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      26 Aug

    Recently received some other nice pens; Watermans: Le Man 100, L'Etalons Silver & Blue, Auroras: 88's, 80th & 85th Anniversary pens, very nice batch of pens!

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Ambitious Nibs  -  2 minutes ago  -  By:  amarjit

  • amarjit's Photo The first time I was introduced to an Ambitious nib was when I bought my first fountain pen - The Deccan Advocate, rounded ends.   I didn't know much about nibs back then, so I thought that the nib and pen were both manufactured by Deccan. The next two advocates I bought came also came fitted with the Ambitious nibs (gold plated 35mm).   The mo...

Where Are All The European Makers?  -  3 minutes ago  -  By:  mkeeley

  • mkeeley's Photo I see the odd one but how come most are American, you'd think Europe has at least as many collectors as the States or isn't that the case? There are some lovely pens being made over there but hate handing over even more of my hard earned money to the government by buying from further afield.        

Current Reasonable Price For Non-Taperite Waterman Crusader?  -  7 minutes ago  -  By:  beanbag

  • beanbag's Photo I found a fully restored near mint 1940s one with a semi-flex fine. I'm very interested, but I have no idea what is considered reasonable for these. I keep reading that the taperite/hooded nib version is commonly around $60. This one is more than double that. Any advice?

Dating A Pelikan 100N  -  8 minutes ago  -  By:  Rick Propas

  • Rick Propas's Photo Hi,      could somebody help by dating an old Pelikan 100N?      What about the transparent ink window? Which one are olderer? Brown or Green ones?      What about nibs? Is there any evolution in the nibs used in the Pelikan 100N?      Thanks!

Chelpark Crimson Violet: Short Review  -  11 minutes ago  -  By:  alaap

  • alaap's Photo Chelpark is a well known pen and ink manufacturer in India. They had 8 shades of ink in production, few of which have been discontinued.   Below is a small handwritten review of Chelpark Crimson Violet.   Saturation: Good   Drytime: Less than 5 seconds but this can be due to the dry climate of Bangalore or the soaking power of copier paper...

Nakaya Seems Determined To Disappoint Me  -  12 minutes ago  -  By:  Dhruv_Sood

  • Dhruv_Sood's Photo It was discouraging enough when Nakaya announced that they no longer would be taking orders for the dorsal fin models. Now I discover that the Shiro-tamenuri finish, the most beautiful one they make, will no longer be available. They seem determined to sell only what is common or ugly.   It's difficult enough to commit to a Nakaya when it's almost im...

Do Delta Markario Pen Cases Have Full Length Dividers Inside?  -  15 minutes ago  -  By:  rafapa

  • rafapa's Photo Hi all, can anyone tell me if Delta Markario leather pen cases for two or three pens have full length dividers inside? Thank you.

149 Cleaning - Is It Normal?  -  20 minutes ago  -  By:  A1979

  • A1979's Photo Good morning, while cleaning my 149, I noticed that the ink is "leaking" from the back side of the nib (see pic): is it normal?

Is My Nib Bent?  -  20 minutes ago  -  By:  Mike 59

  • Mike 59's Photo Hey guys, just got a 45 and i want to know if the nib is bent? It is a medium nib and puts down a nice medium flow of ink with no problems except perhaps being a little scratchy. I see from pictures that all 45s might be a little curved, is this normal?    

Man 100 With Poorly Closing Cap  -  36 minutes ago  -  By:  lunarfp

  • lunarfp's Photo Searched for this topic, but didn't see anything. I recently acquired a couple well-used Man100 series pens, an Opera and an Olive wood model. The wood model closes very poorly, very insecurely.  Is there anything that can be done (even if just a hack) to create a more secure closure?   Thanks, greg

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