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Shipping And Final Orders List Sent To Stipula For A Final Check....

Posted by Admin , in FPN Pens 17 November 2011 · 4,354 views

Dearest members of the digital fountain pen nut house,

We're getting extremely close to actual shipping of our pens, and we can feel the excitement building up, probably just as all of you who ordered one of these beauties do :D. Let's look at a couple of points of interest:

1) Shipping
The first shipments will leave the factory on Monday. Pens are currently being prepped for the courier service to come and collect them. Shipping will be done in the order of Passaporto only orders (next week), Modello-Ts with or without additional Passaportos the week thereafter, and any orders containing Etrurias thereafter again.

This is the order of pen complexity, actually. Not all parts for the Etrurias have been received yet from the suppliers, but we have been promised all pens will be in the hands of our members before Christmas. :D

As discussed with Stipula almost two weeks ago, we sent out a complete shipping list at the beginning of this week, and as usual it took more time than anticipated to prepare the list :D. We are updating this list on a regular basis, as and when we receive any address changes.

The courier service to be used, will be DHL, worldwide.

2) Shipping address changes
To anybody who would like to change his or her shipping address prior to the pens are actually collected for delivery to the happy owners, please do so in two ways:

a) Change the address in Billing Info to reflect your shipping address for receiving your pen(s) in case of a move or pending move prior to receiving your pen(s). You can find Billing Info in the Client Area - click on "Your Profile" (your member id at the top right of the board), and from the dropdown list that opens, do click on "Client Area" (bottom most option in the list). This will result in a new screen, with a bunch of options on the left hand side, the bottom one of which is "Billing Info". Click on that, and you will get a screen with your current shipping address and other details, which can be changed there and then. Just don't forget to click the Save button.

B) Send an email or PM to our admin coordinating the FPN LE Pens group buy, to make sure the shipping list updates are sent asap to Stipula. Here are a few quick links to do so:
email for shipping address update: email option in Wim (wimg) profile.
PM for shipping address: PM option for Wim (wimg)
This to absolutely make sure that pens will get delivered to the correct address. It would be of tremendous help if you all could please check your postal addresses, just to make doubly sure. You can find those in the Client Area, under Billing Info.

3) Inscriptions
Just a quick recap: Inscriptions on the pens will be all the same, namely Stipula, and Made in Italy on one side of the barrel, and 180 degrees across, they will all have the inscription, as follows
Passaporto, Chrome trim:

FPN 2011 x/200

Passaporto, Gold coloured trim:

FPN 2011 x/50

Modello-T, Azurite cabouchon (clip jewel):

FPN 2011 x/120

Modello-T, Mother-of-Pearl cabouchon:

FPN 2011 x/31

Etruria Azurite, Silver trim, 14K nib or 18K nib:

Notte di Luna

FPN 2011 x/20

Etruria Azurite, Vermeil trim, 18K nib:

Notte di Luna

FPN 2011 x/10

Etruria Blue Celluloid, Silver trim, 14K nib or 18K nib:

Notte di Stelle

FPN 2011 x/49

Etruria Blue Celluloid, Vermeil trim, 18K nib:

Notte di Stelle

FPN 2011 x/21

Here x stands for the individual serial number, and the number after the slash for the total number in that particular series (2 or 3 digits, depending on model and variant).Do note that this means there will be separate serial number sets of the Passaporto with Chrome trim, Passaporto with Gold trim, Modello-T with Azurite cabouchon, Modello-T with Mother-of-Pearl cabouchon, Etruria Notte di Luna with silver trim, Etruria Notte di Luna with vermeil trim, Etruria Notte di Stelle with silver trim, and Etruria Notte di Stelle with vermeil trim.

4) Specific pen number requests
Stipula will see what they can do with the specific pen number requests we have received, but this may not be possible, due to the fact that production runs for similar pens were filled up as much as possible, which may mean that pens have been produced in small batches here and there, and getting mixed up completely number wise for the different variants. Considering the pressure currently, with people working overtime and on Saturdays as well, it is just not feasible to select specific pen numbers, unless they come across one accidentally, and haven't prepared a shipping package for the person requesting that pen number yet.

5) Selling of prototypes/production overrun pens
FPN has asked for all complete and working prototypes and production overrun pens to be sold through FPN as well, which means that there may be a few extra, but possibly unnumbered pens available once production has run its course completely. We will update the store as soon as we have definite numbers of each.

6) Sales so far
Finally, here is an update of pens sold up to and including today:

Posted Image

As you can see, we now have only 3 (!) Etrurias left for sale. As a result, we are well past break-even point, which is really great, and we even make a little profit now for the upkeep of our site!

For those who still want to be in on this deal of the year, check here:
FPN LE Pens, the Deal Of The Year

Warm regards,
The FPN Admin Team

Edit: corrected numbering scheme of Modello-Ts.

Nov 17 2011 19:44
Yes indeed this is exciting news :clap1: , and long anticipated. Two questions I have, perhaps others will benefit from the answers as well.
1. Above you list the Passaporto, Chrome trim twice, and I'm pretty sure one was meant to be Gold trim, but which? The x/50, (my guess), or the x/200?
2. Is the Passaporto only order negated by having placed an order for an extra nib? I'm reading it as meaning having not placed an order for one of the other pens; and I am hoping I am correct in my understanding because I am really looking forward to getting my two Passaportos - one is for my wife and I am really hoping it gets here in time to be another birthday present for her (mid-December).
Thanks for the update.....good things are worth waiting for!:thumbup:
Hi Lou,

As to 1): Yes, the second part was meant for the Gold coloured ones - I corrected it, thank you kindly for pointing this out.

