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Fpn Pens: Stop Press

Posted by Admin , 05 July 2011 · 5,607 views

Dearest Members of the Board,

When the FPN Store was opened for the voters to pay for their pens, we had votes for 89 Azurite Etrurias, 157 Blue Celluloid Etrurias, 227 Modello Ts, and 215 Passaportos, a total of 688 pens. As 93 % is the cut-off point for ordering, we thought we could go as far as a total of 760 pens, namely 100 Azurite Etrurias, 200 Blue Celluloid Etrurias, 230 Modello Ts, and 230 Passaportos. 93 % of 760 is 707, or 19 pens more than voted for.

The current situation, a little over a month after opening our store, with primary (very dark grey bar) and secondary (medium grey bar - we'll go into this a bit further down) cut off points below each graphical representation of pens voted for, all in percentages:

Passaporto (Chrome and Gold coloured trim) :



Modello T (MOP plus Azurite clip jewels):



Etruria Azurite (all trims and nibs):



Blue Celluloid (acetate; all trims and nibs):



We need to be at 93 % of pens paid for before we can realistically order all of these pens, which is what we were aiming for. Still a way to go IOW. 192 pens are paid for, of a possible 760.

However, if need be we could lower these numbers, to a total of 500 pens, namely 100 Modello Ts, and 100 Blue Celluloid Etrurias, 200 Passaportos, and 100 Azurite Etrurias (the latter is the same number). This does mean we would have to ask a higher price for the Modello T and Etruria Blue Celluloid, as we would run at a loss otherwise. The cut-off percentages for these numbers are provided in the second, medium grey bar underneath each pen.

IOW, we would like to urge those who voted, to please order and pay for your pens as quickly as possible. Do note that any hold up here will mean a hold up for everybody who ordered and paid for their pens. We would like to stress once more that this is a group buy, and everybody who voted, in principle committed to buying the pens voted for, as was clearly indicated in the polls. The pricing of these pens actually reflects the number of commitments given by means of these votes.

We have therefore also decided to increase prices of these pens in another 10 days, the idea being that we wil be able to produce these pens at smaller runs this way if necessary. So, ordering and paying for the pens you voted for, will become more expensive in 10 days time. The starter discount, so to speak, will end.

In case you forgot which pens you voted for, the system is of help here. In each poll, in front of the pens you actually voted for, there will appear an small 5-pointed star, in short, easy to check which ones you committed to. As a reminder, here follow the links to the polls:

FPN LE 2011 Passaportos
FPN LE 2011 Modello Ts
FPN LE 2011 Etrurias

In the mean time we did get assistance from someone with a fair amount of spare time on hand, to start emailing all those who did not order their pens yet, as a reminder, especially with the upcoming price increase.

Furthermore, for those who voted and those who did pay, we have opened a new forum, specifically for discussions and questions relating to these pens. We will set up a poll here for the final inscription of these pens as well.
For those with access, you can find it by scrolling to the bottom of the board in forum view, or by following this link:

FPN LE Pens 2011 Forum

Warm regards,
your FPN Admin Team

Is there a cut off date for when pen orders can be made? I am certain I'd like to order one for my desk at work here, but I was not active in the original voting process - does that make me ineligible to purchase one of these pens?



No, of course not. The voters got a 10 day head start for ordering. The FPN Store is open to all for a while already :D.

Warm regards, Wim

one more thing I forgot to ask - from reading this thread, it seems that the Model T pens are ready for production and the orders filled - does this mean that I've missed the boat in ordering one?

No, you haven't. We'll close the ordering for a specific pen once we get to the number that is possible to have produced, so no worry yet. The store actually indicates the number of pens still available for ordering.

The moment we have ordered with Stipula, the number will reflect the total number of pens actually to be made by Stipula, and the pens available will be set to the number still available for ordering based on the number to be produced.

HTH, warm regards, Wim

I also had no idea that voting in the POLL meant commitment to buy. That was VERY UNCLEAR.
I have paid for the passporto I wanted but did not ever intend to buy the more expensive Model T and Eturia styles.


Ok, JB, thank you for letting us know, and for ordering the Passaporto.

Very unclear is relative of course, but let me say that we have learnt from this experience. For any next FPN Pen we will take a different approach.

Warm regards, Wim

Even if you havent voted you can still order a pen and the modello ts are still available, i think this was just the minimum needed to be sold.

Yes, exactly, thank you!

Warm regards, Wim

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