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Fpn Pens: None Left, All Sold Out .... Updated 2011-11-30

Posted by Admin , in FPN Pens, Uncategorized 27 August 2011 · 3,934 views

Dearest Members of the Board,

As mentioned in a previous column, sales of the FPN Pens have been brisk indeed, and as a result we have only few left for sale from our order with Stipula.

Here is the current status (updated 2011-08-28):

Posted Image

Since our previous update, Passaportos have almost been sold out, Modello-Ts have been sold out completely, and a few more Etrurias have been sold as well.

For the quick deciders, we still have available:

4 FPN LE Etruria Azurite pens with Silver Trim and 14K rhodinated nib (1 * F, 1 * M, 2 * 1.1 Italic) Sold out
3 FPN LE Etruria Azurite pens with Silver Trim and 18K duotone nib (2 * F, 1 * B ) Sold out
3 FPN LE Etruria Azurite pens with Vermeil Trim and 18K duotone nib (1 * EF, 1 * 52 degree, 1 * 0.9 Italic) Sold out

8 FPN LE Etruria Blue Celluloid (Acetate) pens with Silver Trim and 14K rhodinated nib (1 * F, 2 * M, 5 * 1.1 Italic) Sold out
2 FPN LE Etruria Blue Celluloid (Acetate) pens with Silver Trim and 18K duotone nib (2 * 52 degree) Sold out
6 FPN LE Etruria Blue Celluloid (Acetate) pens with Vermeil Trim and 18K duotone nib (1 * EF, 2 * F, 3 * 0.9 Italic) Sold out

3 FPN LE Passaporto Chrome Trim F nib Sold out
4 2 FPN LE Passaporto Gold Coloured Trim M nib Sold out

Besides a fairly limitless availability of additional nibs for Passaporto (Stainless Steel F, M and 1.1 Italic) and for Etruria (14 K rhodinated F, M, 1.1 Italic and 18K duotone EF, F, M, B, 52 degree, 0.9 Italic and 1.1 Italic), that's really all there is left! Sold out

In short, if you want to be in on this incredible group deal for an incredible good price for a few incredibly good looking and working pens, don't hesitate, but be quick before these pens run out for ever.

If necessary now even pawn, in addition to your street pavement, your post box, and garden shrubs also your tool shed and their contents to get in on this once of a lifetime deal! Just check, and you will find that the prices you will pay here, are, to put it politely, more than competitive, and that's including shipping!

Note that not only will you receive what is a great memento of your favourite site, in addition, you also support the good cause by investing in one or more of these pens, as a small percentage will go to the hosting and maintenance of your favourite site, the Fountain Pen Network!

Do note that these pens will be manufactured for delivery early in November - this is an FPN group buy!.

For those interested, here are the original votes for the pens, and some of the discussions relating to these pens:

FPN LE 2011 Passaportos
FPN LE 2011 Modello Ts
FPN LE 2011 Etrurias

We also opened a new forum almost two months ago, specifically for news updates, discussions on and questions relating to these pens. This forum is open to all who ordered and paid for their pen(s). Currently, a poll for the final inscription of all pens is in full swing, so order your pen(s) quickly if you want to be in on this! For those who did order, you can find this forum by scrolling to the bottom of the board in forum view (main forums page), or by following this link:

FPN LE Pens 2011 Forum

Therefore, if you aren't in on this deal of a lifetime yet, here is a direct link to the Store (page 1), with all pens, extra nibs for the Etrurias, and extra nibs for the Passaporto:

FPN Store, first time buyers

And for those who want to add to their order, with combined shipping (page 2 in the Store):

Additional pen orders, with combined shipping
For additional nibs, either visit the first page in the store, or the addional pen orders one...

To check exisiting invoices and orders:
In order to check your orders and invoices, click on "Your Profile" (member id at top right of board), in the drop down list that will show click on "Client Area" (last option), and in the window that ensues, click on "Purchases" for an immediate overview of the details, or on "Invoices", and click on the invoice of choice again for the details.

In case you have any further questions, please contact the admin team backchannel, either via email or by PM.

Warm regards,
Your FPN Admin Team

Its been so long since i voted and then paid for my pen, i don't recall what i ordered. I especially don't recall specifying a nib width. Could you refresh my memory as to how i would check this?
Yes, of course, with all pleasure.

