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Visconti Homo Sapien Florentine Hill Fountain Pen

For Sale by pengallery


Time Left - 61 Days, 11 Hours

Writing pads and papers, and Pen Paraphernalia such as ink wells, pen stands, sealing wax and seals, etc.may be listed here. Anything pen related other than pens and inks one can think of. This category is specifically meant for occasional sellers who are Gold Members.

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Views - 155

Time Left - 170 Days, 5 Hours

For Sale

$30.00 Paper For Fountain Pens A5 Journal- T...

in P&PP - Gold by ldbrown1000

This has been sitting in my notebook drawer since January of 2014. There are small scuffs on the...

Views - 109

Time Left - 177 Days, 16 Hours

For Sale

$600.00 Platinum Le - Tiger And Bamboo

in P&PP - Gold by quetzalcoatl

For sale is a Platinum Century Black Tiger Limited Edition fountain pen showcases a tiger and bam...

Views - 148

Time Left - 168 Days, 2 Hours

For Sale

$45.00 Pineider City Stationery

in P&PP - Gold by Keyless Works

I have two more brand new boxes of the blue Pineider City Stationery.  Each box contains 50...

Views - 132

Time Left - 168 Days,

For Sale

$35.00 Pineider Florentia Writing Sheets And...

in P&PP - Gold by Keyless Works

I am continuing to clear out my overflowing stationery collection and I am listing for sale some...

Views - 364

Time Left - 145 Days, 1 Hour

For Sale

$65.00 Reduced! Fabriano Minerva Stationery

in P&PP - Gold by Keyless Works

I am cleaning out some stationery as I have more than I will ever use.   I have one brand ne...

Views - 476

Time Left - 107 Days, 1 Hour

For Sale

$40.00 Aurora Pen Box With Ink

in P&PP - Gold by tguk911

Up for sale is an Aurora Pen Box with a small bottle of Aurora Black Ink.The box was for an Auror...

Views - 543

Time Left - 93 Days, 23 Hours

For Sale

$13.00 Tomoe River Paper, Letter Size, 100 S...

in P&PP - Gold by Notebookish

Tomoe River PaperChoose white or cream100 sheets of letter-size paper 8.5x11$13 + $2 shipping(Con...

Views - 1370

Time Left - 58 Days, 20 Hours

For Sale

$12.00 Tomoe Pocket & Traveler's Not...

in P&PP - Gold by Notebookish

80 pages per individual notebookBlank/unruled Contiguous USA shipping prices below (see Etsy...

Views - 148

Time Left - 166 Days,

For Sale

$50.00 $50 - A6 Gfeller Kip Leather Not...

in P&PP - Gold by ekmoore

I bought this  from Nanami Paper, but have been using my Midori almost exclusively as A6 is...

Views - 340

Time Left - 132 Days, 16 Hours

For Sale

$175.00 Paul E. Wirt 1898 Bill Invoice Signed...

in P&PP - Gold by Lazard 20

With back guarantee.I want to let you know that all my sales -your can see here in the last two y...

Views - 1162

Time Left - 19 Days, 17 Hours

For Sale

$100.00 Tomoe River, Letter-Size, 1,000 Sheet...

in P&PP - Gold by Notebookish

Tomoe River PaperLetter size 8.5x11"Cream or whitePlain/no ruling only 1,000 sheets - $100 +...

Views - 215

Time Left - 35 Days, 14 Hours

For Sale

$70.00 6 Groove Hardwood Pen Display Tray

in P&PP - Gold by LeslieRoscoe

On offer is this beautifully grained hardwood pen display. Full specification reads as follows.Di...

Views - 100

Time Left - 160 Days, 23 Hours

Exchange - WTT

$1.00 Want To Trade Postcards

in P&PP - Gold by aj3537

Hi, I have taken to sending my Austic brother 1 different postcard every week. I have a lot of d...

Views - 464

Time Left - 136 Days, 15 Hours

For Sale

$76.00 2 Leather Pen Cases & Journal Cov...

in P&PP - Gold by vdiantonio

Hi, up for sale today is a black visconti three pen case which is missing the cross strap that ho...

Views - 203

Time Left - 138 Days, 23 Hours

Wanted - WTB

Offers Gfeller Idaho Professional Field Foli...

in P&PP - Gold by Knock_Kneed_Man

Looking for a Gfeller Idaho Professional Field Folio without the pencil loops. Preferably used an...

Views - 228

Time Left - 132 Days, 16 Hours


$32.50 Sold: Six Pen Box With A Twist

in P&PP - Gold by BamaPen

This OSOK (One Shot One Kill) by Room 101 Cigars is certainly an unusual box! Featuring...

Views - 513

Time Left - 69 Days, 1 Hour

For Sale

$28.00 Six-Pen Wrap, Dragon & Flames Pat...

in P&PP - Gold by Arkanabar

25USD, plus 3USD shipping for first class mail via USPS.  100% cotton.  machine wash co...

Views - 188

Time Left - 124 Days, 2 Hours

For Sale

$35.00 A Pair Of Nine Pen Boxes

in P&PP - Gold by BamaPen

Here are two nearly identical boxes by LFD, the same in every respect except for exterior color a...

Views - 160

Time Left - 121 Days,


$50.00 Sold: Ten Pen Box - Partagas Homage T...

in P&PP - Gold by BamaPen

This Partagas “Homage to Benji”is one of the most beautiful boxes I’ve fou...

Views - 85

Time Left - 114 Days, 23 Hours

Wanted - WTB

Offers Wtb Rhodia 2015 Weekly Planner

in P&PP - Gold by Knock_Kneed_Man

Apparently I missed the boat on these this year... Looking for the 6 1/4 x 9 1/2 Rhodia 2015 week...

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