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@  TruthPil : (2019-03-19 - 12:16)


How so?

@  TruthPil : (2019-03-19 - 12:16)

@Says I'm sure there must be some kind of show in Shanghai. Heck, there's everything in Shanghai!

@  TruthPil : (2019-03-19 - 12:16)

But that's like a 4-hour flight away from me

@  Security-Man2k : (2019-03-19 - 20:52)

Didn't know they had a chat here.

@  bluebellrose : (2019-03-20 - 06:15)

@TruthPil I got friended by Platinum Shanghai

@  bluebellrose : (2019-03-20 - 06:30)

now I'm wondering how much can Platinum take before they can luxurybrands again

@  bluebellrose : (2019-03-20 - 06:31)

they really want to shout from the rooftops and Lamy Canada is letting them do that. The distributor has an online portal available to Canadians unfortunate enough to not live near a Platinum dealer to order directly. However the shipping is another story lol.

@  bluebellrose : (2019-03-20 - 06:32)

because canpar has a horrible reputation in Canada

@  bluebellrose : (2019-03-20 - 06:59)

lol I'm guessing that's why Lamy didn't choose LuxuryBrands as their new distributor in the us. Since Platinum called them up in Canada to be their distributor in Canada and fired luxurybrands

@  bluebellrose : (2019-03-22 - 09:02)

It's like what about these guys. hmm, wait isn't our distributor now taking care of Platinum in Canada?

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