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@  TruthPil : (2018-11-11 - 01:32)

Bah, just about every culture has some kind of tragic romance like Romeo and Juliet...usually it's some kind of story about a noble and commoner falling in love.

@  TruthPil : (2018-11-11 - 01:32)

There's no copying there.

@  TruthPil : (2018-11-11 - 01:33)

Even if one influenced the other, borrowing a story line is not the same as blatant cloning of products and trying to sell them off as the real thing.

@  TruthPil : (2018-11-11 - 01:34)

What I like about a lot of the recent Chinese "knock offs" is that they aren't exact copies, but improvements. The Delike Alpha is a good example. They changed the design of the Kaweco Sport to make it much more versatile.

@  TruthPil : (2018-11-12 - 02:40)

7 pens coming in the mail.....happy happy happy

@  kfoss : (2018-11-12 - 19:37)

A Pilot Box showed up the other day addressed to my wife... it's torturing me!! it's about the size of a Custom 823

@  sangrisano : (2018-11-12 - 20:35)


@  sangrisano : (2018-11-12 - 20:39)

Happy-happy-happy: I have fitted a Jinhao X450 pen with a Nikko Zebra G flex nib, and it works! 

@  A Smug Dill : (2018-11-12 - 21:38)

@sangrisano, I saw at least a couple of sellers offering such 'frankenpens' on AliExpress. Actually, I ordered a couple, as well as half a dozen unmodified Jinhao X450 pens. $4 apiece (that's AUD, not USD) is cheap enough for me to experiment with grinding nibs down to EF, because I don't trust the original nibs to write fine enough for my tastes.

@  TruthPil : (2018-11-13 - 13:40)

@sangrisano Congratulations! I wasn't brave enough to try hacking the feed to get the Nikko G to work with the Jinhao.

@  TruthPil : (2018-11-13 - 13:41)

I'm also not keen on having to replace the nib frequently when they wear out.

@  TruthPil : (2018-11-13 - 13:42)

So instead I saved up blew a ton of money on a vintage wet noodle Waterman needlepoint. Now my need for flex is satisfied.

@  TruthPil : (2018-11-13 - 13:42)


  That DOES sound like torture!

@  TruthPil : (2018-11-13 - 13:43)

Today my Christmas gift to my wife arrived while I was at work.....of course she was wearing it with a big smile on her face when I got home....she's not one to wait for surprises. :headsmack:

@  bluebellrose : (2018-11-14 - 01:05)

there's a seller on ebay that Jinhao 992s and 991s outfited with extra fine open nibs

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