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The (Images) Upload Tab - What Is It, How To Use It?

Posted by wimg , in Manuals, Board Talk 03 December 2015 · 18,623 views

There seems to be some confusion with regard to the Upload Tab, as opposed to, e.g., attaching images from the options underneath the message editor box, when replying to or creating a new post. The Upload Tab is an alternative to uploading images to FPN, without any personal quota restrictions. The only limit to Upload is the file size, but as that is 1 MB, it means that there are ample possibilities to upload a picture. Any picture with a largest side of around 1000 pixels will easily fit within that 1 MB constraint.The Upload Tab, which we added as an additional service to FPN about a month or so ago, is situated underneath the board header. This appears on every page. See the picture below, Upload Tab circled in red:
Posted Image


So, how to use this?That is not all that difficult. Imagine you are creating or editing a post., f.e, just after starting:


Posted Image


Note that I have circled the Upload Tab in red, it is still there, right at the top of the page.So, let's add some text, until we get to the point where I'd want to insert an image:


Posted Image


As indicated in the picture, I now need to click on the Upload Tab, and a new window or tab opens in the browser (dependent on browser settings. Here it is a new tab, and note that the old tab with the editor window is still there too (circled in red):


Posted Image


Now I can upload an image to FPN. Note that the maximum file size is 1 MB, see red underline and arrow on left (we only have limited file space on FPN). Since that easily caters for a large image (1000 pixels on the largest side easily), that shouldn't be a problem. There are two ways to upload an image, one is by supplying a url, from e.g., your Flickr site, or by direct upload from your hard disk. I want to select a file from from my HD and do that by clicking on the Choose button, see red arrow on right.


Posted Image


Next an Explorer window pops up, and in my case it is pointed already at the correct folder:


Posted Image


Of course, if it isn't, the explorer window allows me to browse to the correct folder anyway.Next I choose a picture:


Posted Image


In this case etruria02.jpg. Of course, next step is to click the Open button, which brings me back to the Upload screen. As you can see, the image name etc. is now displayed in the little Upload from HDD field.


Posted Image


Next of course is to click on the Add Image button, where the red arrow is pointing, after which the image appears in the Upload screen. Since the image is reasonably large, dimension wise, more than the browser window is filled, so I am scrolling down through the window (as displayed here in 2 stages). 


Top part of window:


Posted Image


Bottom part of window (scrolling down):


Posted Image


As you can see, the picture is all there now, and I can also add a new picture, if I like. Better to do that one at a time, however.Also note, which is most significant, that there also is a Codes block, in this case with BBCode highlighted/selected. Selection is done by just moving the mouse cursor over those fields.The first code, Direct link, I can use in combination with the Image button in the editor, by copying the url, and pasting that in the Image Url field in the Image Button option. The seond one is direct BB-code, which can be inserted straight into the message. The third option is html code, which we don't really use here on FPN.The easiest really is to use the BBCode, and it also has another advantage, but I'll come to that in a minute.So, I select the BBCode option just by moving my mouse cursor there. Now I have two options in order to copy that code, which I need for my message. I can either press Ctrl-C on the keyboard, or right-click on the code. The latter will give me the following pop-up:


Posted Image


Of course, I click on Copy, as highlighted in the pop-up box.I need to go back to the message editor window now, so I scroll back to the top of this window, and there it is, to the left of the tab with the Upload screen I am looking at now, see red circle and arrow.


Posted Image


Clicking on that tab, brings me back to my message editor window.


Posted Image


Making sure my edit cursor is positioned where I want my image to appear, I now either press Ctrl-V to insert the code I copied from the Upload screen, or I right-click, which will give me the following pop-up window:


Posted Image


So, I click on Paste in this case. Either way, it will give me the following result:


Posted Image


Notice the weird code in my message. That is the BBCode we saw earlier. So, you may ask, what is the advantage of this? Well, it is faster than adding an image via the Add Image button, and it also makes for faster scrolling in the editor box when editing or creating a message.Well, you may say now, but I want to see the image in the text. To which I will reply again: you can. Click the Preview Post button at the bottom of the message editor box, and the message will appear with the image in all its glory.


