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Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen

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Posted 24 May 2012 - 21:57

A couple of years ago, I bought a Sailor Desk Fountain Pen from Jetpens to use with my antique fountain pen desk stand, a family keepsake (but the family had lost or thrown away the ballpoint or fountain pen that came with the desk set).

Growing up, I always remembered seeing the stand with a pen on a desk, and I wanted to use it on mine, but I did not know (and do not know) the maker of the unmarked stand. So, I bought the Sailor Desk Fountain Pen for the stand because all of my Sailor fountain pens were perfect right out of the box. As expected, the Sailor Desk Fountain Pen also wrote exceptionally well, and I wrote a review of the Sailor Desk Fountain Pen for FPN, showing how it fit in my old desk stand (not very well at all, and very ugly I have come to see now over time). However, the pen wrote so well and was put to such good use that I could easily overcome the poor aesthetics of the set, until I felt I needed to look for a pen that looked better in the stand. From my FPN review, here is a picture of the Sailor Desk Fountain Pen in my old stand, along with a Lamy Vista Fountain Pen (which I also reviewed) setting on the old stand.

Posted Image
1SailorDeskPen by OUSoonertoo, on Flickr

Fortunately, I have finally found a modern fountain pen that will fit perfectly in my antique keepsake stand, and I found it on the Jetpens website! Not knowing that the Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen would fit my vintage fountain pen stand, I bought the Platinum Desk Pen Stand from Jetpens at the same time, and I was thrilled when I discovered that the Platinum Carbon Desk Pen I bought would fit my antique desk pen stand to perfection. The three pictures below I borrowed from the Jetpens' website and reduced in size:

Posted Image
1PlatinumDeskPenJP by OUSoonertoo, on Flickr

Posted Image
2PlatinumDeskPenJP by OUSoonertoo, on Flickr

The photo below shows the pen in the official Platinum Desk Pen Holder.

Posted Image
3PlatinumDeskPenJP by OUSoonertoo, on Flickr

Here are some pictures of my brand new Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen in my vintage fountain pen stand. A perfect fit!

First, the Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen in the holder and the Sailor setting on the stand.

Posted Image
1PlatinumInOldStand by OUSoonertoo, on Flickr

Posted Image
3PlatinumInOldStand by OUSoonertoo, on Flickr

Posted Image
4PlatinumInOldStand by OUSoonertoo, on Flickr

The nib on the Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen is a “Super Fine,” and writes as nicely as or better than my Sailor Desk Fountain Pen “Extra Fine” nib. Below is a picture of the pen and how I wrote with it on an old Legal Pad.

Posted Image
6PlatinumInOldStand by OUSoonertoo, on Flickr

If you are ever looking for a new desk fountain pen that will probably fit an old pen desk stand, you may want to consider the Platinum Carbon Desk Pen. I wish now I had bought the Platinum pen instead of the Sailor pen. So far, I still have not found a desk stand that will fit the Sailor Desk Fountain Pen, because it is a thin pen. The Sailor Pen just wobbles around in the Platinum Desk Pen Stand. Since I particularly like the larger in diameter Platinum Carbon Desk Pen, that is the one that will remain my daily desk pen, along with an Esterbrook Desk Pen that is also larger in diameter. I can heartily recommend all three desk pens, but the Sailor Desk Fountain Pen does not fit my hand as well. [Since writing this review initially, I have discovered that a vintage Parker 45 Desk Pen will fit both the my old vintage desk set and the new Platinum Desk Pen Stand. In my opinion, the Platinum Desk Pen Stand tulip part that holds the pen is slightly larger in diameter than I would prefer. Both pens fit in the newer Platinum Desk Pen Stand holder more loosely than I would like, but fit acceptably.]

As with the Sailor Fountain Desk Pen, I began by using the recommended Platinum Carbon Ink. This ink writes smoothly in the Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen and this particular pen is recommended for carbon ink. I have never had any problems using Sailor carbon ink in my Sailor Desk Fountain Pen because it was capped and then placed in the pen holder. Unfortunately, I discovered that so much air was left in the tulip that held the Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen that overnight the ink clogged the pen and was very hard to start. After I put regular Platinum Black ink cartridges in the pen, it has never clogged and writes perfectly with the first stroke of the pen. Though I have not tried this, I believe the Platinum Carbon Ink would be fine if I kept the pen capped in the original cap. Both pens are relatively inexpensive and write so well that I have no incentive to put the carbon ink in a more expensive pen (which is not recommended!). Since I do not prefer to write with an extra fine nib, I use only the desk pen for my pocket calendar and short notations when needed. My desk pens are the handiest pens I have. So, now I have a new Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen in an antique no-name desk stand, and an Esterbrook Dip-Less pen in a Number 444 ink well desk stand, which I reviewed here on FPN.

Posted Image
TwoSets by OUSoonertoo, on Flickr

In Summary:

• Appearance & Design (9) – Now that I have done more research, the pen is very similar to a Parker 45 Desk Pen and would be an excellent modern pen substitute for the vintage Parker 45. Since the pen currently retails for $13.50 on the Jetpens website, and a Parker 45 NOS sells currently for between $30.00 and $60.00 on ebay, I must give the Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen a 9 (only because it comes in a plastic bag with a cartridge included instead of a box).

• Construction & Quality (10) – The construction is high quality, as we have come to expect from all Platinum pens. For a pen at this price point, I must give it a 10, especially because the nib is a perfect “Super Fine” (Extra Fine) nib that far surpasses some of my more expensive Extra Fine nibs on other Japanese pens. So, I must give the pen a 10; however, do not compare it to a pen costing more than $100.00.

