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Newton Pens - Buy Postcards - Raise Money - Help Students!

Posted by Newton Pens , 03 April 2015 · 6,014 views

Hi everybody!
First I want to give a big congrats to Celeste for winning the drawing for March!  She’ll be getting her own custom pen designed to her specs, and it should be nice, too.  We’ve already ironed out all of the details.
So far you’ve all helped to raise $5274.11.  It looks like we should reach $6000 by the time scholarships are given out at the end of May.  Thanks so much!


It’s April, and that means it’s time to start buying those postcards again to raise money for some graduating seniors going in to college.  The applications have been coming in quickly here as it gets closer to the April 4 deadline.
If you buy postcards, you also are entered for a chance to win your own custom pen!  Remember, one winner a month, and the drawing goes on all month long.
I will announce income for April and the winner of the custom pen on April 30, as close to 9 PM Central US time as I can get.
The drawings are free for all to enter, from all parts of the world.  No restrictions at all.
During the entire month of April, if you buy a pack of student art postcards you’ll automatically be entered to win a pen,  just send $10 via paypal to newtonpenspay@gmail.com and I’ll give you a number AND you’ll get a pack of postcards in the mail (so be sure to include your mailing address in the PayPal note).  Every penny raised will go towards the scholarships and support students.  Yes, you can buy as many postcard packs as you want, and for each pack, you’ll get a number.
Posted Image
The raffle itself is free.  If you want to enter the raffle without supporting the scholarship (or getting any of those cool postcards) then all you have to do is send a note in the mail to:
Shawn Newton
PO Box 6084
Hot Springs, Ar. 71902
Everybody who enters will be given a number in the order of postcards purchased and letters in the mail, and at the end of the month I’ll draw a number to pick the winner of a custom pen.  I use random.org as a number picker.
Raffle pens are limited to c/c filling system, steel nib of any size with any grind you want.  If you want any extra customizations, bands or rings, special filling system, gold nib, or anything else, there will be normal charges.
If there are ANY questions, please do ask.  If you have a suggestion about how to make things easier to explain or understand, please let me know.  :)  This is all about the success of the scholarship and getting financial help to as many kids as we can.
If you want to help the fund without buying postcards, contact me through email, newtonpenspay@gmail.com, for details.
Here's one of the pens I made for one of the winners.
Posted Image


1. “I’m confused how do I buy? I see no buy button for the postcards.”
–There is no buy button.  You just send $10 via paypal to newtonpenspay@gmail.com along with a postal address and I send you a pack of cards and a free raffle number.  If you type your address into the Note box, please use a comma to separate lines, otherwise your address will come to me as one long line, and I may not know where to break it up, especially for international addresses.
2. “Interesting idea.  Is it open to non-USA residents? I couldn’t find information one way or the other, but postage costs must surely be an issue.”
–Open to everybody worldwide.  International postage is only about $1.15 so not that bad.
3. “What kind of pen do I get if I win?”
–You get any model, any size, any nib grind, any material I have on hand.  If you want a gold nib or special filling system (button, bulb, or piston) I ask that you pay for that.  I’ll still cover shipping.
4. “How do I enter for free?”
–Send a note or postcard in the mail to me at
Newton Pens Free Raffle
PO Box 6084
Hot Springs, Ar. 71902
Include contact info like name and email or I won’t accept it.  Nicknames/usernames don’t count.  This is the same thing I tell my students at school: put your name on it or I can’t grade it!  :)
5. “Who can get a scholarship?  Art students only?  Kids in Arkansas only?  Kids at the school where you work only?”
–Right now the scholarship is open to any high school students going in to college, anywhere in the USA.  Kids at any school can apply and receive a scholarship.  Current college students are not eligible.  Adults going back to school are not eligible.
You can browse my materials page for an idea of the materials I have on hand.  If you win, and you want to see more, I’ll take more photos of my material stock.


Newton Pens Scholarship - It's That Time. :)

Posted by Newton Pens , 06 January 2015 · 5,632 views

Newton Pens Scholarships – Get Ready

It’s that time of year again to start getting applications filled out, essays written, and everything turned in to me so I can have my awesome volunteers start reading and grading essays to pick recipients.
So visit this page to read about requirements and to download the form.
If you know any high school seniors who could use some extra cash their first semester, please send them this way.  Last year I had 23 applications and gave away 6 $1000 scholarships, all from money raised with your help.  So I have all of you to thank for that.
Currently available only to US residents.


