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Sold Pelikan M805 Medium Nib Sold

Sold by novarider


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$299.00 Pelikan 400Nn Brown Striped Rare Flex...

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by ThomasA1000

Wonderful brown tortoise striped celluloid Pelikan fountainpen with a ULTRA FLEXIBLE NIB in great...

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Time Left - 176 Days, 11 Hours

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$50.00 Eversharp Skyline, M~B Flexy Nib, Go...

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by KBeezie

This is an Eversharp Skyline (Standard Size) in black with a gold filled cap that I recently acqu...

Views - 707

Time Left - 27 Days, 22 Hours

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$595.00 Edison Mina Urushi Le 7/20 -- On Hold...

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by daoud62

This pen was introduced a couple of years back by Brian Gray in collaboration with Ernest Shin....

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$145.00 Pelikan 400 Black Striped Sale

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by crazypen80

Hello, I have for sale is a vintage Pelikan 400 fountain pen black striped. The pen is used,...

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Time Left - 146 Days, 21 Hours

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$200.00 Pilot Custom 823 Amber Demonstrator

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by jcp1st

If you're not familiar with this pen, do yourself a favor and read the reviews posted here at FPN...

Views - 255

Time Left - 112 Days, 1 Hour

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$145.00 Reduced: Pilot Metal Falcon (Brown, S...

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by Kugelschreiber

For sale is a Pilot Metal Falcon in brown lacquer with rhodium trim and a 14k rhodium plated...

Views - 144

Time Left - 123 Days, 8 Hours

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$625.00 Montblanc We Jonathon Swift Fp Mediu...

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by Fleetlord

LNIB  Jonathon Swift Writers Edition  F  /S   Medium Nib   #7047 / 12800...

Views - 148

Time Left - 116 Days, 19 Hours

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$90.00 Platinum Chartres And Glamour--Both F...

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by mrwh1609

I am listing several impulse buys, great pens I bought and never or rarely used. Here area.)...

Views - 502

Time Left - 61 Days, 6 Hours

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$108.00 Last Call! Parker Ellipse Fountai...

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by Vicary

Here's one you don't see too often. It's a Parker Ellipse. This was Parker's mid sized entry at t...

Views - 104

Time Left - 102 Days, 13 Hours

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$160.00 Sheaffer Valor - Black & Palladium

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by adyf

Sheaffer Valor  -  Black & Palladium DESCRIPTION: This pen has seen only a cou...

Views - 388

Time Left - 61 Days, 18 Hours

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$375.00 Omas 360 Vintage Le Smoky Grey With G...

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by WilsonCQB1911

Price includes shipping in CONUS. Pen has seen very light use and is in perfect condition. It wr...

Views - 350

Time Left - 67 Days, 22 Hours

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$475.00 Omas Special Edition Arte Italiana Ar...

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by WilsonCQB1911

In immaculate condition. Has only seen very light use. Writes a wet smooth fine line. Works perfe...

Views - 162

Time Left - 52 Days, 12 Hours

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$165.00 Parker Duofold International, F Nib

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by iStealth

For sale Parker Duofold International, very smooth writer with F nib. The Parker's F size, I woul...

Views - 237

Time Left - 52 Days, 7 Hours

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$125.00 Sailor 1911M - Zoom Nib - Spf

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by Komitadjie

I really kind of hate to move this pen out, but I am not one to keep drawer-queens around, and I...

Views - 464

Time Left - 26 Days, 20 Hours

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$420.00 Reserved: Danitrio Hyotan (Aka Mae We...

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by Painterspal

Reserved pending payment   Dear All   As part of my continuing sell off of pens I don't...

Views - 155

Time Left - Expired

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$57.00 Parker Duofold Jr.

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by gguthrie

Lovely writing mis-matched Duofold Jr. The cap is slimline, barrel etc. are earlier. Working. Low...

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