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@  ddickenson : (2020-09-28 - 16:10)

Thanks, that was the impression I was getting as well.  I'd never heard of them.  Several are obvious Montblanc clones, a few are obvious Pelikan clones, one is a P51 clone and others look entirely unique.  Most are interesting but I'm more a quality over quantity person unlike whoever this collection belonged to previously.

@  ddickenson : (2020-09-28 - 16:12)

I imagine I'll put the whole lot of those on flEaBAY and then also sell the nicer ones like the Duofold, Vacs (unless I keep those), Townshend (since I have one in sterling already), and the entry level MontBlanc individually.  The only one I really thought about keeping was the Duofold because I have almost bought one on many different occasions but now, after writing with it... I'm not as much of a fan as I thought I'd be...

@  ddickenson : (2020-09-28 - 16:16)

I'm thinking about snagging a VP finally, always wanted to try one out...

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