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Fpn Pen - Mock-Ups

Posted by Admin , 30 March 2011 · 924 views

Dearest members of the Board :D,

As promised, here are a few mock-ups of the possibilities, which were all created by our great genius in this regard, the Lord of MT, Ruaidhrí of course, with the exception of the two which don't really correspond to the rest of the series in image quality :D. Just in case: yes, we are in negotiation with Stipula in Florence, Italy...

Stipula Passaporto in Azurite Resin, chrome trim and gold coloured trim:

Posted Image Posted Image

Stipula Modello T in Azurite Resin. From left to right: posted with metal section, posted with full azurite section and palladium trim, posted with full azurite section and gold trim, closed with palladium trim and closed gold coloured trim, the latter two with an Azurite clip jewel.

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

Stipula Etruria, from left to right posted and closed pairs, first in Azurite Resin, silver (14 K nib) and gold trim (18K duotone), followed by blue celluloid, silver trim (14K nib) and gold trim (18K nib) again.

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

Just watch this space, as we will announce soon when the poll will be up for the next (series of) FPN pen(s), and what the price of each of these beauties will likely be.

Warm regards,

The FPN Admin Team

With special thanks to Ruaidhrí for the magnificent work done for these mock-ups! And yes, these are only mock-ups, not photographs of real pens ...

The poll is up, as is more information, including tentative pricing - click here....

Mar 30 2011 19:31
I would pounce on the Passaporto. POUNCE!Wow, nice job, Ruaidhrí!
Mar 30 2011 19:44
Ooh, those are all nice. I really like that blue celluloid on the Etruria.
Wow indeed and checkmate!Etruria - Azzurite resin gold trim (18K duotone)... or maybe silver trim (14k) :unsure:
Mar 30 2011 19:55
I have been eyeing a Model T AND a Etruria--but I would like a titanium nib on the Etruria!
Mar 30 2011 19:57
I cannot choose! :puddle:But I prefer the Passaporta and the Etruria.
Mar 30 2011 20:02
hubba hubba!!!!Posted ImageEtruria Blue celluloid #1; Passport #2Etruria in Azurite #3

I would pounce on the Passaporto. POUNCE!Wow, nice job, Ruaidhrí!

Ditto to this! Passaporto! :unsure:
Mar 30 2011 20:26
Azurite Modello T with Azurite section and Palladium trim. Nicely understated. Can't afford the Etruria sadly.
Black Rose
Mar 30 2011 20:29
Impressive.Nice work Ruaidhrí :unsure:
All are sweet, but my favorite is celluloid blue, silver trim.
Passaporto in chrome trim, especially if there is a stub/ italic nib option. And the Etruria with silver trim, either the blue celluloid or the Azurite Resin as both are stunning. I've had a Model T and I wouldn't buy another. I just didn't like the way that it fit my hand. Ruaidhri did a beautiful job with these mock-ups! Can't wait to hear...

All are sweet, but my favorite is celluloid blue, silver trim.

+1 on that!
Especially like both the Passaporto or the celluloid Etruria... incredible job, Ruaidhrí!
Passaporto with chrome trim looks really neat!
The celluloid Etruria in gold, please.
Mar 30 2011 21:41
I'll put in a vote for the celluloid Etruria.I'm afraid the Passaporto is too small for me. It's like trying to write with a jelly bean.
Passaporto is distinctive. The rest are really somewhat ho-hum.At the risk of heresy charges, I might even buy one! :unsure:
The Model T with the stones might be interesting.
There will be a poll soon, to determine which ones we should get. By that time we should have a good idea on pricing as well...Warm regards, Wim
I love the celluloid Etruria with silver trim; the azurite resin Etruria looks nice, too, but I would pick the celluloid first. I also quite like the Passaporto. I don't like the Model T.

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