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What Waterman pens do you own?

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#21 Desirider


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Posted 15 September 2006 - 01:37

Only one so far: Phileas with a fine nib. This was my first real pen, but more to come in future. I have my eyes on the Charleston :)

I love my Phileas BTW.


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#22 saintsimon


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Posted 15 September 2006 - 02:03

My Watermen so far:

- 'Executive' brown-speckle laquered/GP FP, 18k EF nib (excellent EF nib; bought 1986 in Milano, my first expensive pen; typically, the section was 'eaten' by the ink and leaks)

- (Le) Man 200 Night & Day SE silver plated FP, 18k F nib (smooth, somewhat dry nib; classy Art Deco design in 20s overlay-style)

- (Le) Man 200 Night & Day SE gold plated RB (this even outshines the silver plated version)

- Man 200 blue/black/GP laquered BP (kind of snakeskin pattern; this BP is not really ergonomic)

- 'Exclusive' black laquer/GP 0,7 mm MP

#23 jmk



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Posted 15 September 2006 - 11:23

I have 2 Phileas (Blue and Grey, medium and fine nibs), 3 Carenes (Sea Green Shimmer w/fine nib, a Blue Abyss and a green/gold Deluxe with medium nibs), and an Expert II in brushed chrome. All are great writers.

#24 Russ



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Posted 15 September 2006 - 11:27

I use a Waterman Commando, with the Ideal 14k nib.

Pro - The nib is a wonderfully fine, sensitive semi-flex. Perfect for work at home.

Con - Insufficient clearance between the nib and inner cap allows ink to build up inside the cap. Sometimes it has bled through the clip cap onto white shirts. :doh:

Someday I'd like to have a Taperite and learn what improvements were made over the Commando.

#25 steersbylitning


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Posted 15 September 2006 - 13:06

Just one...Waterman Serenite (black w/silver trim). Love it!

#26 Elaine


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Posted 15 September 2006 - 13:41

Just one...Waterman Serenite (black w/silver trim). Love it!

Ok, where's that "jealous" smilie?

#27 wolfmonk


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Posted 15 September 2006 - 18:06

I have a green Phileas with a medium nib and a blue medium nib that I think is an Expert or Expert II. The phileas writes much more smoothly.
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#28 southpaw


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Posted 16 September 2006 - 03:23

Just two:
Black/silver/red pen that I don't know much about (will try to post pics later and inquire) with a nice flex nib compliments of an FPNer.
Red Ripple 52 with an incredible wet noodle nib.
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#29 KendallJ


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Posted 16 September 2006 - 03:45

Sorry to rain on the parade guys. I sold all my watermans. All had stingy flow, and moderately smooth nibs. I could fix the nibs now, but not the flow.

I really lust after a Serenite, but can't bring myself to jump back in.

And, why buy vintage WM when there are so many snorkels out there... ;)

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Kendall Justiniano
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#30 petra


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Posted 17 September 2006 - 17:24

I love Waterman pens! :)9 They're my best writers and I seldom leave the house without at least one of them. So far:

Blue Edson w/factory slight "left foot" oblique nib
Exception Day & Night with the gold bands and a factory stub (my all time favorite)
green Carene w/gold cap and F nib
CF Directeur General w/ F nib
CF gold "moire" pattern w/m nib
a small green purse pen, I think it's called a Lady pen? w/M nib. This is the only one that some flow problems. The others write like a dream.

I had a Phileas but wasn't crazy about it.

If I had more $$ I'd be collecting the CF pens constantly...


#31 coy55boy



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Posted 19 September 2006 - 02:50

Hi all,
Glad to see there are other Waterman fans out there. When I first found this forum, I figured I must be alone. Here's a partial collection. I have others but they are pens, and pencils and will soon be hitting the auction block. These are my fountain pen keepers.

1. Phileas This is the pen that started all this craziness for me. My company presented this to me at an awards dinner and I wanted to learn more about it (you know...what's it worth?). From that point, I was lost. I've since added a green marbled, blue marbled and a black to my collection.

