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Gold Nibbed Pen Like Pilot Penmanship.  -  A minute ago  -  By:  vnnil

  • vnnil's Photo I have a pilot penmanship fountain pen. I love it's ef nib. I would like to buy a gold nibbed pen which writes like pilot penmanship. Should I go for Platinum 3776 century fountain with uef nib or pilot 74 with ef nib? Thanks.

Silicone Grease  -  A minute ago  -  By:  lawrenceloklok

  • lawrenceloklok's Photo Can I use the following grease to seal my eyedropper pen? Although the purpose of this grease is for electronic devices use.

Fountain Pen Use At Work In The Digital Age  -  6 minutes ago  -  By:  cjr

  • cjr's Photo I'm going to put this out there (my apologies in advance):   I'm a millennial who uses fountain pens.   Not a bad thing, of course, except everyone who is over 40 at work wonders why I use them, since I'm "young". Anyway, I am also heavily into technology (as one does at my age - for the most part). Has anyone (no matter what your age) experimen...

Pouring A Perfectly Good Mixture Out!  -  13 minutes ago  -  By:  mhguda

  • mhguda's Photo I have two perfectly good brown ink mixtures, that I "made," now on my desk. At last, I have decided which one I like the most. Now, what to do with the other mixture?  I am so "tight" with my money, I hate to just pour it into my "discard bottle."  Perhaps I should just keep it, and perhaps my opinion will change, and I will want to go back to...

Montblanc Red Gold 149 Obbb  -  13 minutes ago  -  By:  Vlad Soare

  • Vlad Soare's Photo Montblanc Red Gold 149 OBBB   ~ Writing with two Montblanc 149 OBBB nibs throughout 2016 was a deeply fulfilling experience after years of having strictly written with EF nibs.   With passing time, the notion of a permanent rotation of OBBB nibs became appealing, such that at all times one OBBB might be inked, ready to write.   The initial...

I Must Be The Odd One Out  -  24 minutes ago  -  By:  bemon

  • bemon's Photo So I generally use three pens over and over again only swapping out ink:   Pilot VP, Gold Broad L2K, Medium. Pelikan M600, Medium.   These are inked at the same time as I have a different use for each. Occasionally I ink up a random from my collection, but then I only use it at home and generally just stick to the above mentioned. Mostly because...

Any Clubs Or Meetings In Northeast Oh?  -  38 minutes ago  -  By:  eharriett

Why do people use Ballpoint pens ?  -  41 minutes ago  -  By:  javyn

  • javyn's Photo Dear Colleagues,I cannot understand why people use ballpoint pens.My first pen by complete accident was a very cheap $2 US Dollars 'Woolworths' Fountain Pen. I did not think using it would be a big deal......but after the first day..........I was hooked. The effortless wet lines and the way the nib glided across paper.....it made writing...

What's Up At Christof's  -  43 minutes ago  -  By:  christof

  • christof's Photo I am collecting, restoring and photographing pens since a couple of years now. I always wanted to create my own site or blog. But I'm rather the pen nerd than the computer nerd, so this project never happend...Then, I discovered FPN. Since 2008 I am an active member of this board. I posted my pictures, my collection and my experiences with fountain pens h...

Diamine - Majestic Blue  -  43 minutes ago  -  By:  LizB

  • LizB's Photo Hi folks,   Diamine Majestic Blue is one of those inks that sheens like a champion  Why did no one tell me about this ink earlier? The colour is a true blue, it flows very nicely even with the finest nibs. Sheen does take over and often covers the entire letter. Tomoe River is the best paper to display sheen, but this ink does show o...

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