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My Very First Fountain Pen.  -  5 minutes ago  -  By:  meiers

  • meiers's Photo First of all, I'd like to thank each and everyone of you that have helped me out for the past few days. I've learnt so much from the forum regarding Montblanc writing instruments.   So here's my current situation. I currently own two 164s and one 163 which I will be using to take notes in class. My siblings have been using fountain pens for a long ti...

Hello From Karachi  -  10 minutes ago  -  By:  northstar

  • northstar's Photo Recently joined. I am so grateful that this forum exists. There is a lot to learn. I consider myself a newbie but I am not new to use of fountain pens. We used them in school and even till uni. In my teens, I ground a few nibs to oblique fine stub by rubbing 'em against concrete floor and then trial and error smoothing; it was an insanely long and painfu...

Thrift Find, Waterman's 3V. How Do I Open This Thing?  -  11 minutes ago  -  By:  Runnin_Ute

  • Runnin_Ute's Photo Hey guys, found this for $5 and I knew it was a good buy. The condition is actually very nice and the celluloid is amazing. I would like to get it open and check the ink sac because the lever to pump the ink won't lift up and I'm betting it is because of a hardened ink sac... I saw pictures on a previous thread that suggested twisting the black part under...

Kultur Plastic Deteriorating  -  15 minutes ago  -  By:  Force

  • Force's Photo I have a frosted blue Waterman Kultur that I only use when I travel.  It usually sits in a bag at home except for use for a few weeks a year when I'm on the road.  Recently I pulled it out and was horrified to find that the plastic had gotten all gummy with dust stuck to it.   Washing it in cold water and detergent didn't do much to restore...

Ostrich Flower Series Sampler ( On Going )  -  21 minutes ago  -  By:  Intensity

  • Intensity's Photo Ostrich ink is a very very old name in ink manufacturing in China and last year they bring out their first ever set of color ink in the form of the " Flower Series " at 15ml ea. for a collection of 12 colors; I recently get hold of a set of this in the plain form ( there is also the same set but with gold glitter ). A lot of back and forth communique with...

Suggestions For A Fountain Pen Needed. (A Step Up From The Pilot Metropolitan)  -  34 minutes ago  -  By:  alexwi

  • alexwi's Photo So, I made another post about me wanting a flex nib but I thought about it and changed my mind. I'll get one later on.   I have 3 Pilot Metropolitans at the moment, one in medium and two in fine. I like them all but I really really love the ones in fine.   I want to take the next step now. I'd like a pen that resembles the feel of the Metropolit...

P75 How To Separate Nib From Feed?  -  35 minutes ago  -  By:  Eccles

  • Eccles's Photo I have an early P75 Nib and Feed assembly that I want to clean.   With my other examples, I am able to gently but firmly push the base of the gold Nib forward and slide it off the Feed (without touching the tines).   There appears to be a friction fit, tongue and groove arrangement that allows the two pieces to slide apart.   This particula...

How Do You Rotate Your Inks?  -  38 minutes ago  -  By:  langere

  • langere's Photo Somehow, I have collected thirty-five inks. I don't know why I'm doing it, but it's done. They all seemed like a good idea at the time I ordered them. I have been using them randomly and constantly cleaning out my pens to change inks. I've been kind of doing the same hoarding with paper and envelopes. Fortunately, I have not acquired too many fountainpens...

Nib Purists - Is It Possible?  -  46 minutes ago  -  By:  JonSzanto

  • JonSzanto's Photo I have heard the arguement about being a nib pureist and so they don't send pens to meisters or take micro-mesh to them.  The idea is to experience the pen as the brand intended.  I will tell you 40% of my pen purchases needed some kind of work out of the box, mainley due to: burrs that would snag on the paper misaligned nibs that would create...

What Lamy Are You Using Today?  -  55 minutes ago  -  By:  AL01

  • AL01's Photo To celebrate the creation of this long awaited Lamy forum, I propose to start the typical "What pen of this brand are you using today" thread, so popular in other forums.   This is my today's choice: Lamy ABC FP + pencil set. They are no longer made.  

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