelling bodies, clean sheets, ample food, and the rare security of a position in life.

The Preppy advertises nought and guarantees nothing. The bed implied may be soft and clean, or a nearly-fetid straw, the food hearty and wholesome or ghastly stale, just a day and night too-old. The Preppy sets and obtains no conditions.

The Preppy simply writes, and it writes, very, very, well.

Pure poetry! Are you a professional writer?  If not, you should be!



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