Pens For Kids - To Help With Needs

Posted by Newton Pens , 24 October 2014 · 4,193 views

I usually don't keep much extra stock around.  I get orders and make those pens and that's usually about it.  Before the Washington DC and Dallas shows I took a few days and made a few extra pens to have something at the shows to show and sell.
Instead of holding on to them for any longer, I want to sell them now.  Some of the kids at school need deodorant and shoes and shampoo and other hygienic items.
If you buy one of these pens, any nib you like, grinds for $15, gold nibs are $100 extra, all the profit will go directly to buying things for my students at school.  Send questions and requests to shawn@newtonpens.com
Posted Image
Pen and link, price below link.
Top Row:
1-Gibby Orange and Cumberland hard rubber
2-Eastman 2 Nib Bob's Brown and Blue Gray resin
3-Striped Gibby
$425 (This could be converted from button to c/c filler for $100 less)
4-Gibby Brown and Black acrylics
$150 - Fitted with a #6 nib and c/c filler
Bottom Row:
1-Eastman Blue Chip acrylic
2-Sumpter Cornflower acrylic
3-Orville Bob's Light Jade resin
4-Preston Amethyst



Newton Pens August Scholarship Raffle

Posted by Newton Pens , 06 August 2014 · 3,539 views

It’s on!
Enter to win a Newton Pen for the Month of August to support the Newton Pens Scholarship!  So far we’ve raised $1450 in only two months!
Read all the rules on how to enter here.
Entry period starts August 5th and ends August 24th.  If you have ANY questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask.  I’m always more than happy to answer.
I’ve got a ton of cool materials for the winner to choose from.  If you don’t see what you want, shout out and I can help find it or we can have it custom made.  If you want a closer look at some of the materials, let me know and I can do that as well.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Thanks so much!


Scholarship Fund Raising And Nib Grinds

Posted by Newton Pens , 21 July 2014 · 3,564 views

Good morning everybody!
I’m very excited to announce a new way to raise money for the scholarships: postcards!  What better way to use your fountain pens than by writing notes on postcards with artwork made by students?!  And all the money made from the sale of these postcards will go towards the scholarships!
When you buy a pack of 5 postcards for $10 you’re automatically entered into the raffle, which is totally free now.  If you wish to enter the raffle without buying postcards, send me an email for info on entering for free.  When you buy these cards, be sure a postal address is in the notes section of your PayPal payment.  If you wish to send a check or MO that’s fine as well,  just send me an email for postal details.
You can buy as many packs of cards as you want.  Each pack gets you one entry into the raffle.
To buy a pack and enter the raffle, send $10 to newtonpenspay@gmail.com via PayPal and be sure to mention postcards and give me your postal address in the notes section.
You can still contribute without expectation of receiving anything – just let me know.Posted Image
This raffle will run from July 21st through August 3rd.  I’ll announce the winner that evening around 9pm Central US time, and the winner will get their own custom pen.
If you have any questions please ask.  The rules are posted here.
Nib Grinds
I’m also going to be running things a little differently around here with regards to nib grinds.
When you buy a Newton Pen you can now get a nib grind for 50% off: $15 instead of $30.  If you’ve had work done in the past, this deal applies to you, too.  Just send in any pen and I’ll grind it for $15.  Shipping is $5.  If you want me to return it insured let me know.
If you send in a pen to be ground, I’ll offer to adjust one pen for free.  One grind, one adjustment.  Just my way of saying thanks for all the support.
If you have any questions at all please ask.


Dc Pen Show And A Thanks To Vanness Pens

Posted by Newton Pens , 18 June 2014 · 3,746 views

I’m going to be at the Washington DC Pen Show in August!  Arriving the 7th, at a table the 8th, 9th, and 10th.  I’ve bought tickets and booked a room and everything.  It’s official!
Holy cow I’m nervous.  I’m going to get as much made as I can and bring it all with me.  I’ll also be bringing a few rods with me for show-n-tell.  Is there anything in particular you would like to see?
I’ll be sharing a table with Vanness Pen, working double duty.
Also a huge shout out of thanks to Vanness for donating a Rhodia pad and some inks to one of the kids who got a pen from me a month or so ago.
They donated a huge Rhodia blank pad for the girl who got this pen.  They also donated a couple bottles of ink for scholarship recipients as well.
Posted Image
This was for one of my students when I taught at Centerpoint (my first two years teaching) who always impressed me with her talent and work ethic.  I contacted her current art teacher and was told nothing but good things.  So she got a pen.  When I asked to buy a notebook from Vanness for one of my old students, they GAVE it to me.  Thanks so much for your support of my program and for giving to my kids.  I really really appreciate it.
I also got a couple pics from scholarship recipients over the last couple of days.
One asked for a Shinboi and a bottle of black ink (thanks Vanness!).
From Tosha…
Posted Image
And from Maddisyn…
Posted Image
Thanks everybody for all you’ve done to support the scholarship and to help get these kids some help with college expenses.
The current raffle is open until June 28th if you want to get in on it.