• Weight & Dimensions (10) – The pen fits much better in my hand than did the Sailor Desk Fountain Pen I first used in my vintage desk set. I prefer the larger diameter pens; such as a Platinum President, and Platinum Desk Pen is comfortable for me to write with daily. Again, the pen feels similar in diameter to a Parker 45 desk pen. Because the pen fits my hand well as well as my desk pen set holder, I will give the pen a 10. It was exactly what I was looking for, and looks great in my old desk pen holder. Even the gold ring and lettering on the match the gold on the desk set.

• Nib & Performance (10) – As you can see from the pictures, the nib is gold plated. I basically prefer a medium or broader nib than a fine or extra fine. For what I use this extra fine nib for (writing in a pocket calendar), it suits my purposes. The nib is smooth and writes well even on cheaper pocket calendar paper, and the Platinum Black ink is bold and black without bleeding distractingly through the very thin calendar paper. Medium and broader nibs are not good for my calendar, but this Super Fine nib is smooth and perfect for my purposes, So I give the nib a 10. I might add that I have used more expensive Fine and Extra Fine nibs that were scratchy out of the box and had to be sent to a nibmeister; not so this Platinum Super Fine nib. Once again remember, this pen currently sells for less than $15.00.

• Filling System & Maintenance (10) – The pen uses either a cartridge or a converter. One cartridge comes with the pen, so you can begin writing immediately. The Platinum cartridges are proprietary. I have no problems using or refilling cartridges or converters, so I give the filling system and maintenance a 10. If you use the Carbon ink, you should clean the pen often as recommended. I know I prefer this system to the less reliable vintage pens that have not been restored.

• Cost & Value (10) – For less than $15.00 (I will even say for less than $20.00, if we have price increases), the pen is a bargain! So, I give the pen a 10.

• Conclusion (Final score is 59!) – 59/60 for a pen that is less than $15.00 and is perfect for my needs: exactly what I was looking for in a modern desk pen. So, the 59 score is based on all things considered, and the pen is a reliable and comfortable writer based on any standard.

All the best,

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Posted 24 May 2012 - 23:11

I saw these at Cult Pens and thought that they looked interesting. Thanks for a great review. :)
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Posted 25 May 2012 - 02:04

I saw these at Cult Pens and thought that they looked interesting. Thanks for a great review. :)

Thank you. :happyberet: What I really like about this pen is I can put it in a vintage desk pen holder and it looks like and fits like it belongs there. When I have time, I will try to add a picture of the pen with a Parker 45 so people can see how similar they look.

All the Best,

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Posted 25 May 2012 - 11:52

Thanks for the review. Pardon my desk pen ignorance, but most modern pens can't fit in the holder?

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Posted 25 May 2012 - 15:42

Thanks for the review. Pardon my desk pen ignorance, but most modern pens can't fit in the holder?

When I began using fountain pens with enthusiasm again, I bought a few Sailor pens; which inspired me to buy a new Sailor Desk pen for the old family desk set. The price was right and I did not know of any alternatives at the time. As you can see, it did not fit correctly because it was too thin. After reviewing the Sailor Desk pen and looking more at how unattractive (ugly) it was in the old desk set holder, I thought I would try the new Platinum Desk pen (the price was right), which did fit perfectly. I think I ordered the Platinum Desk pen at about the same time I ordered the Parker 45 (why I did not wait and try the Platinum Desk pen before buying the Parker 45 can best be explained by pen addiction :embarrassed_smile: ). Of course, in finding a desk pen for the old set, I just had to buy a a couple Esterbrook desk pen sets of varying kinds that were dip-less (which I really like), an an eight-ball desk pen set :embarrassed_smile: . I do not know if there are other desk pens currently being made that will fit my vintage desk pen set or not, other than the Sailor and the Platinum that both sell for a very good price. I hope I have all of the desk pens and inkwells that I need; but, I do not have any dip pens yet, just dip-less pens!

All the best,

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Posted 25 May 2012 - 16:10

No idea on whether it will fit your base(s), but how about this one:

Mike Hungerford

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Posted 25 May 2012 - 16:53


Thanks for such a great review!

Thanks also for allowing cost-avoidance of the purchase of a Sailor Desk pen.

I share your high opinion of the Platinum Carbon Pen.

I chose it when I wanted a pen with a very narrow nib that was less rigid than a Posting nib, and wetter than the Pilot Penmanship. Bingo!

Certainly low mass, so I do not use it for long-haul writing, yet the ergonomics & balance suit me well.

The short nib slit + feed have prevented nib dry-out; and when using saturated inks with a high dye-load, the flow is very even. I have yet to try it with the Platinum carbon inks - wanting to get a feel for it with dye-based inks first.

If one can tolerate my atrocious hand writing, there are written samples from the PCP in these Ink Reviews: Diamine Denim, Diamine Bilberry (The NIB-ism image depictions nib width & wetness; the feint vertical pencil lines are 25mm apart.)


Edited by Sandy1, 25 May 2012 - 16:55.

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Posted 25 May 2012 - 20:17

I have a couple of these Desk Pens and have been very impressed with the quality of them, particularly at the low price. The fine/extra-fine nibs are among the smoothest around.

I'm glad for your pen and base solution -- perfect! Nice review, too.
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Posted 25 May 2012 - 21:04

nice review and pics!
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