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Gnocchi Brown Ink For Cavallini By F. Rubinato  -  A minute ago  -  By:  fabri00

  • fabri00's Photo Back in the mid - late 90's I had a bottle of Gnocchi Brown, looks like it was made by Francesco Rubinato for Cavallini.  During a move in 2006 I threw the bottle away  because it had an impractical cork stopper and I was afraid it would leak.  I lost interest in fountain pens for about 4 or 5 years and forgot all about it.   Now that...

Kaweco Sport Classic "bb"  -  2 minutes ago  -  By:  Simulacrum

  • Simulacrum's Photo I have already review the body of the sport classic, and you can find that here. Now onto this BB nib!     So I was really excited about getting into some special nibs, and straying the norm of medium and fine (which is all I had used before the Kaweco shipment). This nib is not what I was expecting. It is not a very wide line at all, it is just...

A Few Wee Cracks  -  5 minutes ago  -  By:  Drubbing

  • Drubbing's Photo Firstly, I really, really love my two Ecos. I have other pens, but since I have owned one, it is a TWSBI that I usually I pick up. The 1.1 stub is amazing, but that is another thread. I have noticed a few small cracks on the barrel where the nib section fits in. I am a serial flusher - because I like to change colour (don't they just look wonderful in thi...

Franklin-Christoph Flex Nib  -  6 minutes ago  -  By:  billy1380

  • billy1380's Photo Have any of you in FPN land tried the F/C Flex nib? I have been considering delving into the world of flex nibs. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Selling Advice Needed  -  11 minutes ago  -  By:  cambookpro

  • cambookpro's Photo Hi   I’m looking for some selling advice (having never sold fountain pens before) as it’s time to thin the TWSBI collection a little but don’t worry any funds raised are going towards a new Vac 700R.      I have the following:   Eco - Medium Nib* Eco - Stub 1.1 Nib Eco T - Medium Nib   Vac Mini - Medium N...

Enjoying Montblanc Pens — Broad, Oblique, Extra Fine, Le & Bespoke  -  19 minutes ago  -  By:  Reed_thoughts

  • Reed_thoughts's Photo   1951 Montblanc 3-42 G BB Nib with Parker 51s and Watercolor Pens     Enjoying Montblanc Pens — Broad, Oblique, Extra Fine, LE & Bespoke     ~ One of the pleasures of visiting a Montblanc boutique anywhere is looking over the range of finely crafted pens on offer. Familiar models gleaming under refined lighting share s...

How To Change The Clip Of A Jinhao 159.  -  26 minutes ago  -  By:  k3eax

  • k3eax's Photo Apart from improving the aesthetics of the cap by shortening the bottom to expose the underlying metal ring from the barrel, it is also possible to change the horrible clip of a Jinhao 159. You only have to swap it for another one from a Jinhao X750. It only needs minor adjustment to make sure it fits on the top of the cap (just enlarge the central hole a...

Testing Noodler's Inks  -  26 minutes ago  -  By:  minddance

  • minddance's Photo I just read another bashing of the great (I think) Noodler's inks.   Wasn't there someone who a few years ago, decided to test the claims of destructive inks by soaking sacs in the notorious Noodler's inks using sacs from different vendors.  After a few months they would take some out and look at them.  A few months later, the same, a few m...

What Color Are Your Fingers Today?  -  27 minutes ago  -  By:  dowlf

  • dowlf's Photo I get ink on my hands all the time, as all of us fountain pen lovers do. Even though I've been using them for a while I still get ink on my hands no matter how careful I am. I use fountain pens every day, and worse yet, I like to play with all kinds of colors in all kinds of pens, so I'm always flushing and filling....which means my hands are perp...

FPN's PEN ART GALLERY  -  36 minutes ago  -  By:  RoyalBlueNotebooks

  • RoyalBlueNotebooks's Photo Please add your art to this thread so we can have a growing on-line gallery of pen art. Kurt H

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