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Classifieds Manual, Part 2 - Create A Classified

Posted by wimg , in Manuals 07 May 2011 · 4,685 views

Part 2: Create a Classified. In order to create a Classified, I first need to click on the Classifieds tab (see red arrow), which is situated just next to the Forums tab underneath the board header:Posted ImageWhen you click the Classifeds tab, the following window appears, with all the categories available for posting a classified in, Add an Item button circled in red:Posted ImageIn order to add a Classified, it doesn't really matter where I am in the Classifieds subsystem, as long as I click on the Add an Item button. A new screen appears, with all the fields to be completed in the Listing a New Item section right in the middle of the screen (red arrow):Posted ImageDo note that all of these fields have a red asterisk postioned next to them. This means they are all mandatory. In short, all fields are mandatory. If I don't complete a field, or don't tick a box, etc., when I want to save the classified, it won't let me. I'll discuss all of the fields one by one here. Do note that I didn't highlight these with red arrows; it'll get too busy, plus I do think the field names speak for themselves and are indicated in the text in bolded, italicized and red. First up is the Item Name. I think that this doesn't require any further explanation. In this example, I have chosen an Etruria to sell (note: only as an example, not for real). The next field down is the Condition of the item. I have to select one from the dropdown list, see below. Note that there is an option for items which are not pens, and one for a condition that does not fit the "standard" ones.Posted ImageNext field is the Category or subcategory where I want this item listed. Select the correct one please. First determine whether this is a Writing Instrument or parts thereof, or something else (choose appropriately). If it is parts of writing instruments, I select that option. If it is a complete pen or complete pens etc. for sale, I check either the Low Volume category if I don't intend to place more than 100 classifieds a year, with a maximum of 3 classifieds per week, otherwise I select High Volume. If I don't comply, my classified will be removed by a moderator without any form of consultation or feedback, I need to be aware of that!Note that Charity Auctions is a special case: these are only allowed for registered charities after consultation with moderators and admins, and work by a starting price where interested buyers will add a new price in a question - that will be dealt with in a separate part of the manual.Posted ImageI now have added an Item Name, have selected the Condition of the item, and have selected a Category for the item to be listed in. So far the Item Details section:Posted ImageNext up are the fields in the Shipping & Handing section, beginning with a dropdown list of the Currency used for the price (to be listed later). This list contains all currencies of the world, beginning with the currencies used most often on this board (to make selection of any of those a little faster):Posted ImageNext up is the Payment option field. Again this holds most used payment options on the board, with an additional option for other payment possibilities or combinations thereof, to be described in the text for the Description of the classified, if so required:Posted ImageThe field following this is the Shipping From field, another dropdown selection box which lists all countries of the world. Either scroll down through this and click on the correct one, or type the first letter one or more times until it appears and becomes highlighted (blue), and press the Enter key to select it.Posted ImageThe Shipping To field follows, another dropdown selection list. The selection is somewhat more limited here for obvious reasons, and also allows for an option to indicate other countries or regions, or combinations of those listed.Posted ImageThe picture below shows my selection of options so far for the item I am describing :Posted ImageOn to the next section, General rules and conditions, essentially being an implementation of the rules for market place postings on FPN. I have to tick the boxes in this section to agree with these conditions. If I don't tick these boxes, I won't be able to save this classified for listing, and if I don't agree I should not really post a classified. These fields are No PayPal Fees or Personal Payment (not allowed by PayPal), Valid Email Address on FPN, which is used to contact the seller, and Unconditional Agreement with Moderation, i.e., the Fountain Pen Network, FPN for short, retains the right to disqualify a classified without any further discussion, discourse or communication, and remove it from public view. BTW, one of the reasons to remove a classified is a blurry picture, from which it is impossible to tell what the condition of e.g. a pen is.Posted ImageIn the following image I have ticked the boxes in General rules and conditions, plus another one in Further item information, i.e., Image(s) of Actual Item(s), i.e., no stock images etc., and not of another item. In short, I HAVE to show an image or several images to include all items on sale here, of the actual items on sale. No urls are allowed. At least one (1) image must be viewable directly in the classified, and it also must be uploaded (attached) to the classified. The latter will be discussed a little bit further down. The next field is also displayed with its dropdown list, namely Image(s) Used. This indicates the rights I have to the images I use, and who created them and/or holds the copyright.Posted ImageNext up is the Brand and Model dropdown list, to indicate