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My First Pen Review: Monteverde Giant Sequoia

Posted by DebbieOhi , in Pen Review 19 March 2018 · 5,049 views

monteverde giant sequoia pen chalet

Thanks to PenChalet.com for sending me a Monteverde Giant Sequoia to review. This is my very first pen review! It's probably not going to be your typical review, however, since I tend to use my fountain pens for drawing (I write and draw children's books for a living) as well as writing.
First off, the pen is GORGEOUS:
Posted Image
The shimmery brown really did look like a highly polished wood. It came in this classy-looking Monteverde box:
Posted Image
And here's what the pen looks like inside the box:
Posted Image
As you can tell from the photo at the top of this post, the pen comes with a converter for bottled ink. If you lift up the inside display thingy, though, you'll find some cartridges as well as info about the pen:
Posted Image
Here's a size comparison. From L to R: the Monteverde Giant Sequoia, TWSBI 580, Lamy Safari, Edison Nouveau, Pilot Falcon:
Posted Image
The pen feels a bit big in my hand so although I love using it, I will probably give it to my husband (who loves the bigger pens). This would, in fact, make a wonderful gift for anyone who does like bigger pens. 

In the video above, I was using KWZ Honey ink.
Posted Image
I wrote the above using Iroshizuku Take Sumi, and the Medium Nib that came with the pen. I inked up the pen with some KWZ Honey and liked how it drew just as well:
Posted Image
If you have any specific questions about my experience with the pen, feel free to ask them below and I'll try to answer.
Thanks again to Pen Chalet for sending me this Monteverde Giant Sequoia to try out!

Mar 19 2018 05:00

Hi Debbie. Your first review is awesome. Great pictures. Looks like a perfect pen for me as I do prefer oversized pens. Just as a correction, I think Take Sumi is from Iroshizuku and not Robert Oster. Try using Noodler's Kiowa Pecan or Waterman Absolute brown in it. Looks like those will be perfect for this pen.

Mar 19 2018 11:50

It's a great looking pen, but it's a little hard to get a sense of scale in the photos. Perhaps you could post some photos of it next to a popular pen such as a Lamy Safari or Parker Vector or something for scale?

Mar 19 2018 15:05

To Aditkamath26 - Argh, thank you for catching that error re: Iroshizuku / Robert Oster! I've deleted the video and will make a new one asap.


To SoulSamurai: Oh, good idea!!!! Thanks you so much for the suggestions; I'll do that now.

Love the joyous illustrations, Debbie.
Mar 30 2018 08:39

Very nice review and a nice pen as well. I liked the pen and ink combo ypu chose for the review

Great pictures-- both of the pen and your "doodles" themselves. I'm glad you are having fun on your fountain pen journey!



Apr 12 2018 17:13

Beautiful pen and nice review

 This is one unusual review - great work! 

Great drawings reminds me of Stevie Smith

Oct 28 2018 16:52
What a delightfully winsome review of a pen! You used your great talent to both capture the sense of beauty we feel when we see things (inks as well as a pen) well-crafted, and present the fun-filled side of fountain pens. Your "too-many inks?" sketch made me laugh so, that I had to show it to my wife. Brown ink, brown pen -oh, yes! But I'm sure the squirrels did it!

Hi, Debbie! Your review is really cool! Waiting for new ones!
As for me, I use Monteverde Gegatta with Colorverse inks. Also, I'd like to 
express gratitude for your books. My grandkids read them with great pleasuge and It's very interesting to explore their first drowings are very similar to your ones)))

Dec 23 2018 00:59

But how did it write? Or did I miss that?

Mar 26 2019 03:59

You are tremendously talented young person, and the best spokesperson Monteverde ever had!

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