2015 Newton Pens Scholarship – June Raffle Is Open!

Posted by Newton Pens , 11 June 2014 · 2,313 views

Hope you’re all having a good summer so far.  I’m enjoying all this shop time.  :)
I thought now would be a good time to start raising money again for next year’s scholarships.
We all raised just over $6000 and have helped 6 kids out with $1000 scholarships.  I wish I was better with words, but it means so much to me to be able to help out like this, and I wouldn’t be able to do it without all of you.
So let’s get started.  :)
One winner – one pen.
All you have to do to enter is go here and read the details
Raffle will run from Wednesday, June 11, through Saturday, June 28, 2014.
If you have any questions please ask.  If I forgot anything please let me know!  :)
Here’s a load of cool materials that I have available, plus lots more in the shop, for that lucky raffle winner.

Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


Newton Pens Scholarship Raffle April/may

Posted by Newton Pens , 28 April 2014 · 1,770 views

Here it is – the last raffle for the school year.  Whatever money is raised over the next two weeks will be included with this year’s scholarships, which by the way, are being read and scores tallied.  I should know who will be getting scholarships in a couple of weeks.  :)
This month – let’s keep it simple – just two winners.  First winner will get a custom pen of their choice from Newton Pens.
The second winner will get a couple of pens that were donated to me just for the raffle, and another from me.  The two donated pens are a Ratnamson 302 and a baby mini, both e/d fill..  The pen donated by me is a Camlin e/d.

Posted Image

For all the details on how to enter, please visit http://www.newtonpens.com
Posted Image

Posted Image


Newton Pens Scholarship Deadline Extended

Posted by Newton Pens , 19 December 2013 · 1,706 views

Hi Everybody,
I just want to say thanks for all of the participation in the raffles so far – and remember there’s only three more days for the current one.  Two pens, one winner!
I also want to announce that I’m extending the deadline to turn in scholarship applications until March 1st of 2014 so more of you have time to get these in.  If you know a senior who could really use the extra few bucks to help them get started with college, let them know about this.  It’s open to anyone in the US.  Recipients’ schools will be contacted and money will be handed out once students are enrolled and attending.  Money can be spent on technology, food, books, gas, shoes, art supplies, car repairs, or whatever else they need to keep going.  Posted Image


Newton Pens Website Revamp

Posted by Newton Pens , 05 December 2013 · 1,980 views

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally did it.
I revamped most of the website.  The ordering process is a bit different, as is the layout of the model lineup.  I spent some time today splitting up the different styles into their own categories.
Check it out. 
Everything is in the drop down menu titled The Newton Pens Buy A Pen, then Newton Pens Models.
To order all you need to do is click on the model you like and fill out a short form beneath the images.
Hopefully streamlining everything like this will make browsing and ordering much easier.
Thanks for all your support over the last two years!
I’ve still got lots to add, so stay tuned.
Warmest regards,



A Visit To Vanness Pen

Posted by Newton Pens , 20 June 2013 · 1,945 views

I stopped in to Vannessthis morning and was poking around behind the counter, looking at inks, and some kids came in with a lady who was exploring the cake side of the store.  The kids were exploring the pen case, the girl in green especially, commenting on how pretty the pens were as she went down the row.  I turned around from the Diamine selection, and she was drooling over one of the Visconti Van Gogh pens.  It was a light blue with bits of red swirled through.  I told her that pen was from Italy.
Posted Image
Woooooowwww.  She said.
And that one is from Germany.  These are also from Italy.  These over here are from England.
Woww!  She said again.  I had no idea that pens came from all over the world!
Then she told the two kids with her that pens came from all over!  She was so excited!  It was a load of fun watching her reaction.  Then I pulled out a pen from my pocket and said THIS one is from Hot Springs.  I made it.
Whoooa.  Cool.  Can I see how you make them?  I handed her a business card and told her to have her parents show her my website.  I let her write with the pen a bit, which she seemed to enjoy.  I showed her the correct way to hold a pen and write with it, shiny side up, no pressure, pen laid back at about 45 degrees.  After writing and doodling for a minute, I laid out a color chart for all the Diamine inks and had her help me pick a color.  We settled on Kelly Green.
All in all – a fun morning.  Posted Image