that I actually provided the brands and models of the items listed (I already did in the Item Name actually), or alternatively, that it is not a pen, with a description either in Item Name, the classified Description, or in both (in most cases anyway, I would expect).Posted ImageThe field following it is LE and/or Serial Number Info, which again is a dropdown box which indicates which information I have added (and shouldn't forget to add either). A good reminder IOW. Fortunately there also is an option for items other than pens.Posted ImageHere is the progress so far:Posted ImageNext there is the Nib Size, a field providing me with a dropdown box for the most common nib types, from XXF to 1.3 Italic, plus an option for Other(s) and of course the option to indicate I am not listing a fountain pen.Posted ImageAfter I have now selected my nib size, I can now continue with the Restoration Status. Not too many choices, one of which indicating it is not a pen we are dealing with here.Posted ImageWe are nearing the end now. First of all a Description box, with the usual editor we all well know from posting messages in the forums. Add any information about the item(s) for sale here, not only the item name, but maybe a further description. Praise your wares here, the motto goes. In addition, I can also see a few more fields, in the Pricing options section, namely Advert Type, a radio button with options For Sale and Wanted, and Price, plus an Attachments section.Posted ImageI now have added a description, left the Advert Type on For Sale (the default), and added a Price. Note that the Price is of course the number linked to the Currency I selected quite a bit higher up. Also note that if I do not add a Price, or leave it at 0 (zero), it will automatically come up with FREE in the Price field when I save this classified, which is not necessarily something I want to do for an item I want to get some money for.... In short, I should not forget to put an actual number in.Posted ImageScrolling down a bit further, I can now see the entire Attachments section. In order to attach an image here (mandatory!), I click on the Browse button (red arrow) to select one from my hard disk.Posted ImageClicking on this Browse button will bring up an explorer window, which allows me to find the image I want to attach. It first happens to come up quite conveniently with the contents of the drive where I have stored my images, but it could well be any drive or folder, which means I would have to browse a bit through my drives and folders. As it is here, I just need to select my "fs" folder (no, not "for sale", "full size" actually), see red arrow.Posted ImageAfter double-clicking on my "fs" folder I select the correct image (highlighted in light blue), and next click on the Open button (red arrow).Posted ImageThe screen reverts back to the classifieds editing screen, and in the text field box next to the Browse button it now shows the path and name of the image file I want to display in my classified. I now have to click on the Attach this file button (red arrow).Posted ImageAnd after clicking on the Attach This File button I get to see the following, essentially the same as before, but with an attached file added (red arrow, numbered 1). Do also note the Add Item button, also with a red arrow pointing to it, numbered 2. I need that in for the next step.Posted ImageAll done now, and after a final check that I did indeed complete all the fields, I now click on the Add Item button (red arrow 2, see above), which then presents me with the actual classified, with an attached thumbnail (see red arrow, below). I could have added more files this way, but for now I thought this was enough. Do note that if I forget to click on the Add Item button, and just go back to the main Classifieds screen, I lose all the information I just added so diligently! In short, I would have to start all over again....Posted ImageThe thumbnail is actually clickable, and will bring up the entire image in its full glory, as shown below. It also provides me with an option to Close it again, to return to the classified itself, or to Save the image for closer inspection, or maybe for later (see circled area and arrow, both in red). In the case of more thumbnails, it will even show a Next button towards the top right, to display the next full image I attached, for as many images as I actually did attach.Posted ImageOk, I closed it again and scrolled down a little to see how it looks like further. Note that it now shows the Price a bit larger, as wel as the remaining time for the run period for this classified. As it starts at 30 days, the first number of days this countdown timer will actually show is 29 days, which really means it is on the 29th day of the countdown (30 days minus a second, or minus more seconds). Also note the Edit Item, Close Item and Watch Item buttons. Edit Item obviously will get me back into Edit Mode, just that the fields will have the values I already supplied. The other two buttons wil be discussed in another part of this manual.Posted ImageScrolling further down I can see the remainder of the classified. Note that there now also is a Question section right at the bottom. This wil also be discussed in another part of this manual, and finally a Report button in case this classified merits reporting to the moderators, i.e., when it doesn't comply with the rules despite all the mandatory fields.Posted ImageAnd so far for the creation of a Classified. It is accomplished. :DNext steps (other parts of the manual) will be dealing with Questions, from the view point of a (potential) buyer, and from a seller's view point to, and contacting a seller for a confirmation on a deal, or a transaction.Warm regards, Wim

