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Exploring Opinions: How Much Does Nib Creep Matter To You?

nib creep

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47 replies to this topic

#21 Bo Bo Olson

Bo Bo Olson

    Pen Dust

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  • Location:Germany

Posted 08 May 2014 - 19:22

Herbin, Pelikan 4001, MB, DA.....and if I have nib creep it is with only one pen....noticed but ignored.

I don't expect nib creep and would toss any ink that gave it to me.

German vintage '50-70 semi-flex stubs and those in oblique give the real thing in On Demand line variation. Modern Oblique is a waste of money for a shadow of line variation. Being too lazy to Hunt for affordable vintage oblique pens, lets you 'hunt' for line variation instead of having it.

www.nibs.com/blog/nibster-writes/nibs-germany & https://www.peter-bo...cts/nib-systems,


The cheapest lessons are from those who learned expensive lessons. Ignorance is best for learning expensive lessons.




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#22 Kristene


    NOS (New Old Stock)

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Posted 08 May 2014 - 19:28

C'mon, gang! We have known how to fix the nib creep problem for years.

Have "we" now? Please enlighten us, as I have no clue...

#23 Horseknitter



  • Premium - Ruby

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Posted 08 May 2014 - 19:36

Have "we" now? Please enlighten us, as I have no clue...



#24 inkstainedruth


    Ancient Artifact

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Posted 08 May 2014 - 19:50

I'm not a fan, but it doesn't bother me too much unless it begets nib crust. 

Yup, same here.  I love love love Noodler's Kung Te Cheng, but the nib creep dries and then the pen I have it in becomes a hard starter.

Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth

"It's very nice, but frankly, when I signed that list for a P-51, what I had in mind was a fountain pen."

#25 RudyR


    Man O' Blues

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Posted 08 May 2014 - 19:51

C'mon, gang! We have known how to fix the nib creep problem for years.


Solution is simple, don't buy the ink that causes nib creep. And yes, it does bother me. It increases the probability of migrating ink onto ink-not supposed-to-be-on-there surfaces. Looks nasty too.

What Would The Flying Spaghetti Monster Do?

#26 alarickc



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Posted 08 May 2014 - 20:34

It bugs me deeply, but I don't let it stop me using an ink.



#27 J English Smith

J English Smith


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Posted 08 May 2014 - 20:35

Inconsequential to me.

<i>"Most people go through life using up half their energy trying to protect a dignity they never had."</i><br>-Marlowe, in <i>The Long Goodbye</i>

#28 AHoppy



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Posted 08 May 2014 - 20:52

Haven't experienced it much, except with Diamine Ancient Copper, and it was more crud than creep!  :o

I had the same thing!  Nib creep doesn't really bother me, but with Ancient Copper it had some more solid buildup forming both on the top of the nib and the bottom between the feed and the tip.  I thought it might just be the paper I was using (I think it has some kind of coating on it, but not sure) but I haven't experienced this with any other inks.

#29 Zuzu



  • Member - Gold

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Posted 08 May 2014 - 21:17

I never experienced nib creep while still using cartidges. When I first got my Lamy Studio with a converter I thought there was something horribly wrong with it as there was nib creep with any ink I tried :P Kind off grew used to it since then. Neither love nor hate it. Occasionally I wipe it off if it is really bad.

#30 Bookman



  • Member - Gold

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Posted 08 May 2014 - 21:18

Nib-creep should be just another purchasing option, like onions on a hot dog or leather seats in a car.  Suppose there were a process that could neutralize and eliminate nib-creep in inks that otherwise had it; it did so without affecting the inks' other properties at all; but it was expensive and the cost was passed on to consumers. On a $15 bottle, would you pay an extra $5 to have nib-creep-free ink?  An extra $10?  Or would you put up with the nib-creep and save $10?

I love the smell of fountain pen ink in the morning.




#31 inkspot



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Posted 08 May 2014 - 21:20

Inconsequential to me.


Agreed. There are sometimes when I appreciate the beauty of the thin wash of ink on the nib, but most of the time I don't notice.


I do dislike the crud that forms with some inks but am willing to put up with it if I love the ink.

#32 syoung98


    Near Mint

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Posted 08 May 2014 - 22:27

For me, normal nib creep is no problem whatsoever.


However, I have a Kaweco Sport with an annoying amount of nib creep (at least that's what I think it is). Excessive ink collects between the feed and nib to the point that it will eventually "glob" out onto the paper if I don't catch it first. I have tried reseating the nib, cleaning, and using drier inks. None of those things have solved the problem. I do live at high altitude (about 7,000 ft), but it hasn't caused any problems like this for any of my other pens. This nib creep (if that's indeed what it is) is frustrating because I keep the pen in a pen loop for a passport size notebook, for which purpose it works great. Plus, I actually like the way it writes.


PS Shout out to the OP, who lives in my hometown!


edit: to add the PS

Edited by syoung98, 08 May 2014 - 22:45.

#33 Freddy


    Museum Piece

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Posted 08 May 2014 - 23:06






what is  and  what should never be. R.Plant

#34 lynxcat


    Extremely Rare

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Posted 08 May 2014 - 23:29

it doesn't bother me at all. it's a sign the pen's been inked and is meant for writing with, if anything.


then again, i just took delivery of my first bottle of Kung Te-Cheng; let's see if those rumors about crust and drying in the feed have any truth to them...

#35 Waski_the_Squirrel


    Forum Squirrel

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Posted 08 May 2014 - 23:55

It doesn't bother me at all. Nib creep is harmless.

Proud resident of the least visited state in the nation!

#36 dunhamsa


    Extremely Rare

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Posted 09 May 2014 - 00:38

I don't like it, but don't sweat it when it happens.

#37 Paddler


    Donor Pen

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Posted 09 May 2014 - 13:12

Have "we" now? Please enlighten us, as I have no clue...

I have written this about a dozen times and nobody seems to remember it (or even read it). You wax the parts where you don't want ink to go. Car wax, floor wax, candle wax, whatever. Be careful not to get wax in the nib's slit, or your pen will quit writing.


Easiest way? Rub a dry finger on the side of a wax candle a few times. Then rub the finger on the top of your nib. Done.

Edited by Paddler, 09 May 2014 - 13:18.

Can a calculator understand a cash register?

#38 sargetalon


    The answer to life, the universe, and everything

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Posted 09 May 2014 - 15:54

Doesn't make any difference to me...

PELIKAN - Too many birds in the flock to count.  My pen chest has proven to be a most fertile breeding ground.


THE PELIKAN'S PERCH - A growing reference site for all things Pelikan

#39 Tanzanite


    Collectors Item

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Posted 09 May 2014 - 17:03

I can't stand it.

#40 truncated


    Near Mint

  • Member - Gold

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  • Location:Lancaster, Ca

Posted 09 May 2014 - 17:12

Ehhh. Yes and no. No if it's a moderate amount, but when it gets to the point that it is creeping up/down onto the section and I get inky fingertips? Incredibly annoying.

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: nib creep

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