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Reduced*** R200 Marble Barrel Only

For Sale by roadrunner


Time Left - 127 Days, 18 Hours

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Time Left - 177 Days, 18 Hours

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$60.00 Sheaffer Balance Golden Brown Striated

in Ruby - Pen & Pencils by lahlahlaw

Selling this very nice 1930s Sheaffer Balance in vest pocket size. The length is just over 4.75"....

Views - 84

Time Left - 176 Days, 17 Hours

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$250.00 Omas Fao 50Th Anniversary Fountain Pen

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by dawncloak

This fountain pen is a run of 6000 that FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN) made to...

Views - 187

Time Left - 176 Days, 14 Hours

On Hold

$1,550.00 Danitrio Byakudan-Nuri - Lion In Red...

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by daintydimsum

Purchased in March and inked once. I have concluded I generally don't like stock Danitrio nibs an...

Views - 304

Time Left - 170 Days, 17 Hours

On Hold

$420.00 Reserved: Danitrio Hyotan (Aka Mae We...

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by Painterspal

Reserved pending payment   Dear All   As part of my continuing sell off of pens I don't...

Views - 117

Time Left - 142 Days, 1 Hour

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$57.00 Parker Duofold Jr.

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by gguthrie

Lovely writing mis-matched Duofold Jr. The cap is slimline, barrel etc. are earlier. Working. Low...

Views - 197

Time Left - 119 Days, 7 Hours

On Hold

$1,000.00 Sailor Susutake Bamboo W. Cross Emper...

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by elderberry

--- Cleared my mailbox, if you couldn't PM me earlier, please try again. :) -- For sale is a...

Views - 75

Time Left - 90 Days, 19 Hours

On Hold

$1.00 Wtb: Capillary Filler For Parker 61

in Pen Parts & Tools by ink

I want to buy or trade for a capillary filler for a Parker 61, or buy or trade for restoration of...

Views - 262

Time Left - 89 Days, 23 Hours

On Hold

$22.00 Sold: Fuyu-Gaki : New Bottle

in Inks - Gold by Graebel

For sale: A brand new bottle of Iroshizuku Fuyu-gaki originally from Goulet Pens. Never opened. I...

Views - 315

Time Left - 86 Days, 18 Hours

On Hold

$160.00 Blue Mosaic (+Black Trim) 'shirt...

in Ruby - Pen & Pencils by drgoretex

This is a material that I have been waiting to use for some time, finally decided to give it a wh...

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