May 19 2011 21:29
How do I list a proposed trade? My listing keeps getting rejected for failure to list a price.
Well, the short answer is to list a price. :DEssentially list what you think the item is worth, or alternatively make it a "Wanted" item (radio button pair at the bottom), with WTT in the title, and set a 0 (zero) price, which will list it as "Offers". If you leave it as a "For Sale", a zero price will offer it as "Free", so be careful :bunny01:. HTH, warm regards, Wim
May 20 2011 14:54
Is it only possible to add photos from my hard drive? Can I add photos I have stored on Photobucket? Thanks.
As mentioned in the manual, you have to add at least 1 photograph from your hard drive, or rather, a hard drive or partition accessible from the PC you are creating a classified from. This is required for the thumbnail to be displayed in the listing, and to help make sure we all add an image and don't forget.Any other image may and can be added in any other way possible as before, or by attaching the same way as the picture for the thumbnail image.HTH, warm regards, Wim
I read the instruction and followed them to the letter. When I had completed my listing, I clicked the "add item" box and I did not get to see the listing, as stated in the instructions. I get a message about the listing be successful, but the listing is not, in fact, there.

Back to the drawing board, I guess.
I looked for an answer, but can't seem to find one. When I click "Add an Item." I get a prompt that I do not have permission. Is this an error, or is there a secondary level of registration involved?.............(added several hours later) I found the reason. I haven't made enough posts :(
I can't figure out how to discontinue a classified ad when the item has been sold. So far, I have simply edited the ad to show that it is sold, but I would really rather be able to remove it from the listing. At first I thought the Close Item button at the top of the ad was to close it from the listing, but now I don't know what that button is intended to do.
What should I do?

I read the instruction and followed them to the letter. When I had completed my listing, I clicked the "add item" box and I did not get to see the listing, as stated in the instructions. I get a message about the listing be successful, but the listing is not, in fact, there.

Back to the drawing board, I guess.

Did you try refreshing? Ctrl-F5?

HTH, warm regards, Wim

I can't figure out how to discontinue a classified ad when the item has been sold. So far, I have simply edited the ad to show that it is sold, but I would really rather be able to remove it from the listing. At first I thought the Close Item button at the top of the ad was to close it from the listing, but now I don't know what that button is intended to do.
What should I do?

Closing it actually removes the item from public view, until you reopen it again. Do note that after clicking on the "Close Item" button while the listing period of 30 days hasn't expired yet, the button changes to "Open Item". As long as you don't click on that, nobody but you and moderators will be able to see your classified.

HTH, warm regards, Wim
Jun 13 2011 15:54
Thanks for the step by step guide to help work through the new system, the only thing you haven't mentioned is what to do if an error message appears after clicking on the add an item button. I keep getting the following message:
"[#10913] You do not have permission to list items."

Are there restrictions on new-ish members posting, or is it something else? I can't find anyone else having a similar problem, not sure if using a Mac or being in the Uk is affecting it - have very little idea about how these things work!

Regards, TinyClanger

Browsing the classifieds I felt two changes will save me time:
1. The price at the top of the ad does not show currency, and there is a big difference in $50 and £50. It would be wonderful to have a currency sign with the price at the top as the cost of the pen is one of the major determinants of whether I will buy it or not.
2. Second, for me at least nib size is very important and anything less than a B I'll not be interested in. It would be wonderful to see the nib size in the short description of the pen in the main classifieds page, and I'll know there and then whether I want to go further or not.

Thanks for the wonderful guide, though. A really detailed explanations after reading which even a computer novice like me feels confidant that even I can post an ad (even though I have not - as yet!!).

Warm Regards


Same here. I've been on the forums for a couple of months, and I got the same message. I came across the guidelines, which states,"It is NOT intended to attract members whose sole participation on FPN is the Marketplace. Members conducting business this way may have their access to the Marketplace revoked. Accordingly, a member must have at least 30 posts and be registered for 30 days before they can post sales in the Marketplace."

Hope that helps!
How can one view the entire ad before actually posting it?
How do I post a "Want To Buy" ad?

:crybaby: i want to sell...but i get the message that i am not aloud?...and the number #19013???...anyone know how to silve this problem...

Greetings Ria......
Nov 15 2011 18:47
Why do I get an error when I try to add an item? I am not authorized? What is the secret handshake? I get the same error message as Penlady above! Ok, just saw it...30 posts!

Keye Skware
Dec 17 2011 00:57
How do I choose which of the uploaded image files is going to be displayed as the tumbnail on the classified page?
I'm confused by the PayPal fees item. I've seen "No PayPal Fees or Personal Payment" then a "yes" in listings. And in the here, that's "(not allowed by PayPal)". I use PayPal and I know there are fees. So can you explain what the entry means? Thanks.
It won't let me list items, saying I don't permission....What do I do?
When ever I try to list an item it tells me I do not have permission... Help?

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