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The Esterbrook Forum Estie Loaner Program

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Posted 07 March 2014 - 19:04

I don't see anything in what few rules there are that would stand in the way of that.


Generous Estievillers.


Rock On!


Bruce in Ocala, Fl

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Posted 07 March 2014 - 19:09


Important Change to the Esterbrook Loaner Program;


We will no longer be able to send pens from Within the U.S.A. to borrowers residing overseas. There has been a somewhat recent United States Postal Service rate increase that more than doubled the prior reasonable rate of around $3.00 to ship a pen overseas to $7.35.  It therefore is unreasonable to expect overseas members to pay the approximate $15.00 in postage to borrow a pen when they can BUY their Own Estie for about that same amount.


There are NO changes to the Loaner Program for pens borrowed within the Untied States or within Other countries where the Loaner Program has pens available.


IF you happen to be a prospective overseas borrower and you ARE willing to pay that near $15.00 postage to borrow an Estie, you are still welcomed of course to post your request to borrow a pen and we'll be glad to set you up.


We DO have a Very Limited number of pens listed for In Country loan outs Only in England/Europe, Australia, and on the island of Curcaco.  


If you are a FPNer residing outside the U.S. that owns a good condition, nice writing Esterbrook and would like to help us spread the Estie joy, we would Greatly Appreciate you allowing us to add your pen(s) to the list of In Country loan outs available for Your country.



Pens available for borrowing Within the United States as of 03/07/14.


Black Transitional, 2442 Falcon nib

Blue SJ, Medium 2668 nib
Red J, 2668 nib   ON LOAN
Blue LJ, 9556 F or 9550 XF nib (Borrower to specify which nib)
Blue SJ, 1550 XF, 2556 F, 2284 S (Borrower to specify which nib)
Copper J, 2556 F nib and a 2668 M
Copper J, 9556 F or 9668 M or 9048 whichever the Borrower desires ON LOAN
Green J, 9788 M
Blue LJ, 2312 italic

Green LJ 9048 extra flexible fine

Green Transitional J 2284 broad stub

Green Transitional J 9556

Red J 9314-B broad relief (oblique) stub

Blue J 9314-F fine relief (oblique) stub

Green J 9460 manifold medium

Red SJ 9550   ON LOAN

Red SJ 9460   ON LOAN

Turquoise M2 2284 broad stub

Turquoise M2 2312 italic

SJ Nurse Pen Red Jewels Sonnet 18K medium nib (if you have a taste to try the bizarre)

Silver J, 2668, or Osmiroid: one italic, broad, and one rolatip broad. (This pen will come from Curacao, it's postage may be slightly higher and postage delay a bit longer, it's Loaner Outter has more info on this.)

Pens residing overseas for in country loan only; 

Australia-Silver SJ, with either a 1551 M or 2668 M

The United Kingdom/ OTHER countries within Europe-Green J 2556, Copper SJ 2668 (Either can come with a 1555 or 2314 B too) NO LOANER POSTAGE FEE on these two pens Within the UK!  Other European country members can discuss/agree on the postage costs with this Loaner Outter. 

The subject of a few Estie Borrowers not fulfilling their part of the postal reimbursement has been discussed among the Estie Loaner Outters. They are those most immediately impacted.

As a result, there is a *PENDING* change to at least the order of how things happen in the Loaner Program. 

The change is simply that the Borrower will Paypal Gift the agreed on postage to them to their Lender Outter, either $3.00 or the amount they agree to with the Lender Outter, BEFORE the Estie is placed into the mail to the Borrower.

This eliminates the After borrowing postage issue thusly solving it.

This change Will Remain *A PENDING Change* to the point at which Another Borrower than the ones currently known of, fails to keep their end of the Loan Out agreement up. At that point it changes from Pending to In Force. 

The decision of when or if that ever occurs lies solely in the hands of those borrowing the Esties.


Bruce in Ocala, FL and The Esterbrook Forum

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