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@  TruthPil : (2020-02-25 - 04:43)

It takes a lot of time and patience to get the hang of finding good deals on ebay. Then you need to have a good sniping tool to actually win. Gixen has always worked well for me and is free.

@  TruthPil : (2020-02-25 - 04:43)

Even then, I've gotten ripped off far more often than getting a real deal.

@  bits8964 : (2020-02-25 - 16:26)

The days of "insane deals" on Ebay are pretty much gone, unless you mean insane because of overpricing.  But occassionally

@  bits8964 : (2020-02-25 - 16:29)

But occasionally I do find one, that ends in an overpriced (what I believe to be) final bid.  Also I find changes to bid listing by Ebay to just make things tougher.

@  Theroc : (2020-02-26 - 03:03)

You need to master the art of the search.

@  Theroc : (2020-02-26 - 03:04)

eBay has the best search functionality of any online vendor, but it takes a bit of effort to make it work for you

@  Theroc : (2020-02-26 - 03:06)

vendor marketplace

@  ChrisUrbane : (2020-02-26 - 04:46)

I have found the best deals are found right here on FPN.  If you look long enough and know what you want, you can get an idea of what the going prices are on great pens.  You have to know what a good deal is and be ready to pay for it when you find it.  I have gotten some great deals on small ink collections and some even better deals on really awesome pens from some cool people.

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