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Some More Useful Stuff....

Posted by wimg , in Board Talk 19 February 2011 · 399 views

Playing with several more options we now have, we found a few quite useful. First of all there is a new "Upload" tab, and we also added a "Downloads" tab. :D

Upload - it does exactly what it says and then some. It allows you to upload a file (picture) here, and provides you with the actual code to insert into a post in order to display the image too :D. Not only does it allow you to upload a picture from your PC, but also by entering a link. The latter feature is extremely useful for, e.g., reviews with photographs, because by using the Upload feature, any pictures can be uploaded here, and be preserved with the review rather than having to depend on allocation space available, etc. The Upload option will create a new tab or window, depending on your browser settings, when you open it, so it is easy to switch between a reply or post you are creating and the image(s) you want to add to your post or reply, and copy the code created for your image. We do hope this will make life a lot easier for many of our members here when it comes to attaching and inserting images in a post.

There is 1 caveat with this option however, namely a limit to the size of the file uploaded. We've set it to 1 MB, but would prefer smaller files. This means resizing, in many cases, something which for now anyway, you will have to do yourself. A 1200 pixels wide by 800 pixels high picture (or vice versa), or 1000 X 1000 square should easily fit within this 1 MB limit, so resize to that size, and you should be fine.
There are no limits on uploads currently, other than the 1 MB file size, but we would like to ask you to be considerate in the number of files you do upload, and the size you use, as the space here is limited :D. IOW, don't upload your last set of holiday photographs, but try to keep it limited to photographs or images which are relevant to a post you create or reply to.

Do note that this option is only available to Gold Members, IOW, those members who were registered prior to January 23, 2010, and those who registered after that date who are registered for more than 30 days, and have more than 30 posts in relevant forums (i.e., not in Chatter) to their name.

Downloads again implies what it does, namely the downloading of files from this site. What files? Quite simply, those handy files that people donated to FPN and its community, free for personal use. For now, you'll find here corienb's font files, a Seyes rules file, a nib size measuring chart, a link to Jonro's now famous fountain pen database, and a link to the iPhone/iPad app created by Invision to view FPN from iPhone or iPad. Note that in order to download any of these files, you have to be signed in to FPN.

If you feel you do have something worthwhile to contribute in this regard, and want to share this with our members here, do feel free to contact us and discuss this, via PM or via email.

Anyway, the admin team does hope you will enjoy these new additions to the site :D.

Warm regards, Wim

Newbie here. What is PM? I know it cant be a message carried by the Prime Minister. If it's Personal Message, then where is the page that explains how to do such things? dennyk2

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