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Need Advice: Leaky Fingers From My Noodler's Ahab?

Posted by DebbieOhi , in Illustrated Journal 23 December 2017 · 2,347 views

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Hi all,
I'm giving my Noodler's Ahab another go. I like the bit of flex it gives, and I don't have to worry about springing the nib (I do have nicer pens now, so am aware of the difference).
BUT it always ALWAYS leaks on my middle finger (see photo). I've tried adding silicone grease to the bit where the body connects with the writing bit.
Any other advice?
Thanks kindly!
p.s. For the drawing above, I used Noodler's Black Swan In Australian Roses, one of my new favourite inks.


I'm pleased to find out that you did not have a case of "leaky fingers", but a leaky pen. What kind of pen is it? Cartridge? Piston fill? Lever and sac? Can you detach (unscrew) the section from the barrel? If so, the silicon grease goes onto the grip section's threads. The other possibility is a crack in the threads-- Ugh!

Debbie: I've had the same issue with my Ahab and no amount of silicone grease would keep the ink at bay. For this reason, I am 'paying it forward' in the other forum and donating it to a student or newbie to the hobby who wishes to tinker around with it.
Surgical gloves? ;)

The sort of converter in the Ahab us treaded and is perhaps not tightened enough.  So I would suggest trying silicone grease on both the converter and where you thread the section and barrel together.  See if that works.  

Jan 31 2018 02:07
+1 to Cap_Mlam- comment (cracked me up) Noodlers Ahab was my second pen. It did the same thing. Over and over. I tried everything and eventually gave up. Heat setting the nib helped some my leak was from around/above the nib. But no matter how much I greased it and repositioned it, changed nibs, - same result. About once a year I give it a new try. One of these days we’ll get it! TWSBI was my follow up and i never looked back!
The trade off with the Ahab is you get that massive ink capacity when you use it as an eyedropper pen, but that massive incapacity can often end up everywhere else that you don't want it, as well as on the paper. Noodler's pens are unfortunately meant to be tinkered with, and I pretty much lost patience with both of the Ahabs that I have, one for writing and 1 for drawing, for the very same reason you describe. Heat setting the nib works well, so does adding an O ring to the seals on top of silicone grease, but I've also been much more satisfied with the Noodlers Konrad, despite its smaller ink capacity, because it just leaks less. I will say that the Ahab DOES behave after you spend enough time messing with it, but it does take a lot of messing with. Unfortunately, at least during the era that I bought them, there were some quality control issues so the threading was not always the most reliable. Sounds discouraging, doesn't it? Good luck!
Mar 19 2018 16:25

Thanks for the helpful suggestions, all.


It does sound like the Ahab is going to need more tinkering than I am capable (in terms of patience)!

They all leak...
Nov 02 2018 11:47

I too encountered the same problem. I try to keep my second finger far enough away from the edge of the, I think it is called, barrel. Once it goes over the ink is on my finger. Once I found a puddle of ink on my paper having no idea where it came from. I use this pen for travel and keeping short notes and that is all besides my continuing writing practices. 

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