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Kaweco Supra

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5 replies to this topic

#1 Fluegelfeder



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Posted 04 March 2018 - 19:43

Dear all,


let's say you could have only one brass pen, which one would it be? I decided for the Kaweco Supra fountain pen - and here's why: Brass as material for writing instruments seems to be all about patina and this very unique, rugged look. Therefore it should be a pen that works well with such a rustic style. And it should be a pen you can work with on a daily basis - otherwise it develops it's unique patina by laying in it's box :)
Given these premises I decided for the Kaweco Supra. But why Kaweco? And why the Supra?
Among the many companies producing brass pens Kaweco definitely is one of the leading names. There are four different series that feature brass fountain pens (Sport, Liliput, Supra and Special). But what's more: Kaweco ist one of the leading companies with regard to pocket fountain pens - and especially these work with the already mentioned rugged look of brass and are handy enough to be used (and abused) as an edc pen. Being designed for being carried in a trouser pocket offers a fair chance for a great patina that develops from day to day. So Kaweco is a very good starting point.

But why the Supra? Often referred to as a 'big Liliput' it is infact way more than that. What I like best about it, is the perfect combination of a true pocket fountain pen (if you leave out the extension piece) with the diameter, weight and nib dimensions of a normal fountain pen. The Liliput is too small and especially the grip section too narrow for extendet writing periods - at least for me personally. The Sport is indeed a very fine pen and amoung my all time favorites. But because of the small nib I tend to grab it at the thread between section an barrel. The Supra is perfectly dimensioned for me: Because of the big nib the section is exactly where it belongs and where I intuitively hold the pen. The diameter of the section is very comfortable even for extended writing sessions. And cap posted even the pocket version without extension piece gives a writing instrument with normal length and quite hefty weight. I like it! And in addition the reluctand design makes a perfect canvas for the developing patina. As nice as the facettes of the Sport are, to me they somehow rival the patina. The smooth surface of the Supra allows even smallest changes to be noticed instantly. And exactly that is the point of having and working with a brass pen.

The quality and workmanship are top notch, as always with Kaweco. For example the tolerances of the threads are exeptional: Although the Supra has no inner cap or additional sealing whatsoever, the nib doesn't dry out and starts perfectly fine even if you haven't used it for days.

Last thing worth mentioning: The bigger nib in my Supra writes a lot wetter than the average small Kaweco nibs I have had so far. My F nib is a super smooth writer with just the perfect flow (7 out of 10), yet a true fine line and the perfect amount of feedback (don't get me wrong: no spring or flex at all, it's a nail). As much as I love my Sport Night Edition, the Supra is at least on a level playing field.

Is there something negative at all? Probably: The Kaweco Logo and the Supra writing aren't aligned. For the perfectionists among you this could be something worth knowing.  But then again: If that's the only trouble with this wonderful fountain pen, than there aren't any real problems with it at all, are there? ;)

To me this isn't just a really very good fountain pen, but infact the perfect brass fountain pen out there. The perfect combination of all the necessary attributes that make an outstanding writing instrument and at the same time allow to focus on a developing patina.

Good job, Kaweco!


















P.S. Just as a side note: No affiliations, just a happy customer!

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#2 Nosferatualso



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Posted 04 March 2018 - 20:06

Brilliant and passionate review. Thank you

#3 TheDutchGuy


    Extremely Rare

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Posted 05 March 2018 - 10:34

Nice review, thanks! I share your enthousiasm for Kaweco. Currently an AL Sport F in stonewashed blue is my favourite all-day, every-day carry pen - and has been for 2.5 years. I wasn't really aware of the Supra so I need to check it out.

#4 Fluegelfeder



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Posted 07 March 2018 - 08:27

Thank you, guys!
@TheDutchGuy: I ordered my Supra via mostwanted-pens. Again no affiliation, I only mention it, because the whole collection is available there plus special editions like the Sport Night edition.

#5 displacermoose



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Posted 08 March 2018 - 16:32

I've been looking at these for a while as well. I'd probably get one in a heartbeat if they had some different finishes since the brass just doesn't butter my biscuits.  I've long been a devotee of Sports (I have four), I guess I'll just stick with them for now. :)

Yet another Sarah.

#6 Fluegelfeder



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Posted 22 March 2018 - 08:29

I'm sorry, but I need to correct a mistake I unfortunately made:




The big nib in fact is not a nail at all! On the contrary it shows an amazing amount of flex  :yikes:  -  especially for a pen that's not explicitly advertised as flex pen. When writing normally you don't get much line variation (then again this means you can write very fast without any trouble!), but if you apply pressure, already a little is enough to get you from F to BBB without any difficulty. I didn't try to flex in my review at the first place, because all my small nibbed Kaweco nibs are true nails and I didn't even think of the Supra being any different, let alone SO different. Well, we all make mistakes, but luckily sometimes reality proofs to be even better than we thought :D

The inkflow is absolutely constant, and even with strong flexing you get no railroading at all. Very well done, Kaweco  :thumbup:   

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