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The Fpn Pens Are Being Manufactured!

Posted by Admin , 28 October 2011 · 2,260 views

Dearest members of the digital fountain pen nut house,

Good News

Production of the FPN LE pens has started, and shipping will commence on November 15 :cloud9: :bunny01: :bunny01: :bunny01: . The reason for the delay from November 1, to November 15, was a malfunctioning milling lathe, which cut production by 33 %.

We had a very pleasant, almost one hour long talk with our Stipula representative, and here are some short notes on a few of the topics discussed which might interest you:

1) Additional 18K Etruria nibs
The FPN LE pens are the last production run allowing for so many different nibs. Stipula will standardize on just 3 nibs in 14K (F, M, 1.1 italic) and 3 nibs in 18K (F, M, 52 degree) from here onwards. This mostly because of the price of gold. This also means that anybody considering to order one or more extra 18K nibs, should really do that now, while stocks still last. Of many of the nibs besides the ones mentioned, stocks are running very low. So, if you still want any, better order those now.

2) Modello-T numbering
The Modello-Ts with Mother-of Pearl cabouchon (clip jewel) will be numbered separately as well, IOW, there will be two number ranges, one for those with an Azurite cabouchon, and one for those those with a Mother-of-Pearl cabouchon.

3) Inscriptions
Inscriptions on the pens will be all the same, namely Stipula, and Made in Italy on one side of the barrel, and 180 degrees across, they will all have the inscription:

FPN 2011 x/nn(n)

where x stands for the serial number, and nn(n) for the total number in that particular series (2 or 3 digits, depending on model and variant). In addition, the Azurite Etrurias will have the inscription:

Notte di Luna

right above that, and the Blue celluloid ones:

Notte di Stelle

IOW, nice and understated, with very little text (as little as possible). Just in case there are questions about this, regarding the Etrurias, combined it will look more or less like this:

Notte di Luna
FPN 2011 x/nn

Do note that this means there will be separate serial number sets of the Passaporto with Chrome trim, Passaporto with Gold trim, Modello-T with Azurite cabouchon, Modello-T with Mother-of-Pearl cabouchon, Etruria Notte di Luna with silver trim, Etruria Notte di Luna with vermeil trim, Etruria Notte di Stelle with silver trim, and Etruria Notte di Stelle with vermeil trim.

4) Postal address info
We will send shipping info to Florence in the first week of November. This means that after the end of this month, any address changes effective after November 1, preferably from now on already, as far as they have not been logged already, should be communicated to us, to Wim (wimg) actually as coordinator of the FPN LE Pen sproject, either via PM or by email (use the email option in Wim (wimg) profile). This to absolutely make sure that pens will get delivered to the correct address. It would be of tremendous help if you all could please check your postal addresses, just to make doubly sure. You can find those in the Client Area, under Billing Info.

5) Specific pen number requests
Stipula will see what they can do with the specific pen number requests, but this may not be possible, due to the fact that production runs for similar pens are filled up as much as possible, which may mean that pens are produced in small batches here and there, and getting mixed up completely number wise for the different variants. Considering the pressure currently, with people working overtime and on Saturdays as well, it is just not feasible to select specific pen numbers, unless they come across one accidentally, and haven't prepared a shipping package for the person requesting that pen number yet.

6) Selling of prototypes
FPN has asked for all prototypes to be sold through FPN as well, which means that there may be a few extra, but likely unnumbered pens available once shipping has run its course. We will update the store as soon as we have definite numbers of each.

Furthermore, here is an update of pens sold up to and including last night:

Posted Image

We are past break-even point, which is really great, and may even make a little profit now for the upkeep of our site!

For those who still want to be in on this deal of the year, check here:
FPN LE Pens, the Deal Of The Year

Warm regards,
The FPN Admin Team

Nov 15 2011 14:52
Today is the day!
only if you ordered just a Passaporte.....

And even that will take more than a day to ship all :D....

Warm regards, Wim

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