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FPN Software Upgrade

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#41 johnnyies



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Posted 13 September 2009 - 00:38

can we have an option to change the skin back to the old one if we want?

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#42 cchan


    Flint, MI USA

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  • Location:Michigan

Posted 13 September 2009 - 00:57

This new stuff is spiffy and I like the new look and feel...

Posted Image

#43 TheNibsmith


    The Nibsmith

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Posted 13 September 2009 - 02:19

One thing that needs to be fixed is all the stuff that people can add under their avatars on the left side of a post
Posted Image
it creates too much unnecessary white space that I just have to scroll through.

and what happened to the ability to upload photos? I have to have a link now? grrrrreat

#44 NLP


    Northern Lights Pens

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Posted 13 September 2009 - 02:34

I like it but it will take time getting used to as with everything new. Great job by the FPN Administrators in their turnaround time and effort. Thanks!

#45 troglokev



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Posted 13 September 2009 - 04:05

Well, this is quite surprising! But I rather like the new look. It's all spiffy and new. *inhales new design smell*

... er... where has the "mark forums read" button gone?


There is a link at the very bottom of the main forums page which says Mark Board As Read.


The "(Mark this forum read)" link is at top right of the forum list. The "Mark board as read" link marks everything as read.

Edited by troglokev, 13 September 2009 - 04:07.

#46 Tsujigiri



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Posted 13 September 2009 - 06:09

Hey it looks like the forum doesn't stop working for half an hour at 11:00PM Pacific time. That's certainly a plus!

#47 cchan


    Flint, MI USA

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  • Location:Michigan

Posted 13 September 2009 - 06:40

Hey it looks like the forum doesn't stop working for half an hour at 11:00PM Pacific time. That's certainly a plus!

Don't you mean 2am eastern? *stays up this late sometimes*
Posted Image

#48 Will


    Rear Admiral of the Blue

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Posted 13 September 2009 - 06:42

Got to admit that it doesn't quite work for me yet, but a lot of work must have gone /is going into the upgrade. I am sure either the bits and pieces will start re-appearing or that I will get used to it. One little thing: I would prefer the lines on pages to be closer together (less scrolling). I see there is now a "view new content" back up which is great. In any case, thanks to all those who help keep this site great.

#49 Defacto



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Posted 13 September 2009 - 06:47

The pm's are back! THANK YOU ADMINS!!! Posted Image Posted Image ( thumbs up too but it's not here yet)

Thank you for all the hard work.
I like the new look and the new features our new board has.
It must have been a lot of work done in your free time.
Ofcourse there are some things I like less then others but overall: I like it.

Thank you.
"I am what I am because of what I have been." (David McCallum)

Posted Image
Posted Image

#50 joelchan


    10 years old, 1st Fountain Pen

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Posted 13 September 2009 - 06:48

yes !!! I was so surprise and thought my new google chrome is playing tricks on me !! this is NICE !! ...ahem ..

but all my pm are gone ...and I was asking a forum- mer here about a set of pen he is keen to sell .... :(

Edited by joelchan, 13 September 2009 - 06:49.

The BEST teacher don't give you the answers, they just point the way and you make your own choice - Will Schuester, GLEE

#51 Aysedasi


    24 Heures du Mans and Oblique Addict

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Posted 13 September 2009 - 07:08

Like the layout and yes I am one of those members that lost his PM's as well. Guess you guys did not expect this to happen, so you must feel bad about this as well. No big deal, just takes a little effort to get in touch with the persons you shared pm's with.

Good luck!

I suspect they knew it would happen.

The "problem" is the amount of messages to transfer over to the new system. The Admins posted that there were almost 1/2 a MILLION of them to transfer...

They're not gone all the way, they're just not there Right Now.

Bruce in Ocala, FL

Strangely, I've now reacquired about 7 of my old messages from around December 08/January 09. Perhaos it's a sort of 'best of'! No sign of any of the others though.

#52 celtichris


    Near Mint

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Posted 13 September 2009 - 07:15

I kinda miss the link that took you to the first unread post in each topic (and I'm hoping it comes back someday), but otherwise I'm loving the upgrade!
I say "Babe you look like a ghost
And sound like a Dalek to me"
So let's go back to the written word
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#53 DanF



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Posted 13 September 2009 - 07:32

I have one request: as it stands, when you place the cursor on a thread, before opening, it reveals the date the thread was started. On all of the other forums I belong to, it reveals the first line of the thread instead. This is very helpful on those threads that have ambiguous titles that some people like to post. It can save one a lot of time to get a preview of the post without having to open it, to see if it is of interest.

Is there anyone else who finds the current system annoying, and would rather have the first line made available, and if so, is it possible to change that function?

Thanks, Dan
"Life is like an analogy" -Anon-

Posted Image

#54 Carrie


    FPN Chief Intelligence Officer

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Posted 13 September 2009 - 08:43

Just logged on, so not had a chance to look round much yet. Noted that there's the quotes problem in the CS forum and I've been hit with the PM problem, all my PMs after February have vanished.

#55 Ghost Plane

Ghost Plane


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Posted 13 September 2009 - 11:51

At least you have some. I've only got 4 PMs and some of them weren't even for me!

#56 Gran


    U. S. A.

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  • 1,291 posts

Posted 13 September 2009 - 13:49

My PMs have started to return.
May you have pens you enjoy, with plenty of paper and ink. :)

Please use only my FPN name "Gran" in your posts. Thanks very much!

#57 Sailor Kenshin

Sailor Kenshin

    Heart of sword

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Posted 13 September 2009 - 13:52

All my private messages are gone, deleted. And no warning either. Didn't anyone back stuff up before the change was made? There was some important stuff in there and now there is no way to retrieve it. This could cost me money. Who do I talk to about that? Thanks for the warning. My avatar isn't working either.

Well, at least the avatar is working.

Apparently saved PMs will be back at some point.

All well and good, but for now the so-called 'private conversations' that have taken the place of PMs are visible to everyone.

I don't want to read other people's private messages and I don't want them reading mine.

I can't send out any more pens or inks for adoption until this issue is cleared.

I also would like to request some fix so that we don't get an email every single time someone replies to a thread we're subcsribed to, which leads to about eighty million repeat emails. Just once per board visit, like the old system, would be much much better.

The extra mous-click necessary for navigating between boards also puts those of us with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome at a disadvantage. It may not seem like much to a normal poster, but to us 'handicapped' ones it's a strain.

#58 gregamckinney


    he's just this guy, you know?

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Posted 13 September 2009 - 14:41

All the griping about the PMs just underscores the fact that email is still a better way to communicate- particularly on any private subject.

Regards, greg
Don't feel bad. I'm old; I'm meh about most things.

#59 DeScribe



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Posted 13 September 2009 - 14:43

I must say this is a big project to undergo. A big thank you for our FPN administrators who are willing to take the challenge to improve on the system. I am getting use to the new outlook. However, all my PMs are almost gone. I guess it was my fault not to archive them as frequently as I should. Now, I probably have to wait some time before all my PMs are restored. I hope they can be completely restored. :)

Edited by DeScribe, 13 September 2009 - 14:52.

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#60 errantmarginalia



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  • 2,466 posts

Posted 13 September 2009 - 14:51

All the griping about the PMs just underscores the fact that email is still a better way to communicate- particularly on any private subject.

Regards, greg

Agreed. And relying on the PM system of a site one neither owns nor controls for financial matters, as some seem to have done, is just ill-advised.


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