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The Blogg of Me


I Getted Floweres Today

Posted by eRnstMagillicuddy , 08 March 2011 · 844 views

I did gotted floweres today from my Master.

The Huge Joke wot i Did play on Him wit his pens went rong. He seed it was me and was iratated. And hitted me wit a chare.

Now He is sorry and gived me floweres. sOon i wil be hiome agan and wurking at the Grate Babege.



oh and i forgotted to say der was a splosion in the hopsital today cos i was smoking my pipe wit de mask on. i am in a new room now. And it woz not my fawlt the nurs fell over my goat. She shul hav loked wher she waz going. AND She said rood words!!!



Posted by eRnstMagillicuddy , 15 February 2011 · 292 views

He comed into the Great Hall this morning wit his big sleje hammer and said "wel dats dat"

Whooppe - wot it is is Grate Babbage able to talk again

I can com out of hiding now, wot is a Good Ting cos I is starvin



Stil Hiding

Posted by eRnstMagillicuddy , 13 February 2011 · 317 views

My Master is stil using Rude Words, and the pooter is stil saying nutting.
This time He reely is ANNOYED and said He will trow the ### ting throo the window if He can find a crane.



Posted by eRnstMagillicuddy , 10 February 2011 · 314 views

I is hiding from Him.

I luked at his pooter and saw DIRT.

This is a Bad Thing, said eRnst to eRnst (me).
I thinked I will cleen it for him.

Wit a little hammer, i opened the sides of it and washed all the little bobbly things very carfuly.
Then I sneeked away and wated to see the big smile when He saw how cleen it is.

When He Switched it on he said RUDE WORDS. Many many RUDE WORDS.
"Wot is it Master?" I saided
"There is no RUDE WORDS sound"

So now i is hiding.

luV to alll



Dis Is Not As Eesi As I Thunked

Posted by eRnstMagillicuddy , 10 February 2011 · 280 views

Boy oh boy dere are buttins everywhere here


More Buttins

Posted by eRnstMagillicuddy , 08 February 2011 · 312 views

Wot it is I founded even more buttins when he was not luking.

Ooooppsss - Here he comes - bye


Woo Hoo Dis Is Fun

Posted by eRnstMagillicuddy , 08 February 2011 · 315 views

Wot it is is wot my Master wented out and left his puting machine swiched on and I is riting a BLOG.

I heerd of these on the radio and wanted one all for my own but he said NO!!

Pleese don't anyperson tell him wot it is wot I am doing or he will be anoyed.

Shhh he is coming i will talk to you all later


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