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Fpn Pens: Update 2011-07-20

Posted by Admin , in FPN Pens 20 July 2011 · 3,852 views

FPN; Pen; Etruria; Modello T; Passaporto Stipula
Dearest Members of the Board,

In the previous column, we indicated we need to be at 93 % of pens paid for, for each manufacturing run, before we can realistically order all of the pens. Fortunately, emailing all members who had voted and had missed the announcements of the Store opening, did have quite an impact, and we would like to thank a certain ex-Admin, who wants to stay anonymous, for helping us out with this rather work intensive exercise!

Now, let's have a look at the current status:

Posted Image

As you can all see, this depicts the situation better than the previous bar graphs in BB-code. Thanks to Opitzs for helping us in the right direction, BTW.
The bars indicate where we stand currently as to pens ordered and paid for per model (navy bars), the numbers required for a small production run (light green), the sizes of small production runs (in green), the numbers required for large production runs (red), if applicable, and the sizes of large production runs (red brown), also if applicable.

These bars are also translated to a table, which shows what the actual numbers are in figures.

Before you get a fright, let us explain what these numbers mean in real life, and what we have discussed with Stipula early last week.

First of all, production of Modello-Ts is a definite go, and it is looking well enough right now, that we can maintain current pricing! The Passaporto will also be a go. These great looking little pens keep on selling, and we are confident that we will have sold enough by the time these pens will be produced to create a full manufacturing run. So that is another go, and again, price will stay as is!.

Oviously the models raising question marks are the two Etrurias. We have asked Stipula to have a look at possibilities for these, because we will likely order a total number of at least 70 Etrurias, and possibly up to 90, or more of you all are fast enough!

Of course, we still want to produce both models. There are not too many sold of the Azurite version, but we have one thing in our favour, which is that these pens use the same barrel material as the Modello-Ts and the Passaportos. Hence, we could possibly ride along with those, from a material point of view. Furthermore, since the model is the same as the blue celluloid Etruria, from a manufacturing POV we could possibly ride the smaller number of pens along with the larger celluloid numbers. We were hoping to have had feedback by yesterday from Stipula on these ideas, but nothing yet so far, unfortunately. We do know that some of their employees are on vacation already, but we do hope to have an answer very soon. Any breaking news on these pens we will obviously share as soon as we are able to do so.

In short, everything is still possible, and Modello T and Passaporto a certainty.

The moment we come to an agreement with Stipula, which will definitely be before the end of the month, we will fix the final number of pens to be made, as barrel and cap materials will have to be ordered by Stipula to prevent too long delays - after the August summer break the Christmas production season starts, potentially causing very long delays if the materials aren't ordered well ahead of the summer holiday.

In short, if you want to be in on this incredible group deal for an incredible good price for a few incredibly good looking and working pens, don't hesitate, but be quick before final numbers are established, and if necessary even pawn your street pavement to get in on this once of a lifetime deal! Just check, and you will find that the prices you will pay here, are, to put it politely, more than competitive, and that's including shipping!

Note that not only will you receive what is a great memento of your favourite site, in addition, you also support the good cause by investing in one or more of these pens, as a small percentage will go to the hosting and maintenance of your favourite site, the Fountain Pen Network!

For those who voted, in case you forgot which pens you voted for, the system is of help here. In each poll, in front of the pens you actually voted for, there will appear an small 5-pointed star. In short, it is easy to check which ones you voted for. As a reminder, here follow the links to the polls once more:

FPN LE 2011 Passaportos
FPN LE 2011 Modello Ts
FPN LE 2011 Etrurias

We also opened a new forum last week, specifically for (almost daily) news updates, discussions on and questions relating to these pens. This forum is open to all who ordered and paid for their pen(s). Currently, a poll for the final inscription of all pens is in full swing right now, so order your pen(s) if you want to be in on this! For those who did order, you can find this forum by scrolling to the bottom of the board in forum view (main forums page), or by following this link:

FPN LE Pens 2011 Forum

Finally, just in case you can't control your urges :D, here is a direct link to the Store (page 1):

FPN Store, first time buyers

And for those who want to add to their order, with combined shipping (page 2 in the Store):
Additional orders, with combined shipping

Warm regards,
your FPN Admin Team

Jul 20 2011 22:04
I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for the azzurite etruria! :puddle:

Thanks again for all the hard work to the FPN admin team!
Jul 20 2011 22:48
All I want is my Passaporto, now I have to work on the virtue of patience.

