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Sheaffer Balance LE Walt Disney: Review

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#1 TheNobleSavage



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Posted 22 March 2005 - 21:53

Sheaffer Walt Disney Limited Edition- Review

First Impressions

This pen came in a nice hard case from Jim Gaston www.jimgaston.com in Arkansas. I have never ordered from him before but I have to say that it was a pleasure to do business with him. When I opened the box, the pen was a classic Sheaffer Balance with the Walt Disney signature on one side and Walt Disney Printed on the other, both with thick white lettering. This pen also came with a certificate of Authenticity and is individually numbered out of 1000 pens. This Limited Edition fountain pen was released in 1998 by Sheaffer and Disney World. This pen came with two 14kt single tone nibs. You have the option of what combination you wanted. But of course since this is a limited edition pen, the combinations are limited. This is the story of the Walt Disney LE Balance pen, taken from Jim Gaston’s Website and on the Certificate:

"When Walt Disney's office was inventoried by Dave
Smith of the Walt Disney© Archives in 1970, among
the items found in his desk was an obviously well-used
Sheaffer Balance pen from the late 1930's...
one of the elite pens of that era.
The Walt Disney© Merchandise Art & Collectibles Team,
in conjunction with the Walt Disney© Archives and
the Sheaffer Pen Company, is proud to issue
this commemorative version of the same pen."

Posted Image

Posted Image

Appearance/ Finish 5 out of 5

There really isn’t much to say about the appearance and finish of this pen, If you like Sheaffer Balance pens then will not be disappointed with this pen. There is no difference between this pen and the regular Balance line other than the lettering on the barrel. The lettering on this pen is done with a thick white material. I do not see this lettering come off any time soon unless you like to play floor hockey with it. The pen came in a nice shiny black color (the only color in this line) and the finish is what you would imagine a perfect Sheaffer Balance to be. The Box that the pen comes in is a red hard case with the lettering “Sheaffer The Walt Disney Collection”. Inside the box is, of course the pen and another nib, along with The Limited Edition Certificate and the pen number out of 1000 pens made. The instruction manual and a personal note from Jim Gaston

Design/Size/Weight 5 out of 5

Well, I have to say that the Sheaffer Balance and Balance II are some of the most comfortable pens around. The weight is perfect when the cap is posted, I do not find this pen to be heavy. I consider this pen to be of average weight and size. The design is typical Sheaffer Balance, a classic look and feel, nothing more, nothing less. I find all Balance and Balance II pens to be one of the most basic but perfect designs. Why change a pen that has sold well throughout the years and one that is well loved by many pen enthusiasts? I am glad that they didn’t!!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Nib Design and Performance 4.5 out of 5

Again, what else can I say about this pen? This pen came with two 14kt gold single tone nibs. When you order this pen, you are asked what nib combinations you want. The only ones that were available were the Medium/ Broad and the Medium/ Stub combinations. I am a huge fan of medium nibs and nibs that put down a nice thick line of ink. It has to be a nib that writes thick and flows well without becoming too thick and illegible for smaller writing. Well this nib is just that, smooth, very smooth!!! I had zero issues with skipping and this pen has a comfortable medium flow of ink. Typical Sheaffer nib quality, some of the best nibs around!!! I tried the broad nib just for the heck of it. Good Lord!!! The broad nib was like writing with a Sharpie pen. There is no way I will be using this nib, or at least not anytime soon. I do have to say that the broad nib was as smooth as glass and I am sure one of these days I will learn to use it.

Posted Image

The Filling System 4 out of 5

I would have given this pen 5 out of 5 for the filling system but I hate cartridge converters!! I would have loved to have seen a lever filling system to make this pen really authentic and have it be a true tribute to this classic pen. But anyways, this is your typical Sheaffer cartridge converter, I do like the fact that the ink transport tube sticks up. This allows for cleaning and easy nib changing. You just have to be careful while you are cleaning so you won’t bend the tube. Other than that, the converter that came with it had smooth action, no sticking points while filling or flushing ink.

Posted Image

Cost 2.5 out of 5

I have to rate this pretty low. Not that I think this is a crappy pen, hell, that’s not even the case. Unless you are a Walt Disney fan like I am, I wouldn’t shell out the money for this pen, especially when you can get yourself a Sheaffer Balance for anywhere around $30.00 on up. For me, I am a Disney fan and I love this limited edition pen. This is something I can pass on to my daughters when they get much MUCH older!!! For the ordinary person, I wouldn’t expect them to shell out this kind of money (150.00) for this pen but on the plus side this does come with 2 nibs. I am sure this would not be a selling point or a deciding factor for buying this pen. But if you like Disney and are a collector and you like Sheaffer Balance pens then this one might be for you. These pens are going quick, so now is the time to consider if you want one or not.


This is a solid pen that writes like a dream. This pen performs like any other modern Balance, this will not disappoint you. For this being a limited edition pen, the price is relatively low at www.jimgaston.com for those on a budget or are budget minded and are not a Disney collector, you might want to pass on this one and just get a regular modern black Sheaffer Balance. The pens are the same, they write the same, they look the same but they sure as hell don’t cost the same. I am happy with mine and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!!!
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#2 Cam


    Patron Saint

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Posted 22 March 2005 - 22:22

Wow, great review! I love Balance IIs and went and got my Black Balance II filled with Noodler's Pecan to see how I would have rated it and I think you have it bang on!

#3 Karin


    experienced pen lover

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Posted 23 March 2005 - 00:21

Hi Mr Savage,
I have a Jade Balance II and had our friendly neighbourhood nibmeister Capitalize the broad nib that it came with. Wow, it's a flexy stub now. One of my favourite writers. The usual disclaimer, just a happy customer. :lol:

Fountain Pen Abundance

#4 Stompy



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  • Location:London, UK

Posted 23 March 2005 - 00:23

Curses, NS - Now I've got to go trawling eBay for Balances...

Great review and pictures, as usual.

#5 wimg


    Stip Etruria nut :)

  • FPN Admin

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Posted 23 March 2005 - 00:25


You've done it AGAIN! Now I have to add another pen to my still growing list of pens to have! No, no, no, not again! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Kind regards, Wim

the Mad Dutchman
laugh a little, love a little, live a lot; laugh a lot, love a lot, live forever

#6 TheNobleSavage



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Posted 23 March 2005 - 01:15

Would you believe that I won a NOS Sheaffer Balance like the one that I did a review on, with the exception of it not being the Walt Disney LE Sheaffer? I got away with it for 32.00!! No box but you can tell it has not been inked!! God I love Ebay (sometimes)
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#7 Maja


    Fan of colourful pens

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Posted 23 March 2005 - 06:51

Great review, NS! I saw the pen on Jim G's site a year or two ago and tinkered with the idea of getting it...but I balked at the price. I didn't realize that it came with two nibs though; that is definitely a plus and almost makes me rethink my initial hesitation to buy one.

As for the broad nib....Yep, I can attest to its width. I have a Cobalt Glow (blue marbled) Sheaffer Balance II and its nib is a veritable paintbrush! It is one of the nibs that I was thinking about getting modified....
Vancouver (B.C) Pen Club (our website)

#8 Aman Syed

Aman Syed

    Near Mint

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Posted 10 August 2012 - 12:21

"You can do anything, but not everything" — David Allen

#9 georges zaslavsky

georges zaslavsky


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Posted 16 August 2012 - 08:26

I tried several of those but I prefer the older vintage balances to it
Pens are like watches , once you start a collection, you can hardly go back. And pens like all fine luxury items do improve with time

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