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Wtb - Esterbrook J Blue

Wanted - WTB by mirosc


Time Left - 172 Days, 22 Hours

Listings here are for Fountain pen inks, Calligraphy inks, and any other type of ink one can think of.

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Views - 69

Time Left - 178 Days, 4 Hours

Exchange - WTT

By Negotiation Wtt - Various Inks For O.s. Darwin/no...

in Inks - Pending Premium Accounts by readadamnbook

Hi,   I'm a lefty looking to make my ink collection a bit more practical. I'm looking for so...

Views - 484

Time Left - 92 Days, 1 Hour

Exchange - WTT

By Negotiation Sailor Jentle Ink Doyou

in Inks - Gold by stonezebra

WTT a full, unopened bottle (with box) of Doyou (Dark Brown) for same of Tokiwa Matsu (Pine Green...

Views - 292

Time Left - 163 Days, 2 Hours

Exchange - WTT

By Negotiation Wtt: New Unopened J. Herbin Gris Nuag...

in Inks - Gold by AndWhoDisguisedAs

I'm sure this happens frequently. Friends know you write with a fountain pen and they buy you ink...

Views - 312

Time Left - 146 Days, 13 Hours

Exchange - WTT

$75.00 Wtt: A Bunch Of Inks For Other Inks

in Inks - Gold by oshizemi

Noodler's Baystate Cranberry (-1 converter fill)Noodler's Concord Grape (full)Noodler's Periwinkl...

Views - 59

Time Left - 165 Days, 16 Hours

Exchange - WTT

By Negotiation J. Herbin Red Rose Scented Ink &...

in Inks - Ruby by Ana_

I have 1 unopened bottle of J. Herbin Red Rose scented FP Ink and 2 unopened bottles of J. Herbin...

Views - 118

Time Left - 136 Days, 23 Hours

Exchange - WTT

$0.01 Trade Noodler's Red-Black For Noo...

in Inks - Gold by Fabienne

Want to trade a fairly full bottle of Noodler's Red-Black for the same Noodler's Blue. Red-Black...

Views - 91

Time Left - 125 Days, 22 Hours

Exchange - WTT

By Negotiation Sailor Jentle Apricot Ink For Trade

in Inks - Gold by CalvaryMaid

I want to trade a bottle of Sailor Apricot Ink for a bottle of Sailor Souten or Yama-dori. Althou...

Views - 344

Time Left - 51 Days, 8 Hours

Exchange - WTT

By Negotiation Green Pilot 78G B

in Inks - Gold by CrimsonM

Lightly used, only received it last week. Stubs just aren't for me.    I'm very much in...

Views - 209

Time Left - 37 Days, 19 Hours

Exchange - WTT

$1.00 Wtt - Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-Gaki

in Inks - Gold by parnesh

I would like a usable amount (10-20 ml) of iroshizuku fuyu-gaki . I can offer kon-peki, kiri-same...

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