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Pelikan Edelstein Tanzanite - Compact Review  -  17 minutes ago  -  By:  namrehsnoom

  • namrehsnoom's Photo Some time ago I posted some reviews but I was not content.   I try this new setup now and I am curious about your comments.   The scan is color corrected. Checking with my bare eyes it is also the same as the original. I have included a chromatogram, which will make comparison with other colors easier. Sheen... difficult to catch. It is kind of...

Platinum Cassis Black - Classic Line (Ig)  -  20 minutes ago  -  By:  namrehsnoom

  • namrehsnoom's Photo     There is quite a bit of color variation between pens.  I expected the flex pen to be the darkest because it is so wet, but I was surprised that the 580 was so light - it is usually wetter than the Eco.  (I'm speculating, but maybe the Eco isn't sealed quite as well, so perhaps the ink has already begun oxidizing before it hits the...

This Parker Mechanical Pencil Mechansim Confusion. [ Need Help ]  -  21 minutes ago  -  By:  Mike 59

  • Mike 59's Photo Greetings All I picked up a number of these mechanisms last fall and for the life of me I have not a clue what Parker pencil model they are for. The raised band in the middle confuses me. [ It would hold it in place to the barrel of the pencil ] I have pencils for a number of Jotter models, P21's P45's P51's and Vac's. What I am lacking is P61's and P75...

Just Bought A Pelikan M400 What Should I Know?  -  23 minutes ago  -  By:  invisuu

  • invisuu's Photo I bought this pen from a fellow fpner http://www.fountainp...m-nib-reduction   It should ship today and I am quite excited to get it.    This is my first Pelikan and my first "semi_folex" gold nib so any advice is welcomed. The seller flexes the nib but youtube seems to says never flex gold?   I think I paid a fair price for it 20...

What Pens Are You Using Today 2017  -  33 minutes ago  -  By:  chromantic

  • chromantic's Photo This is the new 2017 version of the topic:   What Pens Are You Using Today 2016           The last posts in the old topic can be found here:   http://www.fountainp...ay-2016/page-74     Enjoy     D.ick

How To Fiх Looseness Of A Retractable Nib Carrier In Safety Filler?  -  33 minutes ago  -  By:  alexro

  • alexro's Photo Hi! Can't find myself information about how to fiх looseness of a retractable nib carrier in safety filler from Montblanc. When retracted, nib and feed dangle inside barrel/section. Please, could someone advise me on it.

Which Inks Are You Using Today?  -  35 minutes ago  -  By:  chromantic

  • chromantic's Photo I am using Sheaffer Brown, Private Reserve Sherwood Green and Waterman South Sea Blue. What about you?

Stub O' The Day  -  37 minutes ago  -  By:  eliweisz

  • eliweisz's Photo Stub o' the DayI've been reflecting on the fountain pens in my collection, trying to resolve a question, "What is my focus?" What I've come to realize is that I purchase nibs more than I purchase pens. Without doubt, certain pens attract me because they are lovely and I buy them because my resistance is low, but really my focus has for quite some time bee...

The Rare Ones  -  38 minutes ago  -  By:  Baroz

  • Baroz's Photo Can someone mention which are the Rare Vintage models of MB and hence more valuable..Pl note that the reference does not necessarily pertain to the oldest models but the rarest models...For example some models were discontinued very quickly and hence becoming more valuable than pens produced way before their time...I can think of two examples : 1) MEIST...

Mylar In The Netherlands?  -  38 minutes ago  -  By:  grainweevil

  • grainweevil's Photo Hi everybody,   recently I've started polishing my nibs. Being new to the hobby, this is quite a step, but I think it's going great. However... using the 12.000 grid micromesh doesn't seem to make them butter-smooth, just a lot smoother than they were. So, most experts online recommend using mylar 1.0 and 0.3 micron for this. However, I can only find...

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