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@  Retro-user : (2017-12-13 - 10:23)

I need a glass dip pen for Christmas cards!

@  TruthPil : (2017-12-13 - 10:42)

Glass pens are extremely convenient for changing inks quickly, but they lay down a lot of ink so you'll have to wait for the ink to dry on something like Christmas cards.

@  antoipod : (2017-12-14 - 01:15)

@Alex Howard I'm having trouble using the search feature as well. 

@  TruthPil : (2017-12-14 - 05:55)

If you change the search option to "forums" instead of Google Search, you'll at least be able to get some results. I've always had trouble using the Google option on any iOS device.

@  bluebellrose : (2017-12-14 - 07:44)

or not. xD, my friend tested her inks on my 10 cent notebook. We tried a lot of inks, they seem to exhibit no bleedthough if written normally with no heavy pressure applied

@  bluebellrose : (2017-12-14 - 07:45)

so something to keep in mind during the next back to school sale

@  bluebellrose : (2017-12-14 - 08:36)

hmmm, so trial and error. This dollar store wing sung is a dry pen, so monteverde isn't a good fit for it

@  bluebellrose : (2017-12-14 - 09:23)

xD, back to the old standby staples ink

@  CrossFoot : (2017-12-14 - 17:12)

Well that took all of 4 minutes to sell out Franklin-Christoph #31 in Antique Ice. Glad I got mine spoken for! :)

@  bluebellrose : (2017-12-15 - 06:07)

truthpil what's the best black ink?

@  bluebellrose : (2017-12-15 - 08:40)

hmm what is an around best ink for dry and wet pens? lol. Looks like Monteverde black is a good school ink since it's so dry

@  bluebellrose : (2017-12-15 - 08:53)

lol looks like the winng sun only likes waterman black or quink black

@  TruthPil : (2017-12-15 - 14:10)

Best black eh? It depends on what "shade" of black you like and what properties are important to you? Many would swear by Noodler's Black which is waterproof on poor paper, but will smear on good paper because not all the ink gets into the paper. It can also leave black stuff in your pen. I just switched over to Platinum Carbon Black as my "official" waterproof black, but it has carbon pigments that require good pen hygiene. It can also feather and bleed on really bad paper. Probably the most hassle free inks with decent water resistance are Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Black and Herbin Perle Noir. Between those 2 the Herbin is "blacker" and more saturated, so I prefer it. 

@  TruthPil : (2017-12-15 - 14:12)

So for me, long story short: Noodler's Black if I need waterproofness on absorbant cheap paper, Platinum Carbon Black if I need waterproofness on decent paper, and Herbin Perle Noir if I need black for any other reason, including in vintage pens. :)

@  Keeka : (2017-12-15 - 14:49)

Does anyone know if Parker made a holder for their ballpoint refills which looks a bit like a Parker 45??

@  Keeka : (2017-12-15 - 14:51)

Also saw a lever fill today called a Monteprima but I can't find anything out about it. 

@  bluebellrose : (2017-12-15 - 21:53)

I've gotten into the habit of flushing out the nib everytime I change a cart though. I find I'm not liking Monteverde black because it's so dry.

@  surprise123 : (2017-12-15 - 22:35)

How do you flush the infernal Parker 51 Vacumatic? I pump water in but it never comes out...

@  bluebellrose : (2017-12-16 - 00:30)

have you tried syringes?

@  TruthPil : (2017-12-16 - 06:35)




​Do you mean the ballpoint version of the Parker 45?  :P 

@  TruthPil : (2017-12-16 - 06:36)

@  bluebellrose you might want to try some Herbin Perle Noir cartridges then. If you like the ink, then you can get a bottle later and use a syringe to refill the cartridges.


@  bluebellrose : (2017-12-16 - 10:52)

xD, on the bright side, it likes those hilroy paper

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