Click on "Your profile" (your member id at the top right of the board), which will provide you with a drop down list. The last item in that list is "Client Area". Click on that, and you will get a new screen, and on the left you will see buttons for "Purchases" and "Invoices", amongst others. Click on "Purchases" to see the short version with nib details straight away, in a listing, or click on "Invoices", and then again on the actual invoice to see the details.

HTH, warm regards, WIm
Aug 29 2011 06:58
Beautiful update!
Thanks for keeping us informed of the latest sales & availability of the remaining pens, Wim---much appreciated! :thumbup:

I would encourage those who already bought an FPN LE Passaporto to consider the additional purchase of an extra nib for it (it is a Stainless Steel nib that comes in widths F, M and 1.1 Italic). I believe they are only an additional 7 Euros and the shipping is free when combined with your FPN Passaporto purchase. Looking forward to receiving my Passaporto + extra nib! :puddle:
Thank you Maja, and Sam.

It's a pleasure :D.

Warm regards, Wim
So near to production and subsequent delivery? This year?! :bunny01:
Yep, spoke with Stipula this morning, and all is still going according to plan :D.

Warm regards, Wim
So, the Italians are back from hollidays and rearing to go?

So lets have three cheers for Stipula.

:clap1: :clap1: :clap1:

They have forgotten about their holidays already :D, Been going at it again for a little over a week after all :D.

Warm regards, Wim
Aug 31 2011 15:02
I've already ordered, and paid for, the blue celluloid Etruria, Modello-T and Passaporto.pens.

If you people don't snap up the azzurite Etruria quickly... and I mean real quick.. I m-i-g-h-t just be tempted to get one for myself :headsmack:

Shahrin B)
Sorry Shahrin, bought one already, so I can't help you there. You'll have t bite the bullet.

Poor You..

Warm regards, Wim
Sep 01 2011 01:48
Yes D.ick..poor me :gaah:

I first paid for the blue celluloid Etruria - the only one I voted for when the polls were still open - on June 4th. One month later - July 2nd - I put down money for the Passaporto just to help sales move along as things were still uncertain then whether this pen project could actually proceed further due to the relatively poor sales figures at the moment. Things did look up after that... then July came to an end... the final number of pens to be produced was decided to be less than what was initially planned based on the polls results... being the hoarder that I am, and not wanting to miss out I paid for the Modello-T on the last day of July. I suppose this Modello-T purchase can be considered "early August" as the payment was only docked from my Paypal account in August. So my purchases of the FPN pens can be considered "early in the month" ones - coinciding with my monthly salary. So of course as the month comes to a close I would be doing this :bonk::gaah: as I watch my seriously depleted bank balances on account of my weak resistance to hoarding more pens than I can possibly use :ninja:

Now it just turned 1st of September here in these parts..a very high risk period of the month for new pen purchases.. and a very dangerous time for my bank account :ltcapd:

Shahrin B)
Well, I bought the whole set in Azzurite.

Decided I did not really like the celluloid. I COULD put up the money for a celluloid, but I am not going to as:

A/ that would make further penpurchases this year awkward, with the Tilburg penshow coming up here

B/ I am not really sold on that color.

So I will leave it at three azzurites. Seems a nice enough family.

I can't decide over your wallet. If you feel the need to buy: OK, if not: OK too.

Sep 02 2011 13:16
:bonk:::bonk: :bonk:

Buy the azurite Etruria folks....buy...buy...buy....

:bonk:::bonk: :bonk:


:bonk:::bonk: :bonk:

Buy the azurite Etruria folks....buy...buy...buy....

:bonk:::bonk: :bonk:


And the celluloid one... :D

Warm regards, Wim
Sprung for the italic nib for my Passaporto. Thanks for making it so easy to add it to my existing order!

Well done, Wim! :clap1:
Sep 09 2011 20:14
I ordered a Modello T with Azzurite Clip Jewel. I was wondering if it is possible to make a slight change to this order and instead get a Mother of Pearl Clip Jewel??
Hi Jon,

You'll have to wait for a week or so to see if that is possible :D.

Warm regards, Wim
Sep 10 2011 03:09
What do you mean? I'm confused. :unsure:

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