2. Expert

3. Maesto

4. 52 1/2 V (still needs bladder :( )

5. Liaison (I like this one, but really want to find a Cobra)

6. Exception Night & Day

7. Expert Racing Edition I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me about this one. I bought it because I had never seen one (hoping it was rare) but as yet, have not been able to learn the first thing about it. It has a serial number on the front bumper of 7509 so I guess it's not as rare as I had hoped. Still a really cool presentation box!

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#32 RetroTech


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Posted 19 September 2006 - 05:57

Only one Waterman fp at this time, a black Laureat in m nib.

I love it so much that I bought the rest of the set: rb, bp and pencil.

I like thin pens (so far) so this Laureat feels great in the hand. I tend to stick my pens in my agenda/planner loops, so thin is also practical.
I may get another Laureat in fp nib, IF I can still find Laureats. If not, then I'll have to start researching other Waterman models.

Is it crazy to want to collect all the other colors in the same model? B) Of course, there are other great models out there, I kind of have an eye for the Hemisphere, if it's thin enough.

I've been using this pen daily for a couple of years now, it's my constant companion...


#33 Maja


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Posted 19 September 2006 - 08:39

Vintage Watermans:
--a red ripple 52 1/2 V pen & pencil set
--a marbled grey 511 (?) lever-filler
--a marbled brown English-made lever-filler
--a red lever-filler pen & pencil set (Commando?)
--a white lever-filler pen & pencil set (Commando?)
--2 Taperites (a Crusader & a smaller model with a fishnet-pattered cap)
--a red C/F

Modern Watermans:
--2 Phileas pens (red marbled FP & blue marbled ballpoint)
--2 Kulturs (metallic pink FP & solid red FP)
--a red marbled Expert II FP
--a chocolate brown Le Man 200 FP
--a black lacquer Ici et La ballpoint
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#34 Phthalo


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Posted 19 September 2006 - 10:00

I do love my vintage Waterman pens:

- Lady Patricia, 'Onyx' Semi-Flex #2 nib.
- Lady Patricia, 'Moss Agate' Manifold Account nib.
- 452 1/2 V Sterling Overlay, #2 nib.

However, the only modern Waterman I have is the Audace... I have about 11 of them, ballpoints and fountain pens. Not many other modern Waterman's appeal to me, although I do like the look of the smaller 'Lady' pens from the 80's and 90's.

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#35 weepstah



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Posted 19 September 2006 - 13:19


I guess I'm working up my collection of 94's - I have 3 so far:

Moss Agate
Blue and Cream (?) - forget the official name

I defintely keep eyeing the Ink Vues as well, particularly Copper Ray....

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#36 StanSoph


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Posted 19 September 2006 - 15:43

Expert (F)

Charleston (F)

Phileas (M)

Edson (F)

All of these pens are very smooth and have never given a bit of trouble. In short, I love them one and all.

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#37 dr4kds



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Posted 26 September 2006 - 19:52

2 Phileas (F,F)
Edson (F) - It is a Christmas present from my wife. So, I don't officially get it until then.

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#38 LetsJet


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Posted 23 October 2006 - 16:05


I thought this might be a nice first post to the board. Many of you have some very nice pens. I got interested in pens about 12 years ago and used to attend a few shows. I have since tapered off my collecting, but here are a few of my Waterman Le Man series.

I expect to have two more to add to the collection courtesy of Mr. Lewertowski....


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#39 JonathanHerbert



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Posted 24 October 2006 - 22:24

My favorite: a 54 with an XF X-flex. And a LeMan 200.

And now: a #52 BCHR with very nice chasing and super crisp imprints/ medium semi flex nib.

More coming: will describe when it arrives!

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Jonathan Herbert

#40 Craig



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Posted 24 October 2006 - 22:34

That's a beautiful signaturel, Jonathan. You know how to put that flex nib to use!

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