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Classifieds Manual, Part 1 - User Browsing

Posted by wimg , in Manuals 07 May 2011 · 33,155 views

Part 1 - User browsingNormally, I'd start at the Forums page, and right at the top, I do find a Classifeds tab, just next to the Forums tab (circled/marked with blue).Posted ImageClicking on this tab, will give me the following view, displaying all the categories and subcategories in Classifieds:Posted ImageNote that the general Writing Instruments category is highlighted here with blue, and it consists of three subcategories. Let me click on the Writing Instruments category itself first:Posted ImageNot only do I get a list of subcategories, but also a listing of items in those subcategories. Now what if I click on a subcategory, f.e., the Low Volume one:Posted ImageGreat, just the items in the Low Volume subcategory. Let me now click on that beautiful Urushi pen I see there:Posted ImageI can see all the details now, plus a bunch of thumbnails of the pictures attached to this classified. Let me click on one of those thumbnails:Posted ImageThe complete picture shows up now, and I can save the picture, or close it again to go back to the classified. What I don't see here is that if I scroll to the right top of the picture, there wil be a Next button in case there is more than one picture attached, so that I can scroll through all of them.Anyway, this is how I can look at these classifieds. Simple enough. :DWim

Scriptorium Pens
May 15 2011 16:32
In a listing of multiple pens, how should I edit it to show some pens as sold? Just put Sold by the names of the pens in the description?
That is an excellent idea, Tortoise, thanks!Warm regards, Wim
May 25 2011 14:26
[Edit: I'm not sure how my Comment got attached to the "quote" above. My questions and comments are exclusive, and not in response to the Quote attached here. I apologize for this error.]Hello, everyone! Please clarify the "Watch Item" feature. How does it work? I cannot find a document that clearly explains its function and use. Please refer me to the appropriate FPN location, if possible.I have selected "Watch Item" for several items, but cannot seem to find a way to pull up a summary list of those items.Also: Please clarify what happens to a Listing when the "time limit" expires. Is it possible to "regenerate" an expired Listing without having to re-enter all of the information a second time?And: I agree with another Poster that the "Random Classified" is not a very effective use of the space, and irrelevant.Last: SO MANY "steps" to posting a Classified = very prohibitive, to me. Is there a "How to Post a Classified on FPN" Summary Document or "Guidelines" available that I can print out? I concur with this previous Comment: "I guess now this gray head must go and get a college degree to sell a pen.You have made a very simple straight forward process seem very difficultand naturally time consuming." Anyway...More details on the "Watch Item" function would be appreciated.Thank you for this opportunity to comment.Regards,David.
Where is the Wanted to Buy section?

Where is the Wanted to Buy section?

There is currently no separate WTB section. If the radio button at the bottom of a classified, when creating one, is marked "Wanted", the classified will have Wanted in front of the title.

I'd like to refer to the comments on the Create a Classified manual, and the topics in Community Feedback and Members Helping Members on this subject.

HTH, warm regards, Wim
where are we to post "WTB" items now? I apologize for not knowing where it is since the upgrades but can't
locate the right place!

Thank you !
Never mind - I just read the column above and got my answer ! Thanks !
Frosty One
Aug 18 2011 19:24
Your directions really helped me understand how to place an ad, and I wish to thank you.

I agree with the previous writer about putting the currency of the price in the header, so I know if I am interested in the price. I am tired of opening an interesting ad, only to find out the price is in Euro's and therefore not interesting anymore.
Dec 07 2011 16:49
Just renewed one of my listings the other day....

Was very surprised and disappointed to see that instead of putting my listing at the front of the list, ie, page one again, it's still on the last page when browsing through the listings....this SUCKS! as does this new classifieds section....no wonder the response level I've gotten on listings with the new design is so much lower than it was before the change....

Understand that there may not be much that can be done about it, but really is a turn for the worse all the way round....

Dec 27 2011 09:18
Is there a way to sort the offers by price within a category?
I have marked a few item in the classifieds as "watch this item" but I have no idea how to look at the items I am watching! Am I missing something
I am new to this network and having the hardest time trying to figure out how to use it. My main question is that I am looking on the classified and interested in several pens. I want to know how to same the item and view it later. I have clicked on the save item at the top but have no idea where to find and view the items I have saved. What Icon or whatever do I look for to view saved classified items?
Bobby Check
Nov 01 2013 19:09

Could we bring back a bump feature please?


I renewed my listing and it is way at the back





Looks like many people, including me, got the issue with ""watch this item".  We can watch a few items but we can not see the "saved" summary.


Has anyone figured it out yet?

Is there a way to search in the classifieds for a certain pen without going thru all the ads? I do not see a search or filter button for the classifieds, must be missing something.

Feb 19 2016 18:54



I also am wondering how to view the items that I have selected as "watch this item".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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