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Announcement: Changes to Classifieds
Unfortunately, many owners of Classifieds never mark items sold. We are therefore forced to move the duration of adverts back to 30 days, in increments, starting with 90 days, effective immediately. Further steps will follow, saving both buyers and sellers from wasting a lot of time with unnecessary back and forth emailing about items no longer available. ***** The FPN Admin Team *****

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Sheaffer Lifetime Balance Large

For Sale by Ratel


Time Left - 83 Days, 7 Hours

Listings here are for Fountain pen inks, Calligraphy inks, and any other type of ink one can think of.

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Views - 87

Time Left - 167 Days, 11 Hours

Wanted - WTB

$30.00 Wtb - Sailor Red-Brown Ink

in Inks - Gold by gregamckinney

Greetings! I am very pleased to have had some success finding a bit of Sailor Red Brown ink....

Views - 155

Time Left - 162 Days, 10 Hours

Exchange - WTT

By Negotiation Wtt - Exchange Iroshizuku 15Ml Inks

in Inks - Gold by fountainpenlady

I have a passion for Iroshizuku inks. I have purchased several of the smaller bottles, 15ml size....

Views - 235

Time Left - 162 Days, 2 Hours

For Sale

$35.00 Bottles Of Diamine, Wancher

in Inks - Gold by gylyf

2) Diamine 2 bottles of Diamine Deep Dark Blue, 1 full, 1 at ~90%1 bottle of Diamine Indigo,...

Views - 212

Time Left - 160 Days, 9 Hours

For Sale

$15.00 Lamy Black, Pelikan Konigsblau

in Inks - Gold by jordanjay29

Selling the following inks:   Lamy Black (90% full) - $5 Pelikan 4001 Konigsblau/Royal Blue...

Views - 187

Time Left - 160 Days, 9 Hours

For Sale

$85.00 Montblanc Racing Green

in Inks - Gold by sentraser165

For your consideration is a ~85% full bottle of the unfortunately discontinued MB Racing Green!...

Views - 268

Time Left - 159 Days, 18 Hours


$55.00 Noodler's Medley And Other Inks

in Inks - Gold by J85909266

Noodler's El Lawrence - 98% full Motor Oil Brown/Black, Bulletproof, Eternal   Noodler's Bay...

Views - 118

Time Left - 158 Days, 10 Hours

For Sale

$50.00 Levenger Pinkly - Reduced

in Inks - Gold by ScienceChick

Discontinued Levenger Pinkly in the very handy inkwell bottle.  The bottle is about three-qu...

Views - 212

Time Left - 156 Days, 12 Hours

For Sale

$60.00 Montblanc Jonathon Swift Seaweed Ink

in Inks - Gold by coolguy684

Hi, I'm selling a new in-box bottle of Montblanc Jonathon Swift ink.  It is unused.  ...

Views - 139

Time Left - 152 Days, 6 Hours

For Sale

$35.00 Montblanc Daniel Defoe Brand New Bottles

in Inks - Gold by coolguy684

Hi, I'm selling Daniel Defoe ink, I have 2 brand new bottles.  Price for one bottle is $35 p...

Views - 203

Time Left - 151 Days, 5 Hours


$45.00 Over 50 Ink Samples And 1 Bottle

in Inks - Gold by Larry Barrieau

I have for sale over 50 samples of ink.  They run from 1ml to 4ml and average around 2ml....

Views - 225

Time Left - 150 Days, 14 Hours

Exchange - WTT

By Negotiation Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldgrun

in Inks - Gold by Swordfish23

Hello all, I have a ink I'd like to trade I tried to like it...I know many do. It just isn't the...

Views - 358

Time Left - 146 Days, 9 Hours

Wanted - WTB

$1.00 W T B A Few Hard To Find Sailor Inks

in Inks - Gold by Betweenthelines

Hi all,  I am in search of the following inks, new or partial bottles:  - Sailor Sky Hi...

Views - 151

Time Left - 145 Days, 15 Hours


$2.00 Reduced - Waterman South Sea Blue

in Inks - Gold by ScienceChick

Eight full-sized (not short) cartridges of Waterman South Sea Blue in their box.  I'll inclu...

Views - 204

Time Left - 144 Days, 15 Hours

For Sale

$6.00 Lamy Black Ink For Sale

in Inks - Gold by rarenib

The bottle is 90% full. Only used to fill a Lamy converter for 2 times. This is the 50ml bottle....

Views - 351

Time Left - 144 Days, 15 Hours


$8.00 *sold* 6 Noodler's Inks For Sale

in Inks - Gold by rarenib

All are 100% full. All are the 3oz (90ml) size bottles. Below are the available inks for sale:...

Views - 292

Time Left - 144 Days, 13 Hours


$70.00 7 Inks (Iroshizuku, Edelstein, Viscon...

in Inks - Diamond by sixbynineis42

I need to clear out the spare bedroom, because a family member needs a place to stay for a while....

Views - 239

Time Left - 144 Days, 4 Hours


$70.00 *sold* 7 Montblanc Inks All Full!

in Inks - Gold by rarenib

I'm selling them all for $70 (includes shipping CONUS). Originally purchased for $19 each from Pe...

Views - 381

Time Left - 143 Days, 12 Hours


$58.00 3 Akkerman Inks (60Ml Bottles)

in Inks - Diamond by sixbynineis42

A family member needs some help, so I need to clear out the second bedroom.  So all the inks...

Views - 1153

Time Left - 133 Days, 20 Hours

For Sale

$192.00 Ink Clearout Sale - Now In U S

in Inks - Gold by Chrissy

I'm clearing out some inks that I haven't used because I have far too many. I think I have a...

Views - 201

Time Left - 130 Days, 14 Hours


$17.00 *sold* Black Swan In Australian Roses...

in Inks - Gold by rarenib

Ships from California. Original formula ink of Black Swan in Australian Roses Noodler's Ink with...

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