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@  mx-fan : (2017-02-25 - 02:22)

Hello FP fans,

@  mx-fan : (2017-02-25 - 02:24)

Today I got a 30 ml plastic bottle of Diamine monaco red ink. This is my 1st red ink. I put it in my Nemosine Fusion (the metal fp) into which I installed a Nemosine 0.6 stub nib, my 1st stub nib.

@  InkMagic : (2017-02-25 - 06:16)

Cool mx-fan, and how does that go for you?

@  FlippyThePen : (2017-02-25 - 09:59)

I have heard good stuff about Nemosine.  Enjoy.   :thumbup:

@  mx-fan : (2017-02-25 - 22:02)

Hello InkMagic and FlippyThePen,

@  mx-fan : (2017-02-25 - 22:15)

I really like my Nemosine Fission fp. I got the stunning (for me) gunmetal finish, a delight to behold. This pen is all metal so some might not like the weight of it. But I love using this pen and it's very well balanced when posted. [There are threads near the end of the barrel so that the cap can be screwed onto those threads.] I favor F and EF nibs and I have these on my fps except for one M on my Platinum 3776 burgundy (red) plastic fp, but that Japanese M is a great Western/US F for me. When the Diamine monaco red ink arrived, I swapped the EF nib on the Nemosine Fission for the Nemosine 0.6 stub nib, my first stub nib. Now I'm getting used to a wider line.

@  ReadyFireAim : (2017-02-26 - 05:10)

Just ordered a Nemosine Fission & some Diamine Oxblood from the recommendations of members here.

@  FlippyThePen : (2017-02-26 - 05:29)

Awesome.  Diamine Oxblood is a stunning and beautiful color (No, I'm not violent.)  The Fission is considered one of the better Nemosine pens.

@  InkMagic : (2017-02-26 - 08:23)

That sounds like a good pen with good nibs mx-fan! I like many nibs but maybe favour M nibs usually, how are you liking the wider line now?

@  InkMagic : (2017-02-26 - 08:27)

I don't have Diamine Monaco Red, but I would guess it's a good ink since I got some Diamine inks, I think I liked the colour online.

@  InkMagic : (2017-02-26 - 08:34)

Yes I like it!

@  InkMagic : (2017-02-26 - 08:39)

Oxblood is also good! I have it.

@  ValterHost : (2017-02-26 - 19:41)

:lol: HI everybody !! :D

@  TomosW : (2017-02-26 - 21:38)

Monaco Red is also very interesting, in person, and available in carts

@  TomosW : (2017-02-26 - 21:39)

Diamine inks can sometimes dry out or run rather dry in some of my pens though

@  farmkiti : (2017-02-27 - 13:37)

Hi to mx-fan!  I hope you enjoy your first stub.  I really enjoy all of mine.  I've got lots.  Have fun!

@  rmlrocha : (2017-02-27 - 14:07)

I'm searching for rotring history, mainly rotring 600!!! please help me with all the information you ma have!! Thanks

@  FlippyThePen : (2017-02-28 - 12:12)

rotring 600?

@  FlippyThePen : (2017-02-28 - 12:12)

If I were you, I would buy from Amazon 

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