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Master Was Sik

Posted by eRnstMagillicuddy , 23 September 2012 · 757 views

Wot it is is wot der was a teribel row and Master was loked up by doctors.

hE is out now and thE docktor sez he will be oK if he taks the medesin every day on the Big Spoon. de pRofesor is bak at work but has to take tabelts too, cos dey say "his nerves is shattered from deeling wit Master". Won of dde nurces went to Ostralia and tree others are stil out sick, but the HOSPITLE is stil open. so all is good.

Foreteen of my Masters bestest mirrors is broke and his carving tool is ful of dried blood and wont work at all.
His afce look funny cos someone stichted him wit a needel. Ha Ha Ha..........ouch!!

Her Ladyship did pay 150000 yeuroes to de juj and Master was put in a sylum for a bit. de Profesor sez he didded get all the badness out of him but i tink it was onlee the siky thing he was talking about.

siNed eRnst

Sep 24 2012 02:38
Please don't inflict this (bleep) on the rest of us. :sick:
Feb 08 2013 22:38
This is utterly terrifying, the picture, the whole lot gives me the creeps. I don't see why this is on FPN to be honest. I'm just a bit confused by all of this I guess. :blink:
It is Irish Montypythonesque humour, that's all.

I guess we need someone to write an introduction to Murphy Towers, to understand this :). It has been a few years....

Warm regards, Wim
Virginia Whitebird
Mar 11 2013 16:13
Are you kidding me, I love this! It's a hoot, a nicely twisted blend of Renfield, Igor, and Archie & Mehitabel, with a Monty Python vibe.
I think it fits right in on the FPN, because it is about creativity, writing, and non-conformity. Bring it on!
I'll see if I can get hold of the Master of Murphy Towers, and his trusted servant eRnst, for a follow-up ;).

Warmest regards, Wim

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