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@  bluebellrose : (2018-05-18 - 02:28)

@Truthpil. O.o it's scary how social media can let have the distributors screwed over if they aren't doing their job or are playing favorites like luxury brands

@  bluebellrose : (2018-05-18 - 02:29)


@  bluebellrose : (2018-05-18 - 02:29)

gah I can't type today

@  bluebellrose : (2018-05-18 - 02:30)

lol meant to say it's scary how the social media can jump the middleman if the middleman isn't doing their job in the case of Platinum and Luxurybrands

@  TruthPil : (2018-05-18 - 06:08)

Yeah, the way the Internet in general can give the average consumer immediate access to companies is interesting.

@  TruthPil : (2018-05-18 - 06:09)

I think it's so cool that I could totally just email the head guy at Wing Sung on another smaller Chinese pen company and communicate with them (if my Chinese was good enough, that is).

@  bluebellrose : (2018-05-18 - 09:01)

Commodity Fetishism disappearing

@  bluebellrose : (2018-05-18 - 09:01)

I did it to Platinum in English and they were mad enough to can and roll a head

@  bluebellrose : (2018-05-18 - 09:02)

Lol LuxuryBrands playing favorites isn't good for you.

@  TruthPil : (2018-05-18 - 13:14)

Man I've got like a pen hangover from this week. So many new pens arrived and I couldn't resist inking most of them....so now I've got an arsenal of partially filled pens on the desk telling me to write something.

@  JonathanBarboza : (2018-05-18 - 23:40)

:yikes: SHOUTBOX! :lticaptd:

@  TruthPil : (2018-05-19 - 00:15)


@  TruthPil : (2018-05-19 - 12:35)

not much, evidently...or maybe so much that no one has time to use the shoutbox.

@  Purphoros : (2018-05-19 - 14:06)

Morning! How is your Saturday?

@  JonathanBarboza : (2018-05-19 - 22:43)

what is the point of the shoutbox?

@  bluebellrose : (2018-05-20 - 08:52)

Lol, they probably did a little investigating and found I wasn't the only disappointed customer who went to perks because luxurybrands said they have it but they didn't. It's all on google reviews. they didn't outright state brand names, but you can tell

@  bluebellrose : (2018-05-20 - 08:53)

together Perks and luxurybrands got themselves canned from Platinum. I'm surprised if Platinum lets them stock it because of Lamy's distributor

@  bluebellrose : (2018-05-20 - 08:56)

lol truthpil, I don't blame Platinum for blowing a gasket if the problem has been brought up over and over again over the years yet Luxurybrands didn't fix it or at least had perks sell it. by canned I meant in Canada lol.

@  bluebellrose : (2018-05-20 - 08:58)

It's like the excuse was they didn't have a canadian presence! no you dolt, your store was the canadian presence in BC and you didn't deliver resulting in peeved off customers being sent on a wild goose chase to you.

@  TruthPil : (2018-05-20 - 13:15)

@JonathanBarboza I think it's just so people can have a nice immediate distraction at work hahaha

@  TruthPil : (2018-05-20 - 13:16)

For me it serves as a way to talk about random fp stuff without having to go to the trouble of posting a new thread.

@  bluebellrose : (2018-05-21 - 09:17)

@truthpil, judging from the google reviews, it looks like I wasn't the only one who ventured down to Perks for Platinum. Maybe my complaint on fb to Platinum was the last straw that broke the camels back so to speak. Or maybe I was one of the more poed customers who went to the top to complain

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