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Conway Stewart 388

Sold by Beechwood


Time Left - 1 Days, 22 Hours

Fountain Pen, Dip Pen, Ballpoint, Rollerball and Mechanical Pencil Parts, whether used or new, and Tools, any pen repair related equipment, may be listed in this category.

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Time Left - 179 Days, 11 Hours

Wanted - WTB

Offers Pilot Vanishing Point Black/gold Clip...

in Pen Parts & Tools by weissa

I managed to tarnish the finish on the clip end of my black and gold VP. So I'm looking to buy th...

Views - 932

Time Left - 53 Days, 7 Hours

For Sale

$175.00 Montblanc 149 Nib

in Pen Parts & Tools by Nero

Hello,   I would like to sell one of my spare Montblanc 149 nibs. The 14kt nib is tricolor (...

Views - 2566

Time Left - 87 Days, 8 Hours

For Sale

$100.00 Pen Nibs, Nib Units And Other Parts

in Pen Parts & Tools by Dutchpen

I have a very large collection of pen parts.Mostly they are modern (1970's and up).  Pl...

Views - 93

Time Left - 172 Days, 21 Hours

For Sale

$10.00 Waterman Body Parts

in Pen Parts & Tools by Dutchpen

For sale: Large amount of Waterman body parts for MODERN waterman fountainpen, rollerballs,...

Views - 1348

Time Left - 69 Days, 7 Hours

For Sale

$15.00 18Ct Modern Fp Nibs And 2X 14Ct Parke...

in Pen Parts & Tools by Dutchpen

For sale.Several nibs which need some repair.All nibs are repairable (aligning etc.). No major da...

Views - 47

Time Left - 170 Days, 22 Hours


$35.00 Conklin Parts Pen

in Pen Parts & Tools by Tom Heath

All metal  Conklin Ring Top Pen,  some rare parts to be harvested   This is a 1920...

Views - 159

Time Left - 168 Days, 2 Hours


$18.00 Esterbrook 9128

in Pen Parts & Tools by PenFisher

The 9128 is officially described as an Extra Fine Flexible.  I find that it is closer to Fin...

Views - 90

Time Left - 145 Days, 12 Hours

Wanted - WTB

Offers Wtb Preppy Rollerball Tips And Cartri...

in Pen Parts & Tools by aj3537

Hi, I looking to purchase any accessories for the Platinum Preppy. I'm specifically looking for...

Views - 275

Time Left - 140 Days, 23 Hours

For Sale

$3.75 Kaigelu K316 Replacement Barrel Finia...

in Pen Parts & Tools by richardandtracy

I have finally managed to finish Sixty (60) Kaigelu 316 Replacement Barrel Finials They have...

Views - 39

Time Left - 159 Days, 15 Hours

Wanted - WTB

Offers Wtb - Cartier Rollerball Body

in Pen Parts & Tools by johnlmiller620

Posting on behalf of an acquaintance - does anyone have for sale a rollerball pen body for a Cart...

Views - 55

Time Left - 157 Days, 6 Hours

Wanted - WTB

$1.00 Wtb Montblanc Classic Parts.

in Pen Parts & Tools by dperez28

I am in need of a burgundy MB parts as you can see in the picture. I am not sure what this part o...

Views - 49

Time Left - 153 Days, 5 Hours

For Sale

$5.00 Prera Cap (Blue)

in Pen Parts & Tools by tomkeb

Used cap for blue Pilot Prera (whose body broke when I fell on ice). It has minor scratches, and...

Views - 138

Time Left - 87 Days, 7 Hours

For Sale

$30.00 Reduced: Sheaffer Junior Nib Feed And...

in Pen Parts & Tools by BamaPen

PRICE REDUCED:Nib, feed, and section for Sheaffer Junior pen. Section is threaded, so I assu...

Views - 298

Time Left - 119 Days, 18 Hours


$65.00 Wts : Waterman Carene F Gt Nib (Reduced)

in Pen Parts & Tools by balanemate

Hi.   For sale is used Carene F GT nib. Bought from Lewertowski, original invoice will be in...

Views - 142

Time Left - 151 Days, 1 Hour

For Sale

$95.00 Reduced: Esterbrook Nibs - 2312, 2668

in Pen Parts & Tools by ScienceChick

2  2312  Italic Medium   $43 each   $40 each3  2314-B ...

Views - 406

Time Left - 125 Days, 4 Hours


$30.00 Esterbrook Broad Stub Nib Nos

in Pen Parts & Tools by prighello

This is a NOS Esterbrook 9314B. I used it once to write a letter and it works perfectly, but I ha...

Views - 393

Time Left - 83 Days, 10 Hours

For Sale

$105.00 Pelikan M600 Medium Nib

in Pen Parts & Tools by NativeTxn

For sale is a Pelikan M600 medium nib (would also work on M605). I bought a used M600 Red O' Red...

Views - 103

Time Left - 144 Days, 7 Hours

For Sale

$90.00 Parker Sterling Ballpoint Pen Shell F...

in Pen Parts & Tools by ooldwoolf

Hello everyone, I have a shell of a Parker Sterling Ballpoint Pen. Made in USA, has minimal...

Views - 321

Time Left - 51 Days, 8 Hours

Exchange - WTT

$0.01 Wtt Nakaya Nib B Flex For M/f Rigid, Wtb

in Pen Parts & Tools by mirosc

Offer: Nakaya B nib with added flex by Mottishaw (pristine, near mint condition) Looking for: Nak...

Views - 342

Time Left - 120 Days, 20 Hours

For Sale

$200.00 Montblanc Mont Blanc 149 Spare Nib

in Pen Parts & Tools by lokhiny2601

Hi This is a real spare nib for 149 (maybe 1960s - 1970s model) It reads 18c ,montblanc and...

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