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Exciting Changes At F P N!

Posted by wimg , in FPN 07 April 2013 · 2,186 views

Dearest Members & Visitors of the little Fountain Pen Nut house on the digital prairie,

Since its inception in June 2004, the Fountain Pen Network has always been a refuge for the fountain pen lover, hobbyist, and collector. Over the years we have seen participation by pen businesses, retailers and providers of services, grow here, and we have also seen budding entrepreneurs grow up, quite often because of or thanks to this site.

We have never offered any advantages or real possibilities for these traders and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses here, there was no space for it, and the rules did not cater well for such enterprises either. We now live 9 years later, we are growing up, still growing bigger at a fast rate, and we have become the #1 site worldwide in size and visits in the pen community. In fact, in October 2012 we achieved a remarkable feat: the Fountain Pen Network ended in the top 100,000 busiest sites in the world, at spot number 84764. This is even more remarkable because we are a totally non-commercial site. We now are allowed to carry the gold seal below :D:

Posted Image

FPN is very highly ranked with regard to website traffic, within the 99th percentile, and FPN's site rank is well below the 100,000 mark when considering all sites worldwide (based on a survey of 25,511,510 domain names):

The Fountain Pen Network Ranking Score

So, a big thanks to our wonderful pen community, which made this possible.

An event like this also makes one stop, look back, and wonder about the future. We do think we need to incorparate and embrace the possibilities our entrepreneurs provide, and somehow balance that with the needs and wants of our hobbyist member community, while still providing the cosy warmth, friendliness and protective shield we have always offered here.

We do think we have found this balance. A new forum for traders and entrepreneurs, who now finally have the opportunity to communicate and discuss their products and services in this community directly - a unique opportunity to showcase their products and services to a, let's be honest, a rather captive audience :D. This forum will be available for advertisements and announcements by paid subscriptions only. Adverts and product and/or service show cases will be restricted to Classifieds, the new forum, aptly called The Mall, and potentially some blogs here, depending on the account subscription selected.

Rules for posting, specifically those for Classifieds and Market Watch, with new rules for The Mall, will be tightened a bit, but "normal" members won't see or feel the difference. Exisiting traders will notice the difference, but they will receive a lot in return for their contribution to the growth and continued existence of our Fountain Pen Network.

Warm regards,
The FPN Moderator and Admin Team


The Latest Changes At The Fountain Pen Network

Posted by Admin , in FPN 23 March 2013 · 1,727 views

Dearest Members of the little Fountain Pen Nut House on the digital prairie,

We are in the process of making a few changes to FPN. Currently we have extensive discussions in the Moderator and Admin Team on the way forward for our great board.

You will likely have seen some changes for the good already :D. Rather than a boring piece of text with links at the top of the board, there are now some brighly but tastefully coloured visual clues to the options we have in place to support this place. And over the past few days several options were improved or added as well :smile:.

Posted Image1) The FPN Pen Store
The FPN Pen Store is accessible now from the FPN Shopping Mall tab, with two options, or directly either from the link or from the pen picture in the header.

Posted Image 2) FPN Ink Orders
The Ink ordering system now has its own link here, and it automatically creates an FPN Ink Ordering Email for you which lists all the essential information we require be able to process your order.

Posted Image 3) FPN Café Press Store
The renewed and overhauled FPN Café Press Shop is clearly visible there too, and is also accessible from the FPN Shopping Mall Tab.

Posted Image 4) FPN Support Options
Last but not least a set of support options through PayPal is available as well, allowing now not only for a single donation of your choice, but also for a yearly subscription with several choices if you so like. These options are available at the bottom of the page as well, but require scrolling down quite a bit.

The new implementation makes these options visible on each page here on FPN, which makes it extremely easy to find them, we think.

We are planning on adding more options to help with funding, and we will ask your input too. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled, and do check the latest News, the Recommended Reading Sidebar, and the Community Feedback forum on a regular basis.

The reason for this new funding drive is simple: we need funds in order to keep this site going! And with the current increase in Member numbers, at a rate of 100-120 a day(!), and which already stands at over 75,000, with about 2,500,000 posts in the forums, we will need a drastic increase in funding in order to service our community well. Essentially we are looking at a tripling of required funds, for the next step up in hosting (!).

In short, any good ideas on how to achieve this are much appreciated! And keep on buying and donating, of course, it supports us all!

Thank you all very much in advance!

Warmest regards,
The FPN Admin and Moderator Team

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