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Fountain Pen Database Available for Download

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#481 TheRealMikeDr


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Posted 25 May 2016 - 11:37



Tried that a number of times with the same result. I am now wondering whether there is a minimum Ram or Memory needed, I am using a Mac Mini 1.4 GHz 4 GB Memory. It would be odd but could it be the problem?


That's possible - your screenshot looks like corrupt data but it could also be something not rendering properly due to lack of memory. That said - Activity Monitor shows it's only using 25 megs of ram when running on my machine so it's unlikely that's the case.

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#482 Runnin_Ute


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Posted 28 May 2016 - 16:22

I've realized that I have enough pens to warrant tracking the who/what/when/where/ect.   This is a perfect system for what I need.
Any plans for making a copy and re-titling it "Fountain Pen Ink Inventory"?  I do realize that, as a database, this could be used for both pens and ink as-is.  Just was on my mind as the other thing I need to start tracking!
Many thanks for putting this software up for everyone!

There is a drop down for ink.



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#483 Motorrader


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Posted 03 June 2016 - 21:37

Very nice work, Thanks!



#484 migo


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Posted 09 June 2016 - 19:46

WOW! Such an amazing and useful tool. Extremely grateful to Jonro for spending the time and effort in creating this database.

#485 Allsop


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Posted 10 June 2016 - 03:34

I have tried and tried again today to get this to work but no matter how many times I download it I still get an incomplete version so I am afraid I have given up on this and built my own database, probably not as good as this one but serviceable.

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#486 jonperry



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Posted 04 July 2016 - 20:19

Great resource! Very kind of you to share with us for free.



#487 BillH


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Posted 21 August 2016 - 02:02

Jonro, thanks so much for making this available.  I downloaded it this afternoon and it installed without a hitch.  Looks so good, and I'm very happy to have found it at the beginning of my collecting rather than later on... 

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#488 Neophyte7


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Posted 23 October 2016 - 21:39

THANK YOU Jonro. I had been trying to keep track in a Pages document which didn't work in the slightest. Discovered your database and it is fantastic. Thank you for all the work you did to create this and then allowing everyone else to use it as well.

#489 Jesuo


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Posted 30 October 2016 - 11:56

As I mentioned, there's a Mac and a PC version. I ran into some font issues on the PC and had to make a a couple of small changes to the PC version in order to get it posted without delay. There isn't a large difference, but the Mac version looks a little nicer.

Thanks for your application, Jon, it is very useful. In fact I had never thoght of keeping a database of my pens till I saw your post. HOwever, there is a problem: as your application starts, it tells me it cannot find the primary file "Fountain Pen Inventory", which is required. Then it offers me the possibility to tell it where it is, and then the application starts. It is a bit uncomfortable that every time it starts in the same way. What am I doing wrong?http://www.obracompleta.com/error.jpg

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#490 Sarrelangue



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Posted 20 December 2016 - 22:20


#491 Bisquitlips



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Posted 07 January 2017 - 19:16

I have now used Jon's DB app for almost two years now and it has been a huge blessing!


I love the FP part of the database, but also have started using the Ink DB part also which is equally excellent.


Thank you again Jon for this tool!!!  It makes this hobby just that much more enjoyable!

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#492 dcwaites



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Posted 08 January 2017 - 01:44

I have just downloaded the latest version and found the Ink DB part. I will certainly be using this to keep track of, especially, my blends.


Thanks very much.


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#493 Quantumchaos


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Posted 15 February 2017 - 01:42

Very cool thank you :)

#494 prakharvinyas


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Posted 16 February 2017 - 06:16

The level of detail that is available in the database is simply amazing!

Thanks for the great work!

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