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Caplin Pen - Iridium Point Germany.

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#1 DavidCampen



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Posted 17 July 2017 - 19:42

I bought one of these pens, only $10.



The nib on my pen is two-tone gold and silver color. It writes very nicely.  The nib says "Iridium Point Germany". Anyone have an opinion as to who makes the nib and if it actually has a Platinum Group Metal (PGM) nib?

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#2 Bo Bo Olson

Bo Bo Olson

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Posted 18 July 2017 - 08:31

First again, I am not picking on you, David. I am glad the pen works to more than your expectations.

Real rosewood is still an expensive wood.


The iridium is made in Germany.............the Germany makes it sound like a good nib.........I do have old cheaper German, Iridium Point Germany nibs.

Does not ship to Heidelberg Germany............how odd.....Very, Very odd, not that I was going to order one....but they don't like me....and I don't even know them.

'Iridium' rare earth combo is mostly made in Germany and exported to China....could be India too, though I don't have in mind the Indian pens being marked Iridium Point Germany.

If a nib is not rolled steel, it is some sort of 'iridium' compound....even if iridium is no longer used in the compound.  So is PGM.


American made for that price?????........sounds to me like cap screwed onto a Chinese pen in America.

Like the Reform 1745 sold as made in Germany when they have not been made there for a decade or more. If I send one box with pen bodies and another box with pen caps they can be 'made' anywhere you want.


Even American kit pens cost more than that.


This is of course the first time I've ever heard of this pen....being in Germany that's easy to do........quite an over sell.......


I'm not jumping on the OP, in the price is right, the nib writes well.


Real BS comparing a dry ink in an out of ink nib to a full supersaturated ink.....a real scam for folks that are fountain pen ignorant. 

  • AMERICA'S BEST: Get ready to transform your look with Caplin, a brand you’ll be proud to own. We’ve outdone ourselves to build everything you’ve always wanted in your perfect fountain pen. Prestige, privilege and simple elegance [Gift Case Not Included]
  • RELIABLE & ELEGANT INK FLOW: No more skipping, blotching or spotting.(((blotching and spotting went out i '83...1883 :angry: .......skipping today is caused by holding the pen like a ball point before the big index knuckle, nib out of alignment often from holding wrong, or baby bottom........Nightmare at Elm St. 16.
  • Caplin guarantees no more inane flow stoppages mid-writing. .....ah...they have put a ball  or spring in the converter :o ...had to translate that into fountain pen.
  • Caplin pens meticulously handcrafted to avoid spillages.(((( :wacko: Hard to spill from a cartridge or converter)))) None of my many piston fountain pens spill as is. :rolleyes:
  • Precisely seated cap for your peace of mind. ?????...most tops will stay on the pen...is a given.
  • DURABILITY TESTED: This Rosewood Gold Caplin comes in the perfect weight-comfort ratio to give you the graceful relaxed writing experience you deserve. Pen is evenly-weighted to give you unbeatable comfort and put you in control for years ahead. Caplin is here to stay.  What does DURABILITY....have to do with balance????
  • FINE TIP: Tip on this luxury rose wood is streamlined, gorgeously refined and writes like a dream; built for those who demand excellence. Nib made from iridium with gold accenting suitable on all paper types: A pen of obvious distinction.
  • 100% SATISFACTION OR WE BUY IT BACK FROM YOU: Ordering from Caplin is risk free. Worst case scenario you are not 100% satisfied and we give you a 100% no hassle refund. Best case scenario, when you buy your Caplin pen today you have transformed your style, look and have become the envy of your office. You risk nothing.

I do hope you are satisfied with your pen....but it is an oversell aimed at ball point folks that want to become fountain pen 'noobies'.

You have said, the pen writes well....so you are doing well.

Edited by Bo Bo Olson, 18 July 2017 - 12:06.

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www.nibs.com/blog/nibster-writes/nibs-germany      Info on Bock nibs


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