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(Sailor) Kingdom Note Tanna Japonensis  -  6 minutes ago  -  By:  Mishka5050

  • Mishka5050's Photo There is a series of 15 inks produced by Sailor to celebrate Kingdom Note's 5th anniversary. These series are to represent the flora and fauna of Japan. The three series are Birds, Insects and Fungi, and there are 5 inks in each. Here are the links from Kingdom Note     Thank you apenuser for reminding me to add these The review  ...

Sailor 1911M Vs Parker 51  -  10 minutes ago  -  By:  JotterAddict62

  • JotterAddict62's Photo Hi, All. I'm interested in acquiring one of these pens. Which one should I buy? I'm a middle school student who does a lot of writing. I already have the Lamy 2000 and the Pilot Vanishing Point. If you've had experience with these pens, please share your thoughts. Thanks, Luca

Midnight Blue Ink Being Reformulated Once More?  -  15 minutes ago  -  By:  FredRydr

  • FredRydr's Photo I was at the Montblanc boutique the other day to get some inks and the sales person told me they were waiting for the new reformulated Midnight Blue ink.  I asked if she was talking about the new non IG ink that they changed over to late last year, but she did not know.    Has anyone heard if Montblanc is reformulating their Midnight Blue o...

What To Do With A Dry Nib?  -  20 minutes ago  -  By:  tryphon

  • tryphon's Photo I looked for similar topics to avoid duplicating issues, but I'm not even sure if I understand the FP terminology, so here I go.   I have a F nib from my first Lamy Safari. It is the smoother nib I have, just paired by a B one. Nonetheless, it leaves a very 'pale' line. Actually, for many tasks I even prefer using an EF nib because the line is so lig...

Hey Fpn!  -  27 minutes ago  -  By:  VirtuThe3rd

  • VirtuThe3rd's Photo New to this awesome site. Looking forward to all the cool things on here.

Hello From South London  -  27 minutes ago  -  By:  VirtuThe3rd

  • VirtuThe3rd's Photo Hello   Found myself here after I bought my first pen, a Lamy Safari a couple of weeks ago (which I am counting on not being a knock off), along with another ... and a converter ... and some ink ... and more ink ... and some more stationery ...   I'm somewhere in my 40s, from South London, dabble in open source for a living, and this very moment...

If You've Been Thinking About Galileo Manuscript Brown.....  -  27 minutes ago  -  By:  cybaea

  • cybaea's Photo It's back in and it's brown.   Warning, the scanner is WAY off in COLOR.  The 2012 version did seem to be pinkish, but it was not the color you see in this scan.     Here is a better photo:  

Howdy!  -  28 minutes ago  -  By:  VirtuThe3rd

  • VirtuThe3rd's Photo I was reading so much on this forum I figured I might as well join. I have only used the lower tier pens but maybe some day I'll get something nice.

Hello From Melbourne, Australia!  -  28 minutes ago  -  By:  VirtuThe3rd

Vintage Conway Stewart 58 Nib/feed Issue?  -  28 minutes ago  -  By:  mallymal1

  • mallymal1's Photo I have a vintage CS 58 that has started to drop ink on the page. When you hold it nib down you can see the ink begin to well up between the nib and feed and then it runs to the tip of the feed and then down to the tip of the nib and then a droplet forms.   My first thought is that perhaps the feed requires to be heat set closer to the nib. Would that...