June Raffle For Newton Pens 2014 Scholarship

Posted by Newton Pens , 02 June 2013 · 1,279 views

It’s that time again – and here’s the newest pen for the raffle.  It’s made from a celluloid that was given to me about a year ago, and I haven’t been sure what I wanted to do with it until today.
Posted Image
Raffle will end June14.
Raffle tickets are $10 each.  All you have to do to buy a ticket is send $10 to newtonpenspay@gmail.com using paypal.  When you buy a ticket you’ll be given a number based on the order that you bought it.  If you’re the 3rd person to buy a raffle ticket, then you’ll be #3, and so on.
Posted Image
I’ll use a random number picker and will have it pick from the numbers available.  So if only 32 people buy tickets, the number picker will pick from 1-32.
So if all that sounds good then you can buy as many raffle tickets as you want payable through paypal to newtonpenspay@gmail.com.  Be sure not to send payment to my other email address.
If you have any questions or concerns please let me know and I’ll get back with you asap.
This purchase is not tax deductible.
OH!  And since summer is here, every pen you buy will have a portion of the money sent directly into the scholarship fund to join the money made from raffling pens off each month.  This will help to grow the scholarship and help more students achieve their college goals.  Each scholarship recipient will get a pen and a couple bottles of ink of course.  Posted Image
$20 from each sale will be sent to the scholarship fund.
I also mentioned that I wanted to make the scholarship available nationwide.  Here’s the application.  Posted Image


Newton Pens Scholarship And Flex

Posted by Newton Pens , 12 May 2013 · 1,639 views

Well, the scholarship money has been transferred to the school and all the applications have come in.  I'm going to spend this week with the other teachers reading through them all and picking the 2 or 4 most deserving.  There are only 8-10 applications so hopefully it won't be TOO challenging.   :)  I'm so excited and proud to be able to give this money away.
The one thing I'm nervous about though, my hands shake a little thinking about it, is getting up on stage at graduation, in front of 2-3 thousand people.  YES.  Thousand.  Mountain Pine may only have about 40 seniors graduating, but everybody comes to the graduation.  My first year at MP I couldn't believe how many people were in the convention center for graduation.  I expect it to be the same this year.  Yikes.  It'll be okay as long as I can keep my voice steady.   :P  My hands may shake off of my arms, but the voice has to be steady.  OOohhh.... breathe Newton....   :)
And then there's a little experiment I performed for a customer of mine.  When he asked I told him, I said I might not do a very good job, I won't charge you for the work, only the nib itself.  He said it was worth $100 bucks for the nib to see what I could do.  Okay.  Awesome.  So I started flexing a 14k nib.  It's not as soft as a vintage 14k flexy, like on my old Diamond Point or Swan, but more like a vintage Pelikan.  It's soft when you write with it - but certainly no wet noodle.  I may end up shaving some more off the sides.  I want him to play with it for a while first before I make any more changes.  He may love it.  :)
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image


Newton Pens Raffle Soon

Posted by Newton Pens , 22 April 2013 · 1,392 views

Hi everybody,
It's been a while since my last raffle and a lot has happened.
Newton Pens has it's own Employment ID number (EIN) - YAY!
I've figured out a way to get the scholarship money to students, and after this year, I'm going to make the scholarship available to kids anywhere in the country. I'll have to start my own non profit I believe, but I think I have a friend or two who can help me get the paperwork together and filled out.

Since I started making pens I have made two pens for very nearly every order - I lost track a while back, but I've made lots of twins - and these pens have been given to dozens and dozens of deserving high school students at my school and several other schools around Arkansas. I have ten or more student pens to make, and then I'm going to call it quits for student pens. Instead I'm going to focus on the scholarship. Starting this summer, every pen you buy will have a portion of the money sent directly into the scholarship fund to join the money made from raffling pens off each month. This will help to grow the scholarship and help more students achieve their college goals. Each recipient will get a pen and a couple bottles of ink of course. :smile:

This also means my prices will be changing a little bit - more on that later when I've figured out exactly what I'm going to do. I am going to get rid of the 15mm pen reducing my lineup to four sizes with four main styles for each size, and of course any style full custom you come up with for me. ;)

My plan to select students for the scholarship is to form a group of like minded pen nuts to go through applications and pick recipients each year. Any advice here would be greatly appreciated. :smile: I still have to figure out what the requirements for being selected will be. Hopefully some of you brilliant pen lovers will have some good ideas. If you do - please email me - shawn@newtonpens.com

The next pen raffle starts tonight. The pen isn't finished yet, but here's a sneak peak...

Posted Image

Raffle will end May 3rd so I have time to get a check from Paypal to my school for two lucky students before graduation.
So far you've all helped to raise $1,701.67 USD.

Visit my other home on the web for details on how to win this pen. ;)

Thanks everybody.

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