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A Few Small Enhancements To The Board

Posted by wimg , in Board Talk 02 May 2011 · 3,264 views

Dearest members of our Fountain Pen Nut house,Some of you may have noticed already, but we still thought it would be a good idea to let you know about the 3 latest (small) enhancements to our board software.1) Local time indicator in the mini profile panel next to each post (see image below, red circled area and arrow).This will make it easier to see what a good time for communicating with a member is, or even to get an indication for a reply, if you are expecting a reply across different time zones. Of course, this does mean that members will have to set their actual time zones (My Settings in Your Profile). Just a nice touch, we thought.Posted Image2) Toggle Visibility option (see image below, red circled area and arrow)This option allows one to toggle beteen anonymous and named login, i.e, makes your member name appear and disappear from view whenever you like to do so. There was a discussion on this recently, and as we came across this option, again it seemed like a nice thought to add this to the board software. You can find this option at the right top of the board, underneath the "Your Profile" panel, next to "Sign Out" and "Help". Do note that in order to see if it worked (which it does!), you need to refresh the screen, either by refreshing the current window, or by displaying another window, for example when clicking through to the next topic etc. Posted Image3) Sliding Quick LoginHave you ever wanted to reply to a post without losing the flow, while reading a topic as a Guest, i.e., not signed in yet? Well, here is the answer, we just added the Sliding Quick Login (Sign-in option). If you now click on Sign-in, see below (circled in red, red arrow pointing to it):Posted ImageYou will now get this slide down sign in option, again circled in red with red arrow, without losing wherever you were:Posted ImageEnjoy!Warm regards, Wim

Very nice! Thank you FPN admins/moderators!!! Loving these new features so far from the new skins to these tiny yet extremely useful enhancements!Best Regards,777
Thank you, 777. It's a pleasure.Warm regards, Wim
May 03 2011 04:34
You guys and gals are the best! :headsmack:
Nice! In just the short time I've been here, it seems that this place is always improving. Thanks so much, wimg and all the administrators and moderators, for everything you do.
Nice, I did notice an improvement when logging in.In the past when logging in I'd not only lose the page I was on but see a page that said there was a problem with my log-in attempt and to contact an Administrator.Rather than bothering an Admin or Mod, I just clicked on refresh, or clicked on the FPN Header, or clicked on The Fountain Pen Network title and the error page was gone.Many thanks, for the work done to improve the Website, job well done!
Wow, a new enhancement Kewl.I now have a golden banner. :D :D :D :D D.ick
:DWe aim to please, even if we don't always succeed :D.Warm regards, Wim
May 24 2011 04:05
IMHO, that new gold colored banner is distracting, and doesn't contribute anything that the old printed "Gold" word display did. It just seems too big, and clashes with everything...and "Gold" in the big gold tube is right justified which looks strange.Otherwise, everything else is working great, and improvements much appreciated.
Jun 06 2011 19:02
Very thoughtful enhancements; much appreciated by FPN readers I am sure. :thumbup:
Jul 03 2011 01:59
I wanted to be the first to say HOW NICE THE NEW "GOLD" BANNERS LOOK NOW! Very well done.
Earl Pitts
Sep 30 2012 07:07
Very nice upgrade.
IMO a perfect example of how well-developed this site is. Sure, if you don't like an issue -- as said above -- that's okay too, you don't have to use it. But you still have a bigger choice than ever for your own personal preferences. I can't say that at all for most of the other forums (topics irrelevant) I've visited of the past 2 decades.

Thanks a lot

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