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Announcement: Changes to Classifieds
Unfortunately, many owners of Classifieds never mark items sold. We are therefore forced to move the duration of adverts back to 30 days, in increments, starting with 90 days, effective immediately. Further steps will follow, saving both buyers and sellers from wasting a lot of time with unnecessary back and forth emailing about items no longer available. ***** The FPN Admin Team *****

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Onion Skin Pads

For Sale by michaellunsford


Time Left - 3 Days, 3 Hours

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Views - 61

Time Left - 89 Days, 20 Hours


$65.00 Parker "51"

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by PenFisher

Here's a nice Parker "51" in Black.  The pen has been taken down for cleaning and inspection...

Views - 628

Time Left - 144 Days, 11 Hours


$53.00 Last Price - Pelikan M200 Black F Nib

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by eduardp

As I try to size down my collection I have for sell a used contemporary black M200 Pelikan w...

Views - 93

Time Left - 88 Days, 14 Hours


$275.00 Diamond Point Oversize Jade Green Pen...

in Ruby - Pen & Pencils by barriep

 Oversize jade Diamond Point set complete in the case, made about 1930. The jade colour is i...

Views - 1018

Time Left - 89 Days, 17 Hours


$120.00 Faber Castell Vintage 554D Fountain P...

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by soniknitr

This is a 1950s Faber-Castell 554D fountain pen (purchased NOS) with a 14k EF nib. I am selling t...

Views - 224

Time Left - 86 Days, 17 Hours


$165.00 Pilot Custom 743 Fa

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by EMPen

For sale is a Pilot Custom 743 with a 14kt modern-flex FA nib. This pen is made of Black resin an...

Views - 171

Time Left - 86 Days, 15 Hours


$40.00 Sailor & Franklin-Christoph Inks...

in Inks - Gold by jde

Passing on inks that aren't getting any action from moi. Prefer to sell as a lot or as two s...

Views - 78

Time Left - 86 Days, 11 Hours


$170.00 Sold Aurora Talentum Gt M Nib

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by pankaj

SOLD For sale a mint Aurora Talentum gold trim with 14k M nib in excellent condition. Very smooth...

Views - 285

Time Left - 166 Days, 5 Hours


$1.00 Montblanc Starwalker (Test Ef) [Sold]

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by KevinP

Hi all, I have a near mint Montblanc Starwalker in resin black with EF nib for sale. What makes t...

Views - 371

Time Left - 167 Days, 3 Hours


$125.00 New-In-Box Lamy 2000 B

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by tomgartin

Up for sale is a NIB black makrolon Lamy 2000 with Broad nib. I acquired this pen new several mon...

Views - 793

Time Left - 139 Days, 11 Hours


$200.00 Pelikan Souverän M405 Fountain Pen Wi...

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by soniknitr

This bird is in search of a good nest. I am selling off duplicate m400s to fund some new pens :D....

Views - 172

Time Left - 84 Days, 22 Hours


$10.00 The Dc Supershow Custom Ink

in Inks - Gold by shock_milan

You missed the pen show? No worries! Up for sale are two Brand-new, unopened bottl...

Views - 62

Time Left - 84 Days, 19 Hours


$75.00 *sold* Rotring Renaissance - B Nib

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by wastelanded

rOtring Renaissance, B nib. A piston-filler from the late 80s ("W.Germany" on the nib). Very good...

Views - 225

Time Left - 84 Days, 19 Hours


$180.00 Omas 360 Ivory White Fountain Pen

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by rohit1974

For sale Omas 360 Ivory white fountain pen in mint condition   The model is the vintage reis...

Views - 113

Time Left - 84 Days, 19 Hours


$140.00 *sold * Onoto No.14, 14K Stub

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by wastelanded

Onoto The Pen, No.14. This one is a stunner. Black and rose marble, lever filler. Excellent condi...

Views - 134

Time Left - 84 Days, 16 Hours


$125.00 C. 1965 Parker 75 Cisele, 1St Generation

in Ruby - Pen & Pencils by farmersmums

Here's a beautiful, super clean Parker 75 Cisele. This is a desirable first generation 75 dating...

Views - 137

Time Left - 84 Days, 15 Hours


$1.00 Parker 51

in Diamond - Pens & Pencils by Beechwood

Burgundy Parker 51 with gold Parker 61. This is a recent find and I can only assume that this is...

Views - 916

Time Left - 38 Days, 8 Hours


$79.00 Conway Stewart No. 388 Marbled Green

in Pending Premium Accounts - Pen & Pencils by Lazard 20

With back guarantee.I want to let you know that all my sales -your can see here in the last two y...

Views - 98

Time Left - 83 Days, 17 Hours


$91.00 Lamy Studio Limited Edition Royal Red

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by VinnyCordeiro

Limited edition of the Lamy studio in Royal Red color. It's a bright orange-red pen that isn't ge...

Views - 114

Time Left - 83 Days, 2 Hours


$35.00 Lamy Al-Star Ocean Blue W/4 Nibs (Xf,...

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by Saturninus

I'm putting up for sale an Ocean Blue Lamy-Al Star in excellent condition, along with a Z24 conve...

Views - 243

Time Left - 82 Days, 17 Hours


$400.00 Nakaya Piccolo Fountain Pen - Black

in Gold - Pens & Pencils by tklonowski

I am selling my Nakaya Piccolo Fountain Pen. The pen is in excellent condition without any issues...

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