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“Chalk Stained Shirt And Pants Are Trademarks Of Quality Teaching And Research.”  -  A minute ago  -  By:  thatotherguy1

  • thatotherguy1's Photo A Japanese chalk manufacturer, revered by mathematicians, bites the dust.   http://www.independe...s-10326313.html

How Much Do You Miss Discontinued Inks?  -  A minute ago  -  By:  Frank C

  • Frank C's Photo There's only one ink that I've truly missed, the Montblanc Midnight-Blue. When I heard the news about it being phased out, I managed to find a bottle at a local pen store, but have since used it up. I haven't really bothered finding a replacement, as I knew it would be a rather futile endeavour. I use Pelikan Blue-Black whenever I need well-behaved, perma...

What's Up At Christof's  -  6 minutes ago  -  By:  tenney

  • tenney's Photo I am collecting, restoring and photographing pens since a couple of years now. I always wanted to create my own site or blog. But I'm rather the pen nerd than the computer nerd, so this project never happend...Then, I discovered FPN. Since 2008 I am an active member of this board. I posted my pictures, my collection and my experiences with fountain pens h...

The never-ending story in three word segments...  -  8 minutes ago  -  By:  Pen Nut

  • Pen Nut's Photo The rules of this game are simple. One just adds their three words in the next post to continue the story. No more, no less. Just three words. Come back often. Just do not post consecutive replies......Punctuation does not count for/against the 3-word limit. Should be fun.So here is the beginning:Once there was...

Waterman´s Nice Ad.  -  9 minutes ago  -  By:  AAAndrew

  • AAAndrew's Photo Higher resoluction here: Color, B & W.            

What Kind Of Nib Is This ?  -  9 minutes ago  -  By:  Pen Nut

  • Pen Nut's Photo Hello . I just found one MB 149, but the Iridium ball is something weird, it looks like upside down, with a few iridium material in contact with the paper, and a lot of iridium material on the opposite side. I have read about a few special  ball rounded nibs , usually in the 146 tester box can find that special ball tipped nib, but I do not know if t...

Speedline Maxima Q3 1938 Star Clip  -  11 minutes ago  -  By:  bobbags

  • bobbags's Photo I found beautiful Parker Vac at an antique shop today. Speedline Maxima Star clip! 135mm. 15mm cap diameter. Burgundy Double jewel   I paid $50 for it.   I'm not selling it but what might it be worth?   Thanks.

Red 187 - Franklin-Christoph  -  12 minutes ago  -  By:  visvamitra

  • visvamitra's Photo Please,allow me to start by saying thank you mmg112 for sending me samples of all new Franklin-Christoph's writing fluids (and much more!). I appreciate it a lot and I hope the reviews I've prepared are enough to repay you            Franklin-Christoph is one of fairly new pen makers. I had thr...

What's Your Most Recent Addition To The Flock?  -  17 minutes ago  -  By:  BMG

  • BMG's Photo In the same vein as the thread in the MB forum I thought it would be nice to have a place where members could show off their most recent Pelikan purchases such as pens, books, ink, etc..  Here are mine: A 400 NN Tortoise set with an extra 450 pencil. The Tortoises are my favorite Pels and I've always wanted a 400NN version.   A 140 in green st...

The Philosophy Of Supporting Local B&m And Stationary Stores  -  24 minutes ago  -  By:  Misfit

  • Misfit's Photo I know B&M stationary stores in the west is a dying breed perhaps not quite so the case in the east where I live what do people think with a substantial credit and cash budget think about buying from physical stores and online stores, I mean Japan has Rakuten where some stores are link to B&M stores strewned in the far corners in Japan and with a...

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