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Nos Japan Platinum Flighter Steel 14 K Wg Nib Fountain Pen

Sold by puget2005


Time Left - 108 Days, 9 Hours

Writing pads and papers, and Pen Paraphernalia such as ink wells, pen stands, sealing wax and seals, etc.may be listed here. Anything pen related other than pens and inks one can think of. This category is specifically meant for occasional sellers who are Gold Members.

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Views - 503

Time Left - 95 Days, 8 Hours

For Sale

$34.00 Handmade Red Leather Journal

in P&PP - Gold by GatzBcn

This is a handmade leather journal. It is red leather and it has a gilded symbol on the cover....

Views - 743

Time Left - 90 Days, 12 Hours

For Sale

$45.00 Various Notebooks - Hardcover Lihit L...

in P&PP - Gold by paloma32

Notebooks for sale individually or together: 1. Lihit Lab Hardcover black notebook - lined -...

Views - 1049

Time Left - 42 Days, 15 Hours

For Sale

$13.00 Tomoe River, Reams Or Loose Sheets, C...

in P&PP - Gold by Notebookish

Choice of cream or white color8.5x11" letter size International shipping to EU/Canada availa...

Views - 107

Time Left - 174 Days, 15 Hours


$85.00 Fs: Franklin-Christoph Maroon Leather...

in P&PP - Gold by Kugelschreiber

For sale is a Franklin-Christoph 40 pen case in SaddleBoot maroon leather. The condition is...

Views - 49

Time Left - 172 Days, 21 Hours

Wanted - WTB

Offers Staples Arc A4 Notebooks

in P&PP - Gold by Omnias

Need only the covers, discs and paper I can do without if it costs less and if shipping is less....

Views - 2405

Time Left - Expired

For Sale

$13.00 Tomoe Pocket Notebooks & Traveler...

in P&PP - Gold by Notebookish

International shipping available -- see prices on EtsyShipping prices below are continental US...

Views - 147

Time Left - 170 Days, 12 Hours

For Sale

$30.00 Six Pen Box

in P&PP - Gold by BamaPen

This Eiroa is a beautifully made and finished box which I have fitted out for six pens....

Views - 265

Time Left - 169 Days, 14 Hours


$50.00 Sold: Really Different - A Round Twel...

in P&PP - Gold by BamaPen

Here’s a box I’ve not seen before, and not too likely to see again.  It’s...

Views - 349

Time Left - 109 Days, 4 Hours


$38.00 Handmade Leather Journal - Vintage Ba...

in P&PP - Gold by GatzBcn

This is a handmade leather journal. The color of the leather is Oxford blue. The size is 15....

Views - 248

Time Left - 121 Days, 20 Hours


$45.00 On Hold! Yellow Montblanc Pen Case

in P&PP - Gold by Vicary

I have for sale a cool yellow Montblanc Pen Case. This is a two pen clamshell type zipper case. I...

Views - 592

Time Left - 44 Days, 1 Hour

For Sale

$68.00 Reduced: Handmade Moleskine Pocket Le...

in P&PP - Gold by Polyhistor

Handmade by myself from high-quality 2 mm vegetable tanned leather. Clean saddle stitch, black wa...

Views - 85

Time Left - 132 Days, 4 Hours


$30.00 Brass Letter Opener With Handmade Lea...

in P&PP - Gold by Polyhistor

This is a vintage brass letter opener that I made a high quality, hand-stitched leather sheath fo...

Views - 49

Time Left - 129 Days, 14 Hours

For Sale

$125.00 Fountain Pen Patent Book F / S, #70

in P&PP - Gold by rhr

Fountain Pen Patent Book for collectors of pens, pencils, ink bottles, etc., LE #70."Hurray, the...

Views - 151

Time Left - 121 Days, 18 Hours


$45.00 Nine Pen Box – Casa Magna Optimus

in P&PP - Gold by BamaPen

Here is a very masculine looking box that holds nine pens in a compact package. The Casa Mag...

Views - 120

Time Left - 119 Days, 14 Hours


$26.00 Pelikan Black Leather Case - 2 Pens

in P&PP - Gold by indyshaq

Hi,   Up for sale is a Pelikan black leather case which will accommodate two pens.  I b...

Views - 168

Time Left - 109 Days, 3 Hours


$38.00 Handmade Leather Journal - Vintage Wr...

in P&PP - Gold by GatzBcn

This is a handmade leather journal. The color of the leather is chocolate brown. The size is...

Views - 622

Time Left - 17 Hours, 9 Minutes

For Sale

$99.00 Reduced 3 Elephant Folio Blank Books...

in P&PP - Gold by brgmarketing

17"x23" single page size paper! Think BIG when you want to keep a journal :yikes: !Amazing p...

Views - 55

Time Left - 117 Days, 12 Hours

Wanted - WTB

$15.00 Wtb: Montblanc Boheme Box Only

in P&PP - Gold by jrobert6

I'd like to find an original box for a Montblanc Boheme. Anyone so thrilled with the MB Boheme th...

Views - 225

Time Left - 114 Days, 12 Hours


$115.00 [Sold] M400 Binderized F Nib

in P&PP - Gold by fljones3

I brought this F nib to replace the steel nib in my M200 and then, decided I liked the steel nib...

Views - 210

Time Left - 112 Days, 14 Hours


$40.00 12 Pen Box - A Trade-In Bargain

in P&PP - Gold by BamaPen

I just took this La Traviata “Animado” 12 pen box as a trade-in from a customer for a...

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