Kudos to the FPN for working hard to make this all happen.
Jul 21 2011 03:22
Bravo FPN Admin Team! We love you :)
Thank you again, angels of the FPN. A lot of work, greatly appreciated. My hunger increases!
Jul 21 2011 08:21
This delay is potentially dangerous for my bank account :doh:

Within a few days of orders being taken, I paid for the celluloid Etruria which I had voted for.

About one month later, with no final word on when the Etruria production would even start, I bought a gold-plated Passaporto to soothe the itch.

Now if this uncertainty drags on, I might just put down money for the Modello T next! :P

Shahrin B)
Did anybody tell you yet what a great bunch of people your are? :wub:

Warmest regards, Wim
I am not a great bunch, but let me thank you for all the work and misery you take upon yourself, to make this happen!
Of course you are part of the great bunch, Sven!

Warmest regards, Wim
Jul 21 2011 16:52
If Erutrias can not be made will we have the chance to change to a Modello T before those numbers are finalized? I am not certain I want to do that...really want a Celluloid Erutria...but thought that the chance to sell a few more Modello T's in the event that Stipula won't make the Erutria should not be missed from he standpoint of FPN!
Jul 21 2011 20:13
I'm a bit late, but got my order in today. Can't wait for delivery.

If Erutrias can not be made will we have the chance to change to a Modello T before those numbers are finalized? I am not certain I want to do that...really want a Celluloid Erutria...but thought that the chance to sell a few more Modello T's in the event that Stipula won't make the Erutria should not be missed from he standpoint of FPN!

Well, let's wait for the reply from Stipula first, before we do this, but that certainly will be an option. If this does come to pass, we will contact individual buyers.

However, as mentioned, let's first see what the possibilities are.

Warm regards, Wim

I'm a bit late, but got my order in today. Can't wait for delivery.

It'll be some time still :D.

Warm regards, Wim
Jul 23 2011 20:10
Wim, I am one of the 16 Azurite Etruria folk who have paid. Actually wanted both the Az and Celluloid, couldn't afford both, so chose the Az. If Stipula doesn't take your material-based pitch across the 3 pens, you may want to poll some of the Etruria Az buyers to see if they want to 'defect' to Celluloid . Push comes to shove, I would ......I do so want one of the Etrurias that I could compromise on colour/material....there must be more like me. just a thought if it comes down to the wire!

Hi Rajesh,

Yes, thank you for the suggestion, that is exactly what we are contemplating - I was promised a reply on my proposals to Stipula by early next week.

BTW, do you have access to the FPN LE Pens forum? I wrote on something similar over there, and as a pen buyer you should have access to that special forum.

Warm regards, Wim
Wim, considering the maker of these pens, if you need to order caveats in the contract you could refer to them as 'Stipula-tions' :rolleyes:

Sorry, yes I am waiting patiently :blush:
I love it... :D

Warm regards, Wim
Wim, I hope you and your FPN Team are a bunch of amazing people. :thumbup:

Thanks for all of the hard work. I'm drooling with anticipation.
Some people say the team is indeed amazing, and I am honored to be a member of that team :D.

I am drooling too, BTW :D.

Warm regards, Wim
Jul 25 2011 20:11
Does this mean that I might not get the Celluloid Etruria that I've ordered? Is it possible that another material might be substituted? Because, I am only interested in the celluloid... Please let me know. Thanks
I don't know where you read that, Jon. Personally, I am going all out for all pens, and so far I haven't heard anything to the contrary yet.

I will be in a telephone conference with Stipula tomorrow afternoon, and hope to find out more then.

Warm regards, Wim

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