As to 2): No, there is no extra wait for extra nibs for the Passaportos. The order of shipping is really determined by the complexity of the pens in general, and by suppliers not delivering certain parts for the Etrurias as per the original schedule, specifically, some of the trim.

HTH, warm regards, Wim
Hi Wim,

Just to make sure, in the client area, the Billing Info has a Billing address. I assume you are using that as the shipping address, too. Is that right?

Thanks a million for all the hard work.

Hi Dave,

That is correct. However, if you do make changes, please do let me know. The system doesn't automatically inform us of any changes to addresses, and It is very time consuming to create an extract, upload it into an application, and rework it in a way that is usable for Etruria S.r.l. or the shipping company. Therefore, any changes should really be forwarded to me, either via PM or by email. Every fortnight I will likely do a new extract and upload, but that is more as a check than anything else.

And thank you for your kind words.

Warm regards, Wim
Nov 18 2011 01:37
So Exciting. THANK YOU for all your hard work! :notworthy1:
Nov 18 2011 19:18
Can't wait to hold that little blue baby in my hands :) Thank you wimg and everyone who worked so hard to make this happen!
Nov 19 2011 02:43
Thank you so much for all that has gone on behind the scenes that we will never know about!!! What a fabulous gift to our community you all have given.

:notworthy1: :notworthy1: :notworthy1: I could post a hundred of those.
Was thinking the other day these ought to be about ready and came over here to check. Woohoo!
Nov 20 2011 23:42
Another opportunity to say thank you for all of the hard work, stress, planning and organizing that this amazing project has cost you all. I'm really thrilled to be a part of this special FPN event - and to be a part of the best site on the web in general!
Nov 22 2011 03:28
thanks a lot for your selfless service. means a lot.
Nov 29 2011 02:46
Oh WOW!!! This is wonderful news!!!
I can hardly wait for my Modello-T!!!
Any idea how long the shipping might take from Italy to the USA?
Hi all

My Passaporto arrived yesterday. Shipping to Israel took about 24 hours after the email notification.

Our customs are very hard working and I was amazed to see that I got it without paying customs, until I read Stipula's declaration that my parcel was a sample with no monetary value. One up to Stipula!!

The pen, no. 177 of the chrome trim, is beautifully made and it will be interesting to get used to this type of pen. Its a new conception for me.

Wim and the other people involved, you have carried out a difficult and complex project efficiently and with humor. We are all very grateful to you

Are we going to receive a shipping notification? Tracking info?

I have seen or heard anything regarding my two pens.

Dec 08 2011 18:29
You should get a tracking number when it has shipped. I got an email for my Passaporto on Tuesday, but the bugger is only as far as Germany last I checked.
If you have something other than the Passaporto, it will ship a bit later.
The shipping notifcations, with tracking number, go out as fast as we can after receiving shipment updates :D.

We do receive updates from Etruria S.r.l. every few days, and then proceed to send out the emails with tracking numbers :D.

Since we receive updates every few days, pens may indeed arrive not long after the shipping confirmation emails have been sent, or as was the case with the first shipments in Europe, the pens arrived even before the shipment info email did :D. Just goes to prove that "snail mail" CAN be faster than digital correspondence ;).

The fastest delivery on record from Italy to the Americas (Canda) so far, was 3 days. It may take a little longer however, depending on connecting flights and availabiliy of space on flights.

HTH, warm regards, Wim
Dec 08 2011 22:17
I got nothing except the pens at my door. Say Wim, is it possible to get a pm copy of my invoice? I've got no record of what I bought!

I got nothing except the pens at my door. Say Wim, is it possible to get a pm copy of my invoice? I've got no record of what I bought!

Hi James,

Yes it is, as it is actually possible to print invoices yourself, from the Client Area.

Click on "Your profile", i.e., your member id at the top right at the board. You will get a drop down list, with "Client Area" at the bottom of the list.

When you click on that, you screen will refresh, and you will be presented with the "Client Area" screen.

In the "Client Area" window, there is an option on the left hand side, called "Invoices". Click on that and you will see a list of "Your Invoices".

Click on one of those, which will give you an overview of said invoice, with at the top right of the invoice window, next to the date and time of the invoice, in small letters the word "Print". Click on that to print that particular invoice. You can repeat this for all invoices in "Your Invoices".

HTH, warm regards, Wim

Dec 09 2011 02:25
Ok, I can happily report:

1. The shipping email notification email worked perfectly;
2. DHL Express shipping was quick and tracking worked flawlessly;
3. The Passaporto Italic is a little gem!!

Wim, thanks so much! I thought about the first inking and Bay State Blue just seemed right. (it is an eyedropper, after all....). What fun!!!

Best regards,
My FPN Passporto arrived in Cincinnati, OH today 12/10/11 (I received shipping notification & tracking # on 12/07/11.) It should be early next week for it to be in my hands in Los Angeles, CA. :puddle:
Dec 16 2011 01:20
Can someone tell me what the email notification looks like? That is, who is it coming from? I don't want to delete it as junk along with the 4,596,982 junk emails I get every day.

I would really appreciate knowing what I'm looking for.

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