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      06 Oct

    I got my vintage Sheaffer today, still works. With this and my VFM I can definitely : I am a Sheaffer fan.

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Parker Vacumatic Gray Stripe Fountain Pen  -  A minute ago  -  By:  tamiya

  • tamiya's Photo Hello,   I am working on another pen today. I have this Park Vacumatic with a "4" imprinted on the barrel, which I believe would denote either 1934 or 1944. Your assistance here is appreciated b/c I am still a newbie at this.    I disassembled the pen with relative ease, only real issue was getting the ball portion from the ballsac out of t...

Where I Currently Stand With The Fountain Pens (Oct 2015)  -  5 minutes ago  -  By:  visvamitra

  • visvamitra's Photo So, This is where I currently stand with the pens. Not including any I currently have listed for sale (though the 14K M on the Lamy is for sale, as I intend on replacing it with a steel nib), and not counting any vintage pencils or ballpoints I have.Also I'm hiding the huge-wall-o-text into this spoiler box (sort of a mini-impression of a number of them)....

This Sonnet Is My New Beauty!  -  13 minutes ago  -  By:  daffie

  • daffie's Photo Hi,   Recently I bought this wonderfull fountain pen!   It is mint and unused. I paid 100 Euros for this one..., because I liked it so much.   I think it's silver, it has two marks on the barrel and four marks on the cap. The nib is 18K and is two toned.   On the cap ring it says: Parker Sonnet France IIL.     Please give me...

Gillott 404 Vintage (Bronze)  -  18 minutes ago  -  By:  Intellidepth

  • Intellidepth's Photo I scored a gross of vintage Gillott 404's at a local antique store a few weeks ago for AU$10. A straight holder from Japan turned up today so gave the 404 a go for the first time. There's not much that comes up for a search on FPN re these nibs so here are a few minor observations. Something I found fascinating was that compared to my Aikin Lambert gold d...

Adding Flex To A Nib  -  19 minutes ago  -  By:  simar

  • simar's Photo Hi Guys,   I'm considering ordering an Aurora Talentum with nib customization from nibs.com. I'm interested in their "added flex" customization, and I wonder if anybody has any experience with a customized Aurora nib with added flex from this seller? The two things I'm mostly interested in are:   - Is there a lot of line variation? - How more fr...

Hardest To Find Limited-Edition Or Discontinued Safari/ Al-Star Pens?  -  50 minutes ago  -  By:  gammada

  • gammada's Photo While reviewing eBay and other classified sites looking for specific limited editions of Safari/ Al-Star pens, I've found that the 2004 Safari Orange Flame is well past the $200 mark as a NOS condition pen. What other Safari/ Al-star pens have reached such highs -aside from the Savanah and Terracota? Which do you think will follow suit?

What Is Your 2016 Planner?  -  52 minutes ago  -  By:  Sandy1

  • Sandy1's Photo I'm thinking ahead at the moment and working out which planner system to use for 2016.    This year I picked up a Passion Panner from kickstarter but it didn't win me over. It was too constrictive and detailed for my style and I didn't end up embracing the concept as I thought I might. More than anything though I just didn't like the paper...

New Boheme And Masters For Meisterstuck Offerings  -  Today, 05:53  -  By:  jsolares

  • jsolares's Photo I was just perusing a well-known European website for pens and discovered two new MB offerings -- the Boheme Moongarden and the Masters for Meisterstuck Firenze. Both look beautiful. 

Pilot Decimo Nib Choice - (What For Western Medium)  -  Today, 05:52  -  By:  rafapa

  • rafapa's Photo Hello all, After returning a Lamy 2k and an Aurora Ipsilon, I am now planning to buy a Pilot Decimo (prefer to capless) but I am hesitating on the nib : I am searching for an equivalent to a Lamy/Western M or very wet F. First > I was using a Lamy Safari F that was like a medium-broad with a wet ink, Noodler's Bernanke bblk, } I will use Iroshizuku...

Rohrer & Klingner - 18 Inks  -  Today, 05:51  -  By:  MathurinKerbouchard

  • MathurinKerbouchard's Photo Rohrer & Klingner operates since 1892. At the moment it's the fifth generation of the family that manages the company. I guess that after 122 years they know what they are doing.   R&K inks offer amazing quality for amazing price. In my country a bnottle of R&K ink costs 5-6 $. I know it's a bit more expensive in America, yet I belie...

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