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Announcement: Changes to Classifieds
Unfortunately, many owners of Classifieds never mark items sold. We are therefore forced to move the duration of adverts back to 30 days, in increments, starting with 90 days, effective immediately. Further steps will follow, saving both buyers and sellers from wasting a lot of time with unnecessary back and forth emailing about items no longer available. ***** The FPN Admin Team *****

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Montblanc 252 Oblique Broad

Sold by Beechwood


Time Left - 101 Days, 12 Hours

All kinds of pens and pencils (Fountain Pens, Dip Pens, Ballpoint pens, Rollerballs, Mechanical Pencils) and pen parts and tools for sale may be found here.

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Views - 82

Time Left - 86 Days, 9 Hours

On Hold

$25.00 Platinum Cool Crystal Clear Demo Medi...

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by Saturninus

I recently bought a fine nib version and a medium nib version of the Platinum Cool Crystal Clear...

Views - 398

Time Left - 85 Days, 22 Hours

On Hold

$380.00 Nakaya Naka-Ai In Aka-Tamenuri

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by Ratel

I am offering for sale my Nakay Naka-ai in Aka-Tamenuri with Soft medium nib. I am original owner...

Views - 450

Time Left - 89 Days, 12 Hours

On Hold

$50.00 Diamond Medal Flat Top - Oversized W/...

in Ruby - Pen & Pencils by ArtsNibs

Restored and working flawlessly. This is a large pen at 5.25" capped and 6.5" posted. Production...

Views - 7809

Time Left - 10 Days, 18 Hours

On Hold

$57.00 Pelikan M100 With Case

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by zoli

NOS Pelikan M100 fountain pen M100 is a nice piston filler which fills and writes very smoot...

Views - 299

Time Left - 55 Days, 8 Hours

On Hold

$85.00 Onoto De La Rue - Unrestored

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by Gump

Unfortunately this wonderful pen is beyond my restoration capabilities, so I am offering it in ho...

Views - 727

Time Left - 1 Days, 49 Minutes

On Hold

$260.00 2 Parker Pens + Vac Injector Pencil

in Ruby - Pen & Pencils by BOOGIT

All of these pens work and are in Very Good to Excellent Condition. 1. 51 Demi Pen and Pencil (...

Views - 409

Time Left - 17 Days, 1 Hour

On Hold

$180.00 Eclipse And Wahl Oxford Fountain Pens

in Ruby - Pen & Pencils by BOOGIT

2. GOLD FILLED ECLIPSE FOUNTAIN PEN -Chevron pattern gold filled Eclipse -Eclipse 14K...

Views - 713

Time Left - 2 Days, 2 Hours

On Hold

$740.00 Waterman Rhr + Bhr Pens - #12,13,15 E...

in Ruby - Pen & Pencils by BOOGIT

There are 2 lever pens, both#52 and 4 Eyedroppers #12POC,#12,-#13#15 1. Black #52 with Double G...

Views - 503

Time Left - 14 Days, 19 Hours

On Hold

$575.00 6 Waterman Fountain Pens

in Ruby - Pen & Pencils by BOOGIT


Views - 327

Time Left - 18 Days, 7 Hours

On Hold

$55.00 Parker 51 Vacumatic, T6, Black

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by bsenn

Sale Pending.   Parker 51 Vacumatic. T6 in black. Diaphragm less than 6 months old - Working...

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