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@  bluebellrose : (2019-01-20 - 10:30)


@  bluebellrose : (2019-01-20 - 10:31)

sigh, I have to wonder do some people ever learn from history

@  bluebellrose : (2019-01-20 - 10:33)

me and my brother are on different sides of the political spectrum but we look at each other hearing of the Chinese trade deficit and go here we go again. Didn't they learn their lesson the last time they engaged in something like that? Didn't turn out too well.

@  TruthPil : (2019-01-20 - 15:00)

The sad thing is that in China only the government knows what's really going on and they won't tell anyone else.

@  TruthPil : (2019-01-20 - 15:01)

I just hope they keep letting this little companies like Penbbs, Moonman, etc. make great pens we can all enjoy.

@  bluebellrose : (2019-01-21 - 06:43)

hmm, the Quing learned that lesson the hard way. Trade imbalances are a very bad idea

@  bluebellrose : (2019-01-21 - 06:43)

hehe, saving the world one pen at a time

@  bluebellrose : (2019-01-21 - 06:44)

she finally goes oh um blah blah blah

@  bluebellrose : (2019-01-21 - 06:44)

I'm like ok didn't I tell you this before?

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