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Announcement: Changes to Classifieds
Unfortunately, many owners of Classifieds never mark items sold. We are therefore forced to move the duration of adverts back to 30 days, in increments, starting with 90 days, effective immediately. Further steps will follow, saving both buyers and sellers from wasting a lot of time with unnecessary back and forth emailing about items no longer available. ***** The FPN Admin Team *****

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Sold! Conklin Nozac In Sedona Brown

For Sale by jonro


Time Left - 76 Days, 6 Hours

Fountain Pen, Dip Pen, Ballpoint, Rollerball and Mechanical Pencil Parts, whether used or new, and Tools, any pen repair related equipment, may be listed in this category.

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Views - 45

Time Left - 89 Days, 21 Hours

For Sale

$4.00 Pen Pocket Stapler

in Pen Parts & Tools by PenFisher

Being a packrat I hate to toss anything away that someone else might be able to use or get some e...

Views - 2498

Time Left - 80 Days, 2 Hours

For Sale

$50.00 Modern Pen Nibs And Nib Units Renewed...

in Pen Parts & Tools by Dutchpen

I have a very large collection of pen parts.Mostly they are modern (1970's and up). Sorry, b...

Views - 742

Time Left - 122 Days, 5 Hours

For Sale

$25.00 Newly Manufactured Vacumatic Fillers

in Pen Parts & Tools by jaxxon

I manufacture the fillers to original factory specs using all new materials. There are hundreds i...

Views - 167

Time Left - 84 Days, 22 Hours

For Sale

$125.00 Montblanc 149 14C Nib

in Pen Parts & Tools by collado

Hello,   I'm here to sell a vintage Montblanc tri-colored 14C nib in size F or M, the nib is...

Views - 82

Time Left - 83 Days, 12 Hours

For Sale

$7.00 Waterman Fountain Pen Converters Nos

in Pen Parts & Tools by Force

The title shows price in $$$, my price is UK £££ Waterman Fountain Pen Conver...

Views - 133

Time Left - 157 Days, 8 Hours

Exchange - WTT

By Negotiation Wtt: Lamy Safari Steel Nib M For Ef

in Pen Parts & Tools by dylim1

I have spare Lamy Safari Steel medium nib that I want to trade for EF. It's a smooth nib. Let me...

Views - 59

Time Left - 76 Days, 4 Hours

Wanted - WTB

$1.00 Montblanc 24 Hood Section In Green An...

in Pen Parts & Tools by luckduck369

I recently cracked my green Montblanc 24 Hood section. If you have a spare or parts pen that can...

Views - 761

Time Left - 94 Days, 16 Hours

For Sale

$49.00 New Parker Sonnet 18Ct Nib Assemblies...

in Pen Parts & Tools by Dutchpen

For sale.5 brand new parker sonnet nib assemblies. A nib assembly contains the nib and the feed....

Views - 111

Time Left - 162 Days, 6 Hours


$5.00 Parker "51" 14Kt Nib - Damaged

in Pen Parts & Tools by PenFisher

Here's a Parker "51" 14kt nib with a broken tip on one tine.  It seemed a shame to discard t...

Views - 80

Time Left - 161 Days, 13 Hours

Wanted - WTB

Offers Wtb Parker 51 Cp Clip, Jewel And Screw

in Pen Parts & Tools by Chrissy

Hi   I have just finished restoring a Parker 51 vacumatic for my best friend. On it's chrome...

Views - 114

Time Left - 159 Days,

For Sale

$80.00 First Year 1929 Pelikan 100 Barrel Re...

in Pen Parts & Tools by kawuska

Newly made replacement barrel for first year Pelikan 100 "1929".This hand made barrel is made of...

Views - 99

Time Left - 158 Days, 23 Hours

For Sale

$70.00 Pelikan 100 "bandless Cap" Wi...

in Pen Parts & Tools by kawuska

Pelikan "1929" bandless cap replacement.Hand made in black ebonite, cylindrical captop.(No logo o...

Views - 108

Time Left - 158 Days, 22 Hours

For Sale

$90.00 Pelikan 100N Red Ebonite Cap Replacement

in Pen Parts & Tools by kawuska

Replacement cap for Pelikan 100N.Hand made in red/brown, japanese  ebonite, fully compatible...

Views - 112

Time Left - 158 Days, 22 Hours

For Sale

$40.00 Pelikan 100 Replacement Barrel

in Pen Parts & Tools by kawuska

Hello, I'am offering newly, hand made replacement barrel for Pelikan 100.This hand made barrel is...

Views - 134

Time Left - 153 Days,


$20.00 Edison Two-Toned #6 Nib Unit F

in Pen Parts & Tools by ScienceChick

New, never inked, bought at the end of my love affair with fine nibs.  Price includes USPS 1...

Views - 397

Time Left - 80 Days, 22 Hours

Wanted - WTB

Offers Parker 51 Nib (14K Gold)

in Pen Parts & Tools by vPro

Hello.  I need a Parker 51 nib in 14k Gold. The nib has to be 'medium' or 'broad' and a very...

Views - 105

Time Left - 148 Days, 3 Hours

Wanted - WTB

Offers Wtb: Cap For Montblanc 149 (From The...

in Pen Parts & Tools by sf_roma

Hello, I I just returned from Italy to bury my dad. The only thing I took back is his old Montbla...

Views - 85

Time Left - 148 Days, 2 Hours

Wanted - WTB

Offers Needed, Cap For 1946 Vacumatic Major

in Pen Parts & Tools by Recoil Rob

Here's the pen with dimensions. As far as I can tell it's a size MAJOR with the plastic feed. The...

Views - 1141

Time Left - 35 Days, 16 Hours

For Sale

$10.00 Waterman Body Parts

in Pen Parts & Tools by Dutchpen

For sale: Large amount of Waterman body parts for MODERN waterman fountainpen, rollerballs,...

Views - 109

Time Left - 140 Days, 14 Hours

Wanted - WTB

Offers Need Parker 45 Section

in Pen Parts & Tools by darkizz_89

----Got a few offers, thanks!----   I am in need of a black Parker 45 section without nib, f...

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