Posted Image


Here follows the result after clicking on the Preview Post button. The message has appeared. Since the picture is still large, I'll show it here in two parts again, scrolled through the browser window.
Top part of Preview:


Posted Image


And the bottom part of the Preview, obviously with the editor window underneath:


Posted Image


I can continu editing now, add more images too if I like, do more Previews, and once I am happy and done, I can now scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on Post Reply, Post New Topic, etc., depending on what I was doing (creating a reply, a new topic, or maybe doing an edit).


Posted Image


In this case Post New Topic Posted Image.Of course, once I have clicked Post, the message or topic appears as I created or edited it:


Posted Image


And that's all there is to it!Within Upload there also is the option to manage already uploaded images, including getting the codes again, but I leave you to play with that by yourself for now.
Warm regards, Wim

+20. A great help indeed. So much faster and more convenient than PhotoBucket. Also -- thanks to Wim --  for his answering my PM as to how to make sure that I always get full screen widths of each image and not the dwarfs that PhotoBucket coughs out.



Sep 05 2013 22:32

How do you delete photos?

Jan 12 2015 15:17

Dear Wim, I take it this is a sort of one way process? There is no link on my Content page for images uploaded; I see that when I revist the upload page, the codes are still visible, but I guess, there is no way to delete these once uploaded?

Also, on a side note, how do I create a photo gallery? Do I have to be a more advanced member than I am?

Many thanks,


This can be a security risk as I remembered you can forcefully upload a php file disguised as a png/jpeg and for some reason the system will allow it.

Jan 08 2016 00:09

Useful, thank you!

How do I delete images I've uploaded?

Thank you. I think I can follow the instructions. (they are very clear)
Apr 08 2017 20:46

I would like to give Wim a gold star for this guide.  I won't say what I would like to give the person who designed such a Byzantine method of including images;-)

Jul 28 2017 18:31
The question that was brought up was deleting an image that was uploaded. I uploaded an image that was uncorrected, too large, uncropped, upside-down. I originally was going to use it with a post but since the above was a major disaster, I want to delete the image but there is no option to do so. Is there a way to do it or can an Admin do it? The new interface from what I was used to is so different. I'm still learning to navigate.
Aug 07 2017 04:50

Dear Wimg


To me, I humbly admit, this is far from simple.  I could not follow it, tried for a while and gave up.


If I may offer a suggestion?  


I use wordpress quite successfully.  There uploading happens within the gallery environment just the same way as here and that's where I can see the uploaded image and that's where it remains.  I can access the gallery from posts or pages or widgets and add them via am "add media" button.


It is not my intention to tell you what to do.  I only made this comment because I have the experience with wordpress.

How to delete an uploaded image has been asked twice. Anyone out there who can answer this?

Jan 21 2018 14:50
I am having a trouble copying the BB code. I am using an iPad, and it is incredibly hard to actually highlight the whole thing to be able to “copy”... grrrr....
Apr 15 2018 22:42
This is very useful, but now try doing it on your phone. Go ahead. Try it.
Apr 28 2018 21:29

In the now three-year-old tutorial you chose to copy (then paste) the BB-Code variation without saying whether we *must* pick this option. Will the "Direct" link work to display the image since the link is to an image in this forum's own server?


Is that "direct-link" code ever preferred, or necessary?


I tried to find this tutorial before posting images, could not do so, and chose the "Direct" version as a *guess*. Now I don't know if I have to go back and replace 6 links.


Note that typing "post photo" and many variations in the "Search" box at top right does not "find" the tutorial. I know this is hard work as I have in the past had to write Help files for software. I appreciate the presence of any tutorial.

Aug 04 2018 07:56

I was sent here after much frustration attempting to display images the way I used to.
I used to have my images hosted on the web and could simply add HTML code link to a thumbnail or a suitable sized image and ' Voila ' there was the image in the post!
Now that method is prohibited although some links are accepted and remain for inquisitive members to follow.
This revised posting method seems very, very, complicated and long winded But if this is the only way I will endeavour to learn.
FPN used to be busy with active picture posters 
On my return I was dismayed at how quiet it seems!
However I have played around and resized an image and hopefully this is a result

Sep 02 2018 14:11

I tried searching for this, but with no luck so far.  Is there any way to upload from google photos using the google photos link?  I don't mind going through an extra step to use the upload window, but I don't see any way to upload the edited versions of my files that are hosted in Google photos.  When I try to use the upload dialogue and past the google photos link to the edited picture, I get 


"Error - Invalid URL File Extension"

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