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      04 Aug

    Suggestions on mixing green inks requested

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      01 Aug
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    "There was something horrifying in the realization that, in this twenty-first century of what we call 'civilization,' we have carved up what we claim is one world into 200 artificially created entities we call 'nations' and armed to apprehend or kill anyone who crosses a boundary.

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The Travelling Arts Journal  -  A minute ago  -  By:  Empty_of_Clouds

  • Empty_of_Clouds's Photo Each year there is a Starving Arts Festival in the city I live in to promote the many forms of artistic espression. As a result, I was inspired to donate one of my journals in order to bring together individuals whom all have their own unique perspective of what art entails. The journal to be used was made by GatzBcn (gatzbcn.etsy.com) and has 400 pages...

Hello From Sydney, Australia!  -  2 minutes ago  -  By:  GordonOZ

  • GordonOZ's Photo I'm Diana, a 29-year-old Ph.D student and international higher education consultant from Sydney.   A long-time stationery junkie, I've been writing with fountain pens for a few years, but only started amassing what might be called a "collection" a couple of months ago. (One OMAS, and I was hooked...)    Currently carrying in my tote bag: Pa...

Matching Ballpoint Pens  -  4 minutes ago  -  By:  andyk

  • andyk's Photo Do the Pelikan fountain pen users here have a matching Pelikan ballpoint pen too ?

What's A Fair Price For 149 75Th Limited Rose Gold?  -  7 minutes ago  -  By:  Drafty

  • Drafty's Photo I had been looking at different sites recommended here and ebay for a 149 18c 2 tone from the 70s (no luck so far...), and stumbled on a few listing for the 149 75th limited rose gold. It is very beautiful, I think one of the most beautiful one that still have the simple classic 149 look that I find very extractive for some odd reason.   What will be...

Knives And Fountain Pens  -  8 minutes ago  -  By:  da vinci

  • da vinci's Photo Just thought I'd put two of my "loves" together.    I recognize a few of y'all from other forums, so this might be fun.  I think I started an "everyday carry" thread a couple of years ago, but I'd have to go dig that up.     Emerson Conjurer + Pelikan M205     USA Made!  Northfield 22 + Sheaffer School Pen  ...

I Need A Wet Ink  -  8 minutes ago  -  By:  Calabria

  • Calabria's Photo I have a newish Aurora EF nib that is a dry writer. Don't necessarily want to tweak it, because it probably will adjust a bit over the next few months. In the meantime I'd like to use a wet blue ink, in the color range of Aurora. Suggestions?

Converting Big Red BP to a FP  -  13 minutes ago  -  By:  spaceink

  • spaceink's Photo Any tips on how to convert the Big Red BP/felt-tip from the '70s into a fountain pen?I've searched the forum and can't find it.I recall seeing the info before, and that there is a chap who frequents pen shows that has a "kit" or something to help with this. Does this ring any bells?If not, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

Blue Ink Help  -  14 minutes ago  -  By:  Pravda

  • Pravda's Photo Hello ladies & Gents, As you may have read in another thread, I have been recently disappointed with the new MB Royal Blue. It fades (at least with me) over time. I had an old shape bottle that looked and behaved completely different. Stays rich with same color vibrancy as when wet. Guess missed formulation news when new shape bottles came around. U...

What Pen Are You Waiting For In The Mail 2015  -  17 minutes ago  -  By:  katerchen

  • katerchen's Photo This Topic is "Rejuvenated" ifrom the old one, meaning the old mega topic is now locked and this new "child-topic" is now in place.   The old topic can be accessed by following the link:   What pen are you waiting for in the mail (old topic)       Click the above link to teleport to the last page there (page 300) there....  ...

Diaphragm Replacement In The Uk  -  18 minutes ago  -  By:  andyk

  • andyk's Photo The diaphragm has given up the ghost on my favourite Cordovan P51.  I also need a replacement diaphragm for an old 'Frankenpen' Duofold which, despite it's state, is an amazing writer.  Sadly I neither have the time nor energy to set about this myself.  Does anyone know of someone who would be able to do these jobs for me - in the UK?...

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