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Advertising On the Fountain Pen Network

Why advertise on FPN?

First of all, FPN is the number one truly independent fountain pen site in the world. With almost 2.8 million pages delivered to real people in January 2014 according to Google Analytics, and 4.5 million according to server statistics (AwStats; includes pages search bots cannot see), we are well within the top 60,000 sites worldwide (of 25,000,000+ and counting, source: Alexa.com).

As an example, in January 2014 FPN was visited by more than 234,000 unique visitors, in over 555,000 visits, on average looking at 5.06 pages per visit with each visit lasting 07:16 minutes.

In short, not only a large captive audience, but one that continuously expands as well.

Demographics support this too. Several years ago, FPN was visited mostly by US citizens. These days our members and visitors form a very diverse group, although US citizens still account for approximately 45% of traffic. Europeans make up another large part.

Top countries other than the US include the UK, Germany, Spain, France, Australia, Italy, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, and Australia. All in all people from well over 100 countries worldwide visit FPN, many on a regular basis.

In addition, our visitors are from all age groups, with almost equal size gender groups.

More than 38% of people browsing FPN are new visitors.

Options and Possibilities

We have a variety of advertising types and layouts on offer, ranging from large to small, either at the top below the header, or on the right hand side of the board, as displayed on this page and listed in the tables below.

Type Size, W x H Display Options (1) Positions Shown To (2)
Full Leaderboard or Full Banner 970 x 90 pixels Underneath Board Header, available on
  • - Home / Board Index / Search / New Content Pages
  • - All Forum and Forum Topics Pages
  • - Classifieds Pages
Or more selectively, on
  • - Home / Board Index Pages
  • - General Pen Topics Forums Pages (3)
  • - Marketing & Sales Forums Pages
  • - Reviews & Articles Forums Pages (3)
  • - Brand Focus Forums Pages (3)
  • - Regional Focus Forums Pages (3)
  • - Creative Expressions Forums Pages (3)
  • - All Other Forums Pages
  • - New Content & Search Pages
  • - Classifieds Pages
In case further refinements are required, please do contact us, see below.
1 per page 25% of Users

Sidebar Adverts
Type Size, W x H Display Options (1) Positions Shown To (2)
Wide Skyscraper, Sidebar 180 x 360 pixels On the right hand side of the board, available on
  • - Home & Board Index Pages (4)
  • - Forum and Forum Topics Pages (5)
  • - Classifieds Pages (6)
Max. 1 per page 25% of Users
Large Square, Sidebar 180 x 180 pixels As for Wide Skyscraper Max. 3 per page 25% of Users
Rectangle, Sidebar 180 x 90 pixels As for Wide Skyscraper Max. 4 per page 25% of Users
Small Tile, Sidebar (7) 88 x 88 pixels As for Wide Skyscraper 2 or 4 per page 25% of Users
Micro Bar, Sidebar (7) 88 x 44 pixels As for Wide Skyscraper 2, 4, 6 or 8 per page 25% of Users

Advertising space is sold on a first come, first serve, monthly basis. Larger adverts will always be positioned closer to the top of the page than smaller ones.

(1) Display Options are sold individually, but may be purchased as a package.

(2) Shown To: 25% of Users. This means that a maximum of 4 adverts may be shown for a specific display option, with the sequence of adverts changing for each user and each screen refresh in random fashion. More than a single 25% spot may be purchased, for additional exposure, depending on availability.

(3) Banner Adverts can also be targeted for specific forums, which may be of interest for the indicated forum categories. Please do contact us for pricing and options in case you do have such a requirement.

(4) The Home Page and Board Index Sidebar adverts will also be displayed on View New Content (VNC), Search, Blogs, Calendar, Downloads, Gallery, Members, and Upload Pages. If so required, adverts can be targeted for these additional areas specifically with the exception of VNC and Search.

(5) Individual Forums may be excluded from sidebar advertising if an advertiser wishes to advertise exclusively in a specific forum, in that case with banners only.

(6) If available, Store Pages may be included with advertising in Classifieds Pages.

(7) Half width sidebar adverts (Small Tiles and Micro Bars) are always displayed in pairs.

Larger sidebar adverts will always migrate towards the top, smaller ones towards the bottom, as in the example on the right.

Advert space is sold on a monthly basis per position, depending on availability of space. It is possible to purchase spots for longer periods as well, in increments of one or more months. All adverts must be approved and paid in full prior to being put online, and to keep our advertising rates as low as possible, our rates are non-commissionable.

Further Information / Contact

In order to find out more about advertising on FPN, for pricing, availability, terms and conditions, do contact our FPN Ad Manager.
We will be able to help you both with standard adverts as listed above, and with customized solutions.

Looking forward to your questions and requests!

The FPN Advertising Team

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