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Extensions to our little fountain pen nut house on the digital prairie

Posted by wimg , in Board Talk 14 March 2011 · 5,890 views

Have you ever wondered about the skin we're using as the main board skin, and what ever happened to the old one, that nice paler blue and cream one, which was easy to read, with distinct differences between pinned topics and normal topics in each forum?

Well, we were stuck with this because it was the new Invision default skin, while the other was the old Invision default skin, and not compatible with later versions of the software. That essentially gave each of us just the following options:

A) IP.Board default skin
Posted Image

:D IP.Board Mobile skin
Posted Image


C) Lo-Fi skin
Posted Image

And each of the latter two skins are rather limited of course, due to the fact that they cater really for as simple forum access as possible.

You could, and still can, change the skin used to display the board by scrolling down to the bottom of any page, f.e., like this:
Posted Image

And right underneath the birthdays you'll find the skin selection box (red arrow), with just next to that the button with the downwards pointing triangle (blue circle and arrow). Clicking on this would present you with the three options ilustrated above:
Posted Image

Resulting in the above dropdown and selection list. Just click on either, and that determines how your FPN experience is.

Well, not being all that happy about these options, we decided to build a few extensions to our little digital nut house, make it look small from the outside, but extend it to a mansion from within Posted Image. The rebuilding is more or less complete, so we would like to introduce to you a few new rooms and spaces, besides IP.Board, IP.Board Mobile, and Lo-Fi. There may still be a few hiccups here and there, as happens when extending a house, and of which we are aware, mostly, but we didn't want to keep these from you any longer regardless.

Therefore, let me present to you our new extensions:

1) The Library - a room (skin) Posted Image with the luxurious feeling of brass, wood paneling and leather, in marvelous shades of green, brown, cream and yellow copper, with an occasional red highlight.. This room is where you may find admins and moderators alike when they are relaxing after a hard day of moderating and administering :D.
Posted Image

2) The Vault - very much a technically oriented room, in the basement of the nut house, the place where we keep our server and software, where technical stuff resides. No distractions there, except for a few flashing lights.
Posted Image

3) The Zen Retreat - you can almost hear the grasshoppers chirping away here, while emptying your thoughts in a most pleasant and peaceful green-tinted environment with lovely paper lampshades and bamboo twigs all over the place.
Posted Image

4) The Armoury - our gun-metal grey room where we don our suits to fight spammers, hackers and other unwanted intruders. Sparse and relaxing somehow.
Posted Image

5) The Hangar - a high tech blue tinted place where we store our Virtual Space Exploration machinery, and any other transportation equipment we need on our treks.
Posted Image

6) The Pebble Garden - This ornamental stone garden in colours and textures is tingling with the (almost) sound of small brooks, taking one away on those dreams of beautiful skies and beaches somehow in the confines of a space feeling very secure.
Posted Image

7) The Pink Pavillion - This is the place to go in order to get this summer feeling again, looking through a window frame from the pavillion, and getting enraptured by the rich green and pink colours of all that is in flower and bloom at the glorious height of summer time.
Posted Image

Well, so far our extensions here. Why don't you join us in one of these new rooms and places?

Try them out for yourselves, by scrolling down to the bottom of this page, and select any of these places (skins) from the drop down list you'll find there, the new extended one that is.
Posted Image


Warm regards,

On behalf of the admin and moderator team

P.S.: Guests, i.e., those not signed in, will only benefit from 1 additional skin, namely Vault.


Excellent! Really brings out my creative side just by looking at them~ :happyberet:
Dec 16 2011 23:01
Hi Wim,
I love Library skin... It's great... it seems more nautilus than library... I think it is the more appropriate with FPs but tastes are different for every one.

Thanks again!
Hello Wim,
I love the skins! I thank you and my eyes thank you! The "Armory"has reduced eyestrain to a minimum!! :notworthy1:
Hi great job, I'm really loving The Armoury, Posted Image
Wow, I just found the library. Very tasteful and serene. Can you adjust the settings to eject ANYONE WHO USES ALL CAPS? We want to keep it quiet in here. Thanks.
WOW!! That was an eye-opener. I thought I'd been transported to a parallel universe.

I'll hafta play around, but will now go with the Zen skin. Looks like the color settings I usta use when I did CAD duty. I'm primarily a red kinda guy, but have discovered greens are quite mellowing for prolonged squinty-eyed viewing.
Overwhelming! Thanks, Wim!! I think I'd stick to this forum even if I didn't have anything to do with pens and inks (okay, papers too). This is the highest tech skin advancement I've yet encountered.
Excuse me, I now have to go back to the inks...

PS: I think I like Library the most
Jan 31 2013 01:17
The Zen is great - Love it!

Mar 25 2013 13:32
I just the love the Library. Since I have discovered it, I haven't left.
Thank you all, guys and gals. It was fun to do, actually. Now for upgrading them for the next revision of board software :D.

Warm regards, Wim
May 05 2013 22:00

Zen....  or is it a Pebble kind of mood right now? Hmmmm.... Lets poke around some more.....

Just wondering... I only seem to have the" ip.board"  standard and "ip.board.mobile" available under "change theme" at the bottom of any page. Am I missing something or do I need to upgrade my membership to access the other skins?

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