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Parker 45 Arrow Find  -  A minute ago  -  By:  ANM

  • ANM's Photo I managed to get a Parker 45 Arrow (Plastic cap) in dark blue with box and original converter for $10. Did I do well?

How High Would You Go On The Parker Lot?  -  3 minutes ago  -  By:  JotterAddict62

  • JotterAddict62's Photo http://www.ebay.com/...=STRK:MEBIDX:IT   Ends Friday 7:51 P.M. Pacific Time   Only two bidders at this time and one has no feedback at all. I always wonder about these bids are they just plants to jack up the price?   With 23 units @ $30 each [ my average price ] you finish the math.   I think it will go higher than that..   I wou...

50% Off Moleskine, 25% Off Arc At Staples 3/8-3/14  -  3 minutes ago  -  By:  EricTheRed

  • EricTheRed's Photo Check out the Staples circular for March 8 - March 14, 2015 for the above discounts. Don't know about the United Kingdom or Canada.   Happy discounted shopping.   Enjoy and good luck.

Yard O Led Grande Retro Fp Black Resin  -  9 minutes ago  -  By:  Ghost Plane

  • Ghost Plane's Photo I am suffering huge temptation to buy a Grande Retro fp in black resin since I have the ballpoint and pencil. Any views on this pen which I think is one of the ''cheapest'' (if I can use that term for y-o-l!) they do. I have only had one Y O L before, an Astoria Grande which wrote badly: the nib was stiff & it had such poor ink flow I had to return it...

Sad State Of Pelikan Nibs  -  9 minutes ago  -  By:  MarkTrain

  • MarkTrain's Photo I just received an M1000, with a nib marked EF as requested.   Looking at this compared with nibs that are 10-15 years old, I would say this is about two sizes wider. The old EF nib was extra fine - quite a fine line really, with that distinctive Pelikan nib shaping of flat sides.   The new nib writes closer to a medium, hardly an extra fine....

New Omas 90Th Anniversary Celluloid Set  -  11 minutes ago  -  By:  Ghost Plane

  • Ghost Plane's Photo 90th ANNIVERSARY CELLULOID SET“We want people to experience handwriting as a life value”The origin of our vision comes from the origin of OMAS itself directly. Exactly 90 years ago, on June 15, 1925, Armando Simoni founded in Bologna Officina Meccanica Armando Simoni. Thus was made OMAS, workshop that would become in later years one of the mos...

Journal That I Made For My Boyfriend With Tomoe River  -  13 minutes ago  -  By:  Daisy25

  • Daisy25's Photo Two years ago I took a workshop to make a springback journal. Even though I really liked the outcome, it felt kind of complicated to make at home. It is not an easy structure and I was too "green" to make a new one.  Last year I started one, but never finished it because I didn't like how it was looking.  But this year I learnt from last ye...

Duofold Centennial Time Frame  -  14 minutes ago  -  By:  Michael_V

  • Michael_V's Photo I picked up a Duofold MK-1 Centennial at the Arkansas Pen Show.  I understand there was also an MK-2 which I assume was after the MK-1.  During what years was the MK-1 produced (1987 to ?).  Below is a photo of the pen.  

Fpr Series Of The "minimalistica +" Bulkfiller Available Soon !  -  14 minutes ago  -  By:  tjt7a

  • tjt7a's Photo Hi fountain pen friends  !! At last, the limited edition of 50 pieces of the FPR "Minimalistica +" in black delrin will become available on March 14 2015. A non FPR series of "Minimalistica's" - without  clip - will probably be launched in a few months. Please note that - for reasons of standardization, hence reducing manufacturing cos...

Where Is The Blue In Noodler's 54Th "blue-Black"?  -  15 minutes ago  -  By:  EricaTX

  • EricaTX's Photo I like 54th, but where's the blue part of blue-black? Even swabs or spreading a drop with a razor like a palette knife shows only hints of gray. I can tell it's not black, but where's the blue?