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Mabee He Is Fixed

Posted by eRnstMagillicuddy , 06 May 2015 · 5,033 views

Wot it is is wot Master was givven Big Red And White Pills by the doktor for de Black Madness.
Master did eat them red end first and he did go MAD.
Her Ladyship called the doktor imejitlee and told him to bring three botles of gin.
When the doktor camed wit the gin he did see Master of top of the sidebord and sed "wot is you doing up der"
Master sed speshial words wot I am not alloud to use and told doktor abowt the Pills.
Doktor sed "you ~@£$ eejit, you shud eat them WHITE end first" and went away.
Her ladyship did snorted aND GO TO hER cHAMBERS WIT THE GIN. Ow! I did hitted a butting wit CAPS LOCK On iT and my cap fell off! sTupid ting !!!!
Master is now down from the sidebord and eating them propperly and is normal again. He did only blow up one side of the Laboratorryoy this week.
I must go now cos it is time for my fish heads. Yum yum.

Good to see ya eRnst.


Hope the fisheads were good.


Now I hope master did not blow up the side of the lab with the white pills in it.....


Better make sure you have a spare stash of white pills for master.

Are you good with a slingshot? Very handy to get the white pills into master if he's on the sideboard again...





It's very good to hear from you eRnst, it's been a long time! Take good care of Master and please keep us posted about his health and welfare.



Master is down from the sidebord for a whyle now.


The fishheads wer nise but one of them didded have three eyes and i tink Master was sperimentin wit them.


i is very woried.




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