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Paper & Pen Paraphernalia

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Pelikan M800 Tortoise Brown Fountain Pen Special Edition

For Sale by printhardcopy


Time Left - 152 Days, 12 Hours

Writing pads and papers, and Pen Paraphernalia such as ink wells, pen stands, sealing wax and seals, etc.may be listed here. Anything pen related other than pens and inks one can think of.

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Views - 126

Time Left - 172 Days, 2 Hours

For Sale

$45.00 New Wood Ink Display - 3 Bottles

in P& PP - Pending Premium Accounts by Bill P

NEW and Never used..with original box.. (I have 2 of these available)   CLICK the image abov...

Views - 123

Time Left - 171 Days,

For Sale

$90.00 New Desk Top Pen Display 2 Types

in P& PP - Pending Premium Accounts by Bill P

I am offering NEW Desk Top display items that I purchased multiples of...clearing out the duplica...

Views - 166

Time Left - 170 Days, 20 Hours

For Sale

$90.00 2 New Pen Storage And Presentation Items

in P& PP - Pending Premium Accounts by Bill P

I am selling off some of my duplicates and triplicates of items that I have accumulated over the...

Views - 373

Time Left - 135 Days, 8 Hours

For Sale

$22.00 Redwood 9-Pen Block

in P & PP - Ruby by ArtsNibs

I made a few of these pen blocks for myself and thought others might be interested in them. Handm...

Views - 95

Time Left - 179 Days,

For Sale

$13.00 Tomoe River Filofax Paper (Personal S...

in P&PP - Gold by ekmoore

Hello! I've got 300 sheets (3 packs of 100) of cream blank Tomoe River paper, DaVinci brand,...

Views - 129

Time Left - 176 Days, 2 Hours

For Sale

$15.00 Fountain Pen Boxes

in P&PP - Gold by alexander_k

In a forgotten box from the last time I moved house I found a number of fountain pen boxes I didn...

Views - 228

Time Left - 167 Days, 6 Hours

For Sale

$15.00 Vacation ... Buy Tomoe Products Now

in P&PP - Gold by Notebookish

I am going on vacation for July and August, which means that my Tomoe products will be unavailabl...

Views - 391

Time Left - 105 Days, 4 Hours

Wanted - WTB

$200.00 Gfeller Idaho Professional Field Foli...

in P&PP - Gold by Knock_Kneed_Man

Looking for a Gfeller Idaho Professional Field Folio without the pencil loops. Preferably used an...

Views - 1622

Time Left - 25 Days, 1 Hour

For Sale

$12.00 Tomoe Pocket & Traveler's Not...

in P&PP - Gold by Notebookish

80 pages per individual notebookBlank/unruled Contiguous USA shipping prices below (see Etsy...

Views - 716

Time Left - 60 Days, 4 Hours

For Sale

$13.00 Tomoe River Paper, Letter Size, 100 S...

in P&PP - Gold by Notebookish

***Purchase before June 25th as I will be on vacation for most of July & August. *** Tom...

Views - 887

Time Left - 65 Days, 11 Hours

For Sale

$16.00 Tomoe Medium Notebooks

in P& PP - Pending Premium Accounts by Notebookish

* Please order soon because I am leaving on vacation on June 28th, for all of July and August*....

Views - 225

Time Left - 163 Days, 2 Hours


$45.00 Sold: Two Interesting Twelve Pen Boxes

in P&PP - Gold by BamaPen

Here are two almost identical boxes for twelve pens.  They differ only in their interior lin...

Views - 187

Time Left - 163 Days, 1 Hour


$35.00 Sold: Eight Pen Double Decked Box – E...

in P&PP - Gold by BamaPen

Here’s a small box that will hold eight pens ready for your use.  The box is by Eiroa...

Views - 833

Time Left - 102 Days, 20 Hours

For Sale

$15.00 Price Cut: 2 Leather Pen Cases

in P&PP - Gold by vdiantonio

Hi, up for sale today is a black leather visconti three pen case which is missing the cross strap...

Views - 317

Time Left - 148 Days, 1 Hour


$35.00 Renaissance Art 5X7 Refillable Leathe...

in P&PP - Gold by prighello

This is a Renaissance Art 5x7 refillable leather journal. It accepts two refills at a time and ea...

Views - 565

Time Left - 111 Days, 7 Hours

For Sale

$65.00 Reduced! Fabriano Minerva Stationery

in P&PP - Gold by Keyless Works

I am cleaning out some stationery as I have more than I will ever use.   I have one brand ne...

Views - 367

Time Left - 134 Days, 5 Hours

For Sale

$15.00 Reduced Again! Pineider Florentia...

in P&PP - Gold by Keyless Works

I am continuing to clear out my overflowing stationery collection and I am listing for sale some...

Views - 363

Time Left - 134 Days, 8 Hours


$1.00 Sold! Pineider City Stationery

in P&PP - Gold by Keyless Works

I have two more brand new boxes of the blue Pineider City Stationery.  Each box contains 50...

Views - 312

Time Left - 54 Days, 16 Hours

For Sale

$40.00 Pen Tray For Fpn / Noodlers Ink - Pri...

in P & PP - Ruby by LeslieRoscoe

On offer is this solid oak desk stand to help prevent your FPN or Noodlers Ink from being knocked...

Views - 270

Time Left - 143 Days, 21 Hours

On Hold

$550.00 On Hold - Platinum Le - Tiger And Bamboo

in P&PP - Gold by quetzalcoatl

For sale is a Platinum Century Black Tiger Limited Edition fountain pen showcases a